Friday, 28 June 2013

BLACK & GOLD Nail Art - **Gatsby Inspired**

Hey Guys,

After seeing the film The Great Gatsby, I wasn't mad about the film, but I loved the style and glamour of it all.. I was born in the wrong era!! But I'd never have been as glam as those ladies were **le sigh*
But anyhu, it was the credits of the film that I was inspired by, all that black and gold and clean lines, I had seen other bloggers do Gatsby inspired nail art, so I decided to hold mine back for a little while, because everyone and their cat was talking/blogging about it!!!

So this is how my nails started, plain and simple.

Then I got happy/creative with striping tape

Overall, I was happy with how these turned out. Using the tweezers on the striping tape really helped me.
I'm getting the hang of it. Practice definitely makes perfect :)

I used:
Catrice - Oh my Goldness
Essence - 144 -Black is black
Essence - 67 - Make it Golden
Striping tape
Top Coat - NYC 202 Grand Central Station

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 2 in Review


Hi Guys,
How are ye getting on? How was your week? Good I hope.
I must admit that after such a great loss last week, I was determined to keep going. Everyone was down at last Mondays weigh in and so for the circuits afterwards there was a great happy buzz about the place and we had a great work out session. It was one minute circuit style classes again, but there were 4 abs stations this time to content with also! It was a really good work out.
 Tuesday evening I went for a walk to ease out the muscles and it was nice to be outside for a walk when the weather is nice and the evenings are bright J
 On Weds night, Ian our usual trainer wasn't there, so Keith took the class, he’s a tough cookie, by the time the warm up was over, I wanted to run out the door, lol, We started with a circuit, 30 seconds at each station with a 10 second switch over, so it was a really quick work out at each spot. Once we had done a full circle on the circuit, we then had to do a 4 minute Tabitha?  1 minute of high knees, followed by 1 minute of burpee’s and repeat!! It was very tough going! Then we were straight back into the second circuit, the second time every thing seems a little bit harder on the body, but we got thru it only to have to do another 4 minute Tabitha, it’s the toughest class I've done in a very long time, I was like sweaty Betty’s sweater and smellier cousin. We had hoped that the class was over at this stage BUT NO!  we then all had to pair up and grab boxing gloves and pads, the person with the gloves got to lie flat out with arms out in front, we then had to jump up, punch the pads for 10, get back down and repeat 10 times. We then switched and the other person got to get down, jump up and punch… this wasn't timed but we all had to do it in sync! We each got to do the punching and pads bit twice each… I was sooooo happy when the class was over I can tell you, I left with jelly legs, but feeling like I’d survived a full body work out, they really are starting the up the fitness regime/levels with us, which is a good thing..
I was achy on Thursday so decided that the best thing to do would be to go to spin & abs class to loosen out my body, It was Keith taking the class and thankfully he wasn’t as tough on us as he had been the previous night and he done some great cool down stretch’s which really helped my aches and pains.
The week was going well, 4 great days of 4 and exercise on all the days, I was feeling good. However I had said that I had a weekend away planned. 3 days  of a break away J bliss
But  for the weekend my routine was out of wack and when I think of a break I think of FOOD… 
On Friday morning we set off for Dublin to go to see Rihanna, so there was snacks in the car, we had an ice cream break, we ate out for dinner, lotsa vodka before and during the concert.
Saturday morning there was a lovely cooked brekkie, subway for lunch, followed by dinner out and dessert J (it was the “hang overs” fault, not mine)
Sunday had another cooked breakfast (with scrambled eggs tho, see gooood) Home for a lovely roast dinner, then it was a my god daughters 4th birthday party, so I HAD to sample the lovely 2 tier Curious George cake, it would have been rude not too and it was unreal (cake heaven for a foodie like me)

So as I prepared to face the scales I was very unsure if my 4 days of being 100% good would out weigh my 3 holiday/break days…

