Friday, 29 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 4 - Jan 2016

I feel like the weeks are going faster because I’m telling ye about my day every day.. HOWEVER I think its helping me to stay on track!!
I really need a plan for the weekend tho! How do you all cope with being out of routine and a near empty fridge til shopping day (Sundays for me)?

Friday 22nd Jan 2016 – Day 19
Planned my breakfast and lunch to be synfree so that I could enjoy my onplan take away later AND some chocolate
That’s a win in my books J
2.5 Litre of Water & 17.5syns

8 syn Wispa from the Multipack

Saturday 23rd Jan 2016 – Day 20
Went to 10am spinning to start off my weekend… its getting dare I say a little bit easier!!! Brunch afterwards was a very tasty toasted bagel, synfree using my HEA (milk in tea) & HEB (bagel slim)
Dinner was on plan SW burger & chips…. But my snacking was a bit mad, so I went way over my syns, not even going to attempt to add them up but I did still write them in my food diary.
2 Litre of Water & Spinning & ??syns

SW Chips with Cheeseburger (2) & side salad

Sunday 24th  Jan 2016 – Day 21
Sundays breakfast and lunch were onplan, but then we went to see our wedding band play in a showcase and decided to eat dinner in town, it was delicious and my dinner, so I don’t regret it.
However it did mean that later in the evening I allowed myself some extra treats for turning down dessert earlier!!!!
1.5 Litre of Water & ??syns

Bunless Bacon & cheese Burger with Chips

Monday 25th  Jan 2016 – Day 22
Back to eating well 100% I plan to keep my meals synfree free if I can this week and my syns low to see if I can make amends for my 2 days of madness!!
I am seeing a pattern tho!!  Me & weekend – Brain thinks “lets eat EVERYTHING and worry about it on Mon”
Enjoyed spinning after a bad day at work, it was a good way to get me outta my negative funk J
3.5 Litre of Water & Spinning & 8syns

Mushy Pea Curry (synfree)

Tuesday 26th Jan 2016 – Day 23
Heavy legs today after last nights spinning!! Walking up the stairs to work its like they woke up and decided to weigh a ton each!!
Was at the hairdressers from 5-9pm ( I brought onplan snacks), so ate my dinner really late because I was starving and decided my dinner was better than picking!!
2.5 Litre of Water & 8syns

Egg Muffins & Hifi

Wednesday 27th Jan 2016 – Day 24
Tired today!!! Had egg muffin for breakfast so that I could have a bagel for lunch, it felt like a such a treat, but it was 100% on plan.. that makes me happy!
Had a couch night to relax and catch up on tv because the next week is going to be busy
3 Litre of Water & 14.5 syns

Toasted Bagel Slim  (HEB) with chicken Salad 

Thursday 28th Jan 2016 – Day 25
Weigh Day again!!  Had Overnight oats fro Breakfast.. YUM (link here) 
Didn't feel great when I got to work, so just had boiled water with lemon all day! Decided to go to the early weigh in... I was down 2.5lbs, bought some new bars to try and left!!! I did have a small bit of dinner in my mums and it stayed down and I had some Salt & Vinegar crisps to see if it would help with the nauseous feeling... it kind of did and I got some sleep!! So felt ill all day but didnt get sick, probably because there was nothing in my stomach!!! 
3 Litre of Water & ??syns

Weight Lost to Date: 7lbs

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 3 - Jan 2016

Post number 200 for me

Post number 200 for me!! WOOHOO

Time to report on another week.. 
I must admit I’m happy to be back on plan and keeping tabs on myself daily..
It is definitely helping me to see a pattern with my moods/ eating

Plus I saw a loss on the scales.. I definitely enjoy that J

Friday 15th Jan 2016 – Day 12
Not feeling it today, not in the best of form and really feel like I could eat all day and not care!!
I went out for lunch, it was unplanned and I had a toastie and enjoyed every bite without thinking about the syns!
Dinner was from the Chinese, beef in black bean sauce was 8 syns and that evening I enjoyed a buttercream filled iced biscuit cake! #noregrets
2.5 Litre of Water & 59 syns

