Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Year, Same Me

I think the title of this post says it all.. Yes it is a new year, but I'm still me.

Here's a little update on whats being going on with me this month so far....

I purposely didn't post for the last few weeks as I felt that the net has been over saturated by weight loss motivation and resolutions.


But that's not to say that I haven't been back on the wagon. I HAVE...Really...

Feeling determined to get rid of the bloat ASAP, I went and had my post Christmas weigh in on New Years Day.
I took my gain of 8.5lbs on the chin (I may have been crying inside) and decided that I would give myself a clean slate, given that it was the new year. So I'm starting from scratch, that number on 1st January was my new start number, the only way is down..

I'm still the same me, still want to loss my muffin top/ cake shelf (as Sarah Millican calls it) and all my other wobbly bits. I still want to feel better about myself and look better. And for now this is all for vanity reasons, but it could become a health issue if I allow it too!! I just want to feel nice.. ( but that's a whole other post)

This year there will be no resolutions from me. Just a promise that I will become a better, fitter, happier, slimmer version of me.
2015 is going to be my year to stop being a yoyo and be a loser, in the nicest possible way :-)

yip.. this is me 

I took some photos of me last week, so that I would have something to compare myself too as the year moves on. When I was uploading them to my laptop I found photos from last January when clearly I had the same idea!!  D'oh

So I thought I would compare those. Since I'm going for full disclosure!!
If I'm honest I don't see any difference, (it doesn't help that I have different clothes on...) but you can see the belly in both

I was also surprised to receive an email summary from Map My Walk with a record of my exercise during 2014. If you asked me I would have said that I did very little exercise in 2014, my food was ok, but my motivation for exercise just wasn't there. (we moved out... I had to break in the new couch & watch all the box sets that I could  #Justified #Lazyass)
According to this summary, I went for 55 walks and covered 131.75 miles, it just shows that all the little 20 minute walks do add up... I KNOW...

Turns out I did exercise in 2014

So the plan is to loose weight following the Slimming World  healthy eating plan and to get back into exercising regularly.

January Stats
Week 1 = + 8.5
Week 2 = -1.5
Week 3 = -1.5

Weight lost to date: 3lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

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