Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Being a lazyass!

I've been away from the blog for way too long!! I kept telling myself that I must start making time for it again and get back into the habit of regular posts, but truth is I've gotten lazy and not just with the blog!!

I've gotten lazy with all aspects of my life at the moment, I stopped blogging, healthy eating, exercising, I even stopped flossing my teeth for a bit!!! That's how lazy I'd become!!

This year has been a struggle for me, I've been feeling a bit Meh and seem to have lost my mojo.
The food baby from Christmas spilled into February for my birthday and then I went to the states in March and the Food Baby was almost at full term by the end of the holiday!! And I was feeling it BIG time, and yet my new habit of being lazy was preventing me from doing anything!
yes I was upset that only a quarter of my wardrobe was fitting me and that I had no energy and was becoming a bit paranoid again.... I was however still reaching for the chocolate biscuits and craving bad food all the time!!

I knew something had to give, and I was also betting that my mojo wasn't going to return all by itself, that I had to take back the control of my life and make better decisions.

So at the start of April I started to eat a little better and force myself into my tracksuit and out the front door for a quick walk. I must admit that it was the walking/ me time that I've realised that I've missed the most these last few months, I had been going to classes and "doing a bit" but its really not the same as plugging in the headphones and getting lost in your own thoughts for a while. its good for my metal health and sanity if nothing else.

After a week of doing my own thing I realised that i need the structure of a weekly weigh in to keep me on track and away from the fridge in the evening!!

I am a picker that wears BIGGER knickers

I saw a post on facebook that Slimming World was starting a class in my area, )not 5 minutes from my house in fact.) Its probably one of the only classes/ programmes that I've never ever tried ever and had no information about. So I decided that I would pop along to the first meeting to suss it out and see if its for me.

The meeting lasted 2 hours and maybe I'm a consumers dream/ total sucker but by the end of the meeting I believed that this could work for me. That maybe just maybe this healthy lifestyle change was the new way forward for me. I must admit, I was excited, there was something ignited in me that evening.
I joined up, faced the scales and learnt that I had gained 9.5lbs since I last stepped on a scales (before Vegas & Paddy's Day) it felt like it should have been more to be honest.
The following day I joined the SW website and spent most of the day reading through all the success stories and their lovely recipes. This is definitely a new challenge trying to rewire my brain to this new way of thinking and eating.

After the meeting I decided that I needed to changed my exercise routine also, I was chatting to the girls in the office and one of them started jogging with Operation Transformation (Irish weight loss tv show) in January and had since run a 5k run and was now training for a 10k in May.
I asked her a million and seven questions and I then decided that I would try this, that my power walks would now be training me how to jog/ run. So I downloaded the Couch to 5K app to my phone (I'l do a separate post on this)

So I'm struggling to get back on the wagon 100% but I'm hanging onto the back of it at the moment and I refuse to get off/ give up.  I have a new plan of sorts and I'm sure that once I give it a few weeks to get into a routine of sorts that I'll get back on track and get rid of this damn food baby once and for all!!

But I'm back to blogging and being accountable and that matters.......

***Photos form Google Images***

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Nail Art

Easter Nail Art

Happy Easter

Before I tuck into a lovely Roast dinner for Easter, I thought I'd show ye all my Easter nails.

Right hand has 2 chicks, one got a little dent,..

Quick touch up job and he's Grand ...

Left hand just got the one chick I'm afraid, but lotsa lovely polka dots (my favourite)

Unfortunately I started to tidy away before the top coat was dry and this happened!!!
I've no luck with chicks!!! Poor chick lost half his face!!!!

What I used

  • Yes Love - 578 Speckled Green
  • Ticket to Gorgeous Nails - Kiss me Quick (Boots - Light Blue)
  • Rimmel Salon Pro 247- Isn't she Precious?
  • Yes Love - 2905 Speckled Blue
  • Rimmel Salon Pro 312 - Ultra Violet
  • Catrice 700 Birdy Reloaded
  • Essence Colour & Go 145 Flashy Pumpkin
  • Models Own Neon Bubblegum
  • Catrice 850 Aretha's R.E.S.P.I.N.K
  • Essence Tip Painter - White
  • Pennys - Black Nail Art Pen
  • Dotter (ebay)
  • Seche Vite Top Coat