Beef in Blackbean Sauce 8 syns

Saturday 16th  Jan 2016 – Day 13
I went to 10am spinning class, it was very tough after missing 2 sessions over being sick!! Thought  I was gonna puke half way through but it passed and I carried on!
Had a lovely breakfast afterwards (photo below) Synfree (milk in tea was my HEA) The Egg wrap was as nice as a bagel 
Went to my friends daughters first birthday party in the afternoon, I had fruit before I left to avoid picking… but I did have a slice of birthday cake…
Dinner was synfree Chilli Beef from the slow cooker..
we were out for the night then in the pub.. so once again I was over my syns from drinking vodka, I did avoid the chipper after wards tho.
2.5 Litre of Water & ??syns

Sunday 17th Jan 2016 – Day 14
I had a synfree breakfast to start my day, a yummy toasted bagel topped with BLT & eggs J
Went to my parents to watch the match and had a slice of cake! 
Dinner was a 4 syn mayflower curry (delicious on plan hangover cure)
I was doing ok until about 9pm… then it all went out the window and I had a chocolate binge!
I can honestly say that in the moment I really didn’t care and wasn’t thinking about the scales or Slimming World!!
1.5 Litre of Water & 71.5 syns

Mayflower Curry 28g = 4 syns

Monday 18th Jan 2016 – Day 15
Before last nights binge, I had been prepping dinner and lunches, so todays meals were synfree and snacks were fruit & yogurt
Dinner was a slow cooker experiment, marinaned chicken thighs with SW chips and peas, it was only afterwards that I reaslised that I didnt have any speed on my plate!! (got the recipe from Sharon's facebook page
Spinning class again tonight and I found it tough!! My dinner was jumping with me, so I’ll eat lighter the next time!
Whole day was busy!!!
3.5 Litre of Water & 7 syns

Chicken thighs form slow cooker 

Tuesday 19th Jan 2016 – Day 16
Feeling tired today and my body feels like a dead weight under me! So I guess that means I did a bit of work in spinning last night!
Today I’m happy that I had all my meals organised (synfree) so there was no thinking involved, usually when I feel this tired I grab the sugary stuff to keep me going.
Plus with my meals being synfree, I can have treats J (within my syns of course… all the chocolate)
3.5 Litre of Water & 14 syns

Measuring HEA & HEB is very important

Wednesday 20th Jan 2016 – Day 17
Grand Day… didn’t have cereal for breakfast, which is a game changer for me to have all that extra milk (HEA) AND being able to have a bagel or 2 x hifi bars mid week!
Its not good when this is the highlight of my day!!  (I opted for a toasted bagel for my lunch FYI)
Feeling very teary & sorry for myself!! For no particular reason!!!
3.5 Litre of Water &  11.5 syns

Hot chocolate (HEA + 1 syn for half a sachet) 20 mini marshmallows = 1 syn & purple snack(5)

Thursday 21st Jan 2016 – Day 18
Its weigh day again! It seems to come around very quickly! Not sure how I feel after having 3 days over my syns out of 7!
Not in the mood today for anything! So decided to go to weigh in but skip the meeting, face the scales and run away, with the way my weeks been, the scales could have gone any way at all!!
My luck was in tho and I was down 2lbs #happywiththat
3.5 Litre of Water &  17.5 syns

Weight Loss 

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 2 - Jan 2016

So even though this is my 2nd week back on the slimming world plan, this will be my first week working towards a loss on the scales…

Here’s how my week went…….

Friday 8th Jan 2016 – Day 5
Not feeling great tonight, light headed and kinda pukey, but at the same time I’m thinking bout food…..
Usually on a Friday night I eat lotsa crap and watch the tv all evening, so time for a new routine..
My plan is to keep my day syn free, so that I can have treats tonight watching tv.. a fair compromise
3 Litre of Water, 2 panadol, lemsip  & 15 syns 

2.5 syn dinner.. Omelette & beans

Saturday 9th Jan 2016 – Day 6
Cancelled my spinning class this morning as didn’t feel able.
Had a lovely SW fry for breakfast, we were out all day, I googled the syns for KFC as I remembered reading that they had a SW friendly option.
So I ordered a Chicken Rice Box and a bottle of water, I thought it was 4.5 syns until I posted it on my Instagram….. Turns out I should have asked for “pulled chicken rice box” which is 4.5 syns.
The box I had was 10.5 syns, which still wasn’t too bad! But still……
Saturday evening was a fail, we were both feeling like crap and opted for the chipper rather than the planned Chinese!!
1 Litre of Water & all the syns!!!