I was up 2lbs, and it probably should have been more, with all the booze and junk, but 2lbs I shall take, but it won’t be hanging around, its a minor set back...
They said my body was probably dehydrated from the alcohol at the weekend and that’s why I was up on the scales but looking trim in my lycra!
But I know myself it was the food, I was 20% good  maybe/ if even  (I said no to ice cream and a cupcake – go me attempting to be good)

 Next week I aim to be down 4lb to get back on track, I really enjoyed my weekend away, but its time to put it behind me now and get back too clean eating and training hard J

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

***Photos from Google Images

Monday, 24 June 2013

Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots - 198 SHOOTING STARS

Hey Guys,
Today I'm here to show you this fab new polish that's out that my fab friend got for me for no reason at all :) Don;t you just luv when that happens, I know I do..

Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots - 198 SHOOTING STARS

Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots - 198 SHOOTING STARS

I used maybe 3 coats or so of this polish, it went on inky black/blue but dried to a lighter colour, the glitter didn't have to be placed, which I liked

I liked this colour I must say, it was bright and glittery and eye catching, Blue isn;t a colour that I would use a lot, but after this I think you'll be seeing some more blue on my fingers :)

Unfortunately these chipped even with my trusty Seche Vite over it.. I took a pic cuz I was pretty gutted.
I had layered it up pretty thick, so it could have been my own fault.

Oh and I forgot to use my peel off base coat under this!! and removing was the usual pain in the bum then glitter polish removal is!!

Have you tried any of these new colours yet?


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 1 in Review

Hey Guys,

I hope yer all well today, I’m finally getting back to report on my first week of my new challenge!! At the moment I just have no time to myself or time to blog, so I apologise for the lateness of this post!!

So last Monday 10th I decided that my healthy eating would begin again after a weekend of gluttony! I stuck to my old plan because I wasn’t sure what foods would be in my new 6 week challenge.
I went to the gym at 7pm to report for duty and find out all the info, the first thing we had to do was weigh in! ( I hate getting on new scales, cuz I’m always weigh more on them and I’m not thrilled about getting weighed at night time either) But anyhu, these are adjustments that I will have to make for the next 6 weeks of my life. Aren’t I full of problems! Lol
So I hit the scales (its all down from here!) My measurements were taken, grand I can stand with my arms sticking out. THEN, then I was attacked with these pincher like things to have my body fat checked (omg, I was morto!)  He pinched 4 bits of my bingo wing to get an accurate fat reading! The same on my back fat, and then asked me to lift my tshirt to take my wobbly jelly belly reading! I can tell you I was purple, PURPLE in the face leaving the room! I think it was just because I wasn’t expecting to have to get my wobbly bits out!! I’m there to loose em, not to show them off! And  it was a guy taking the measurements and the girls were queued up behind me to have theirs done! So I had an audience, I know we’re all in the same boat! But I was morto for myself!
I’ve told others of my experience with the pinchers and apparently this is a normal thing to happen!! It was a first for me I can tell you! And I presumed (silly me)  that I would hit the scales, it would do all the magic working out of my weight, bmi, body fat, water fat, fiscal fat, blah blah blah! I’ve been spoilt by technology these last few years it would seem!!
I wasn’t off to a great start was I!! So down to the training room I went where we were all introduced to Ian, our trainer/ motivator for the next 6 weeks. He informed us that we would be starting with some circuits. He had the room set up to accommodate the 12 of us, there were 12 stations, we would do the task that was allocated to our station for 1 minute and have 30 seconds to move to the next station and go for the next minute.. We played this game for 40 minutes, then we done a quick cool down (I had a little sit down) and we were then given a copy of our new food plan and food diary sheet  and had a quick chat about what lay ahead.
The foods aren’t hugely different from what I’m, eating at the moment, but I will be eating A LOT MORE, its basically 3 meals a day, 3 snacks a day, 4-6 Litres of water per day & No eating after 8pm.

So on Tuesday, I stuck to the same eating routine as Monday because I hadn’t had a chance to go shopping for my new food stuff! Tuesday evening I went on a little food hunt to my local Lidle, Dunnes and Aldi and managed to get everything marked off my list and had a plan for Weds.

Weds was the start of my new eating regime, the key to the foods is eating them at certain times, rather than when your starvin marvin. So you never get to the super hungry, will eat your own arm stage (clever right) I found the day long and full of clock watching, I was nervous about not eating on time and not liking the new foods that I would be trying. Also it was a day that seems to be full of yummy foods out to tease me and test my will power. The boss brought in loads yummy biscuits for the office (think double choc cookies half coated in chocolate and you on the right course) I went home to find that there were 2 full bags of choc and jammy doughnuts! ( we NEVER get these at home) My resolve was starting to weaken. I went to The Marquee to see Olly Murs that evening, I felt bad missing my second training session, but it was OLLY and he was amazing…. I didn’t stay outside for too long when we arrived because the smell from the Eddie Rockets van was amazing and EVERYONE around me was eating. Everyone but me…. I think it was just one of those days. I was feeling so sorry for myself over it. But I was thrilled going to bed that I had “passed the test”

I went to Spin & Abs on Thursday night and Spinning on Friday night to make up for missing my Weds night class. I found the foods were easier for me also, so these days passed by in a busy blur.

It was the weekend that I had been half dreading because I would be getting up a bit later and would be out of my Mon-Fri routine! The advise we were given was to try and stick to the same times as much as possible and that Sunday was Cheat Day.

I must admit that I cheated on both days! I ate out on Saturday night for my dinner Chicken Caesar Salad and Chicken Stir Fry. And I also had Carmel Nibbles at the cinema that night (I needed the choc to get me thru Superman!!)
On Sunday, it was Fathers Day, we had a yummy roast chicken for dinner and I had some dessert – strawberry flan, it was delicious.

Monday morning came and I was back to being good. I was very nervous about facing the scales at 7pm that evening, I felt that it was hanging over me all day and I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be!!

And finally I come to the results of my first week… I was down 4.5lbs J a very good result I thought, everyone from my group of 12 was down, so we were all thrilled and we all went to face Ian for an hour of circuits with smiles on our faces and determination in our bellies

So that’s my week in review. I’m glad the first week if out of the way, I feel more confident about my foods and times and I’m adapting slowly. This time last week I had never tasted peanut butter or sweet potatoes and would have turned my nose up at rice cakes and granola bars. Now I look forward to them! It’s a new experience and a learning process for my taste buds and my body.

Week 2 for me involves, 2 x classes, 1 x spinning and a weekend away.. but I’m determined to stay as good as I can and stay focused

Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so long! If you’ve made it this far, congrats J

Have a good week my friends xx

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

***Photos from Google Images

Sunday, 16 June 2013

6 week weight loss course

Hey Guys,

I mentioned last week that I was beginning a new challenge, and now I think its time that I share it with you all because by sharing the details and my plan, it means that I can't back out or change my mind, and knowing that spurs me along and helps me, not that I plan to back out or cheat or anything, but you know what I mean. Sharing with you is the extra kick up the ass that I find that I need.

Weight loss Course: what’s involved/ included
·         6 weeks (group sessions)
·         Weekly Nutrition plan
·         Weight Loss Planner
·         2 Training sessions per week
·         1 Nutrition session per week
·         Weekly Weigh In
·         12 places

The Details
Its in my local gym where I go spinning 2/3 times a week (only 10 mins from home), so it suits me down to the ground, the trainers and staff have been super supportive towards me since January, so I feel happy and almost confident when I train up there and under their supervision. Its now in my routine/ happy bubble/comfort zone to go there and that makes it a lot less daunting for me.