11.5 syns chicken rice box

Sunday 10th Jan 2016 – Day 7
Went and did my food shop as soon as I got up, so that cheating wasn’t an option today!
Still not feeling great, but I ate well and on plan today
1.5 Litre of Water & 13 syns

BLT with Eggs on a toasted bagel (HEB & synfree)

Monday 11th Jan 2016 – Day 8
Went to work even though I was feeling queasy! So I didn’t eat any fruit during the day and had a small lunch!
I stayed on plan food wise, I hope that my lack of speed foods wont go against me on the scales!! 
I was glad I had put dinner in the slow cooker because I wanted something quick and easy & this would have been another oppurtunity to eat off plan!
Had to cancel my spinning class, I knew I wouldn’t have been up to it!!
1.5 Litre of Water & 10.5 syns

Synfree Spag Bol

Tuesday 12th Jan 2016 – Day 9
Starting to feel better today, but still no mind for fruit.. but I stayed on plan and filled up on other synfree snacks..
May have gone over my HEA allowance with all the tea I drank tonight with the girls.. but I had plenty of syns left over as a buffer in case I did
2.5 Litre of Water & 5 syns

My blog passed the 100,000 view mark today also... Delighted would is an understatement 

Wednesday 13th Jan 2016 – Day 10
My stomach is all better today :-) I brought bacon medallions to work and made them on the George grill at lunch, the smell in the office was divine J
Dinner was chicken and chips but I was craving something creamy.. so I mixed a chicken stock pot with some boiled water and 3 tablespoons of quark…
its thickened up , I microwaved it for 30 seconds to heat it through.. it was delicious and best of all synfee
4 Litre of Water & 13 syns

Quark Sauce

Thursday 14th Jan 2016 – Day 11
I kept today synfree, I still had my 3 meals, snacks & water, not sure if that the right move on weigh day, but I refuse to starve myself until I hit the scales,
I’ve tried it and all it does is send me into an eating spiral at 9pm at night!! That’s not good!!
Went to Weigh In, I was down 2.5lbs, stayed for the meeting, new leader seems nice, she asked us all to set a target for next week, I set mine at 2lbs.
Came home and enjoyed my Wispa Gold and some Lemon cake.. The cake pushed me over my syns! But I didn’t care!!
2.5 Litre of Water & 30  syns

My plan for the coming week is to stay on plan and measure my Healthy Extra A, which is always 350ml of skimmed milk, but I must admit I havent been measuring it, and I have been drinking a LOT of tea with the weather being so cold!! 
How did you week go?

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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Friday, 8 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 1 - Jan 2016

Happy New Year, I’ve decided to keep a daily diary, which I will post weekly, just for the month of January to get me into a nice routine and update ye on my progress…

I started on  Monday 4th Jan (well I couldn’t start on a Friday could I? heehee),

My first weigh in of the year was on Thursday 7th  but regardless I started and after Thursday it will be all downwards on the scales.

Everything I eat I post daily on my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat if you want to see what I’m stuffing my face with (because being hungry isn’t an option for me.)

This is a lifestyle change, so these good eating habits I plan on keeping, as I say good bye to my extra pounds and wobbly bits

Here’s how my first few days went…..

Monday 4th Jan 2016 –DAY 1
Feeling positive, motivated and looking forward to eating fruit and veg!!!! This is the typical first day buzz!
I could write all my good intentions here today, but you’ve heard it all before, so we’ll keep moving……
3  litres of Water, 45 minutes on a Spinning bike & ended the day on 5 syns  (see first day over achiever)

Tuesday 5th Jan 2016 – DAY 2
Feeling hungry & cold today but still determined and motivated.
Does taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning the house count as exercise??
2.5  litres of Water & ended the day on 10.5 syns

Wednesday 6th Jan 2016 – DAY 3
Still feeling the cold, hope I’m not coming down with something!! Also need to get used to my new routine of running to the loo every time the news comes on the radio… counts as exercise though doesn’t it!!
2.5  litres of Water & ended the day on 12syns

Thursday 7th Jan 2016 – DAY 4
Have a slight headache and still cold! (but it is cold, the cars were iced over this morning) Guessing the headache is from the sugar withdrawals… they cant last much longer…
Went to weigh in.. I was up 6.5lbs… expected this after almost a month of eating ALL the food…. So starting fresh with this new number.
Met our new leader and she seems really nice, she gave the whole group the new member talk and it turns out I don’t know everything…. Who knew!!!
Left feeling motivated and ready to start tomorrow like its my first day ever
2.5  litres of Water & ended the day on 17.5 syns

Some motivation:

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