The Detox/ The Food
As with starting any kind of new healthy eating regime, the first few days are a killer with regards to detoxing and getting the sugar out of my system. I’ve been told that for the first week there will be more liquids than food. So I’m trying to mentally prepare for that! I’m such a plain Jane eater that it’s the food change that I’m dreading most of all. The muscle ache and boot camp style classes, I’m prepared for… kinda…

The Exercise
The course includes 2 x circuit classes a week, I also plan to do at least one spinning class a week, because I'd miss it if I stopped completely, and I’m hoping to get back to going for lunch time walks, I’ve gotten lazy I’ve found during the day at work and for sitting at my desk reading rather than getting out for a quick 20 minute walk.

My Feelings/ Hopes/ Goals
I need to change my routine and food in order to give myself a kick up the bum and also to shock my body into continuing to loose weight.
I feel like this is exactly what I need to be doing right now. I need to be a little bit selfish and give myself 100% for a few weeks
My goal is to loose a stone in this 6 weeks and to see how many inches I loose also, because sometimes you have to go by something other than the number on the scales. So it will be something new to report on.
My measurements will be taken on week one, three and six. I will be weighed every week

I’m both nervous and excited about this new challenge, once I get the first week and weigh in out of the way, I know that I’ll be ok! I’m always slow to change my food and routine! (on the inside I’m a 90 year old lady) but this is just what I need. New classes to shake up the routine, trying new foods to check that my taste buds are in me somewhere and maybe even going on a new scales will be a little adventure. My weigh day will change now also for the 6 weeks, so I’ll be getting weighed on Monday nights before my class. So I’ll be reporting my weight losses mid week for a bit.
I’ve been so used to being weighed on a Saturday morning, that maybe being weighed on a Monday will “keep me good” at the weekend. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m very late posting the details I apologies! This should have gone up last week!  My first weigh in is Monday night, so I’ll be back soon to report my good news and to talk you through week one

If you are in Cork City and are looking for a new challenge/ class, then I would definitely recommend Pulse Fitness Studios


Pulse Fitness Studio
Unit 1A
Mayfield Business Park
085 1322843

Monday, 10 June 2013

A Fresh Start!

Hey Guys,

I’m back and it ain’t good or pretty news that I have to report, but after a fellow blogger advised me to rip the plaster off and start again by putting the bad behind me, I decided he was right.

So I hit the scales on Saturday morning, horrendously hung over and faced the music, the damage you ask? Up 4lbs on the scales, now only 1.5lbs of that was fat, so we’re unsure if the booze was still in my system 12 hours later and put the reading off! I’m not looking for a cop out, I deserve to be up, but it is a possibility that the booze in my system fecked up the reading.
So the plaster has been ripped off!

Last week I was doing my exercise and eating the usually but I was also having lotsa ice cream and other lovely things with this fab weather, I was pretending I was on my holidays sitting out my back garden (we have to make the most of it while we can) I was out with work on Friday evening, dinner and a retirement part (free food & drinks meant I was there J)  So instead of having my usual pizza that I have when we go to this particular pub, I opted for parsnip chips and chicken gougons, and dya know, it was yummy and tasty and filling and I didn’t feel as guilty or as bloated as I would have had I eaten a full pizza to myself (which I would have done) Sharing food is something I’ll be working on forever I think, lol.. its just not in me!

So I ate out and choose wisely, I faced the scales and made a decision that I need to get back to giving myself the time and allowing myself to achieve my goal!
I’m 6 months in and I’m at 30% with regards my target, that’s not even at the half way mark yet for me!

So as I mentioned last week, I need a new challenge, a new exercise, a new routine to kickstart my bum back into gear and to get the scales moving in my favour once again.
I know I shouldn’t let the numbers affect me and upset me, but they do!! But that’s another story!!

So my local gym have advertised for a 6 week weight loss course and I’ve signed up. It will include 2 classes a week specifically for the people on the course, weekly food plans, weigh in’s and measurements will be taken on week 1, 3 & 6.
I don’t know anymore than that for the moment, I’ll know more after the meeting tonight, but I’m excited about this and 6 weeks will bring me right up to my week off work and Michael Buble Concert. So getting new clothes for my future husbands concert will be my new short term goal.

I’ll report back during the week when I have more details to share and I’ll also take photos tonight before week one commences.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine and making the most of it and getting outside.

Below are a few inspirational quotes that I like J all from Mr Google images and facebook

Friday, 7 June 2013


Hey Guys,
As ye know, I'm a big fan of the neon trend and since I bought me the Models own Neons I've been trying to get as many wears out of them as possible! Well it would be rude not too *heehee*

I really like this pinky/peachy/ orangey colour.. it depends what way the light catches it as to what colour it is at any given time, the application of this is a bit gloopy, so bew sure to swipe the brush off the bottle after a dip and you'll be ok. This took 3 coats to be all lovely and bright and pretty, 2 probably would have been enough tho.  I then added my top coat to make it extra shiney.

I let them as above for maybe a day but then I was mad to try out a few ideas that I had in my head on them, the first was to stick some little diamonds on to bling them up. I used the diamonds that were in the top of the nail art pens that I bought in pennys. I used a blob of top coat and a toothpick to pick up and place the diamonds, easy peasey :)
I did paint over the whole lot then with topcoat to make sure they stayed put! The diamonds unfortunately had minds of their own and within a day I'd lost most of my left hand, but my right hand stayed put! weird as I done them both at the same time.

In my head it sounded good to attemot to free hand flowers and add little diamonds as the bud in my flowers, sounds cute right? That it does, unfortunately my arty fart skills aren't up to much and my nail art pen wasn't in a co operating mood for this one!
But I said I'd show ye anyways

So there you have it, a lovely bright summer colour and 2 nail art attempts that I've tried.

have you tried anything lovely and bright this summer yet? I'd luv to get some reccommends for something new and bright and lovely (yes come and feed my little addiction, like i need the help! lol)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hey Guys,

You know after last weeks post I was feeling a bit MEH and this carried on for me, but I could feel myself slipping and slipping and not caring enough to stop and shut my gob!! So I decided to skip my weigh in date, which I know is the worst possible thing I could do.
But this my my decision and after 20 week of never missing a weigh in I decided that I just needed a little time out for myself.

Oh I could give you lotsa excuses, my brothers home to visit from Oz after 4 years, I pulled my neck on Weds night and was pity eating and couldn't move, it was the bank holiday weekend, the weather was lovely so I had to have Ice Cream and ice lollies, HAD TO LIKE.. I could go on, but you get the idea, Moaning Myrtle, the queen of excuses is baaack!

I promise that I am by no means giving up on me or my challenge, I just needed a little reminder of what I'm not missing, so I can stop being a spoilt brat and get on with my journey.

So this is just a blip in the bigger grand plan! I don't feel the better for going off plan, BUT I don't feel bad or too guilty. This was just something that had to happen to me at some stage and now its time to put it behind me and get moving again, or possibly look into having my jaw wired shut for a few months!

After coming back from my weekend away on Monday, the weather was fab so me and the boy went for a stroll that turned into an 8 mile walk!! The longest I've ever done I think. So I'm trying to get back to super good this week.

I have a new challenge lined up, I'm just waiting on the final details and all will be revealed.

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend xx

18lbs lost, 42lbs to go.... 

Saturday, 1 June 2013



Getting Dotty with it..

Hey All,
After reading and seeing lotsa reviews on this little number I had to pick myself up a bottle and for the bargain price of 1.79 euro, I HAD TO really *heehee*

Two coats of this and a top coat and my nails were lovely and bright and summery. NYC as always is affordable, the varnish has a good consistancy and colour pay off and the brush was easy to use.
So no complaints from me for this one.  

I decided that white little daisy type flowers would be very cute over this colour and summer too.
I used my tructy dotting tool and a blob of  Essence white manicure tip varnish.

However I decided to do the flowers whilst watching the Big Bang Theory and you can see for yourself the results!!!
My placement was all over the place because of my half assed attention to detail at the time.
I still kinda liked them even tho it looks like I was drunk at the time! But as always I learned the hard way that some things require your full attention for 5 whole minutes! oops