Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Mani & Pedi at New York Nails, Cork

Hey Guys,

I had a treat last week and went to New York Nails, Douglas Cork and had a file and polish on my fingers and toes

You will find a full range of treatments here but its the pedicure that I love. Those pedicure chairs are AMAZING

However this visit was for a file and polish on my fingers and toes, and I still received VIP treatment.

The colour selection had me drooling and a little jealous of all the lovely colours on offer. But I decided to have my pinkies and talons matching (if only briefly)

So I had base coat Nail Tek, followed by OPI “Big Apple Red” & OPI “Muppets Getting Miss Piggy with it” and Seche Vitae top coat to finish.

Here is the end result.



When I got home and showed my mum she called them “Dorothy Nails” which sums them up perfectly (you know Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz –her red shoes)

OPI “Big Apple Red” & OPI “Muppets Getting Miss Piggy with it”

OPI “Big Apple Red” & OPI “Muppets Getting Miss Piggy with it”

The photo’s definitely DO NOT do these beauties justice. I love them and have received lotsa comments on how bling and  sparkly they are J

OPI “Big Apple Red” & OPI “Muppets Getting Miss Piggy with it”

OPI “Big Apple Red” & OPI “Muppets Getting Miss Piggy with it”

As you can see, I couldn't take enough photos of them :):)



Aren’t they fab? So sparkly and Christmassy. Love love love my toes, its such a shame that I can’t show them off L

If you haven't been to NYN yet, then I suggest you book an appointment and prepare to be pampered :)

I'd recommmend a voucher also as a Crimbo pressie for someone that deserves a treat (hint, hint)

New York Nails contact details

30 Belvedere Lawn
South douglas Road, Cork
(Across from O'sullivans pharmacy)

BOOKINGS ON: (021) 429 3570

Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #3

Hey Guys,

Well I had my weigh in on Saturday morning and I'm kinda upset to report that I was the same on the scales

The past week has been tough for me. I found that I was hungry a lot and cold all the time. (I think the cold makes me extra hungry; not sure if that’s just in my head tho!)
I didn’t eat anything extra (so I thought) and I had a lot of walks and a spinning class. So I was hoping that I would be down on the scales this week!

Everything however was the same!! Weight, muscle, fat… nothing had moved at all L

So the only thing for it was to go through my weeks food diary with a fine tooth comb and see where I had gone wrong.
It turns out I didn’t have one perfect day food wise in the week! There  I was thinking I was being so good and going to bed hungry most nights! Not a happy camper I can tell you.
BUT I’m now aware of the “extras”

·         For instance for my lunch I bought the three pack of weightwatchers tuna &  sweet corn in mayo, 70g tin.
Sweet corn is a sweet veg and hinders weight loss. I did not know that.

·         I had some cheese for my lunch two days. Dairy is not my friend!! It has to go.

·         For one of my dinners I jazzed up my chicken fillet by wrapping it in bacon! This meant I over loaded on protein!! Oops!

·         Another dinner I cooked the chicken fillet in the over in a spice in the bag thingy. Apparently they’re really bad for you. Calorific???

So there was something “wrong” every single day in my food diary last week, and I thought I had been sooooo good and that I’d had a great week.

So I only have myself to blame for being the same on the scales unfortunately!

She told me that in her experience the people that loose the most weight are the ones that stick to the same eating routine, day after day after day!
There was a guy from the clinic that has lost 12 stone since January, so she knows what she’s talking about!

So I’m going to try the plain and same eating routine for this week and hope that I can stick too it (hate having the same dinner every single day, but if that’s what it takes then so be it)

Here’s what I’ll be eating and drinking this week:

8.30am          2 x Weetabix (hot with semi skimmed milk)

9.00am          fill 1 litre bottle of water
                   Make tea (Pu-erh)

11.00am        Pear & Pu-erh Tea

01.30pm        2 x McCambridge Soda bread (toasting optional)
                   Tiny scrap of butter
                   Smoked Turkey (wafer slices)

02.00pm        fill 1 litre bottle of water again
Pu-erh Tea

03.00pm        Pear

05.30pm        Chicken Fillet
                   2 x scoops of mashed potatoes
                   Veg – Cauliflower, Broccoli, Peas & Carrots
                   Gravy (low cal and watery)

Hope ye had a better result on the scales than me this week xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hey Guys,

Happy Hump DayJ The weekend is once more in sight, which is a good thing, but it also means for me that my weigh in is looming.

As you’ve guessed from the title of this post my week so fair has been full of walks, water and wee’s!! All the “W’s”
Are any of ye experiencing the same?

Walks – I must admit that I’m enjoying my 20 minute walk at lunch time. It breaks the day, gets me out, wakes me up, gets me moving and I walk extra fast because I’m always in a hurry to get back to feed my bellyJ I’ve been using an APP on my phone called “Map My Walk” it times your walk and your distance, it even marks your route in red so you can look at the distance, Anyhu I really like it, I tend to walk the same 2 or 3 routes regularly, so what I do is I try to beat my times on this app. Yes I know I’m in completion with myself, but everyday I walk the same mile a little bit faster, which is a good thing right? Today my walk took me 18 mins 40sec and I walked 1.08miles. So tomorrow I’ll try to do it in under 18 minutes. It’s the little things that keep me goingJ
Monday night I went back to Spinning, I hadn’t been to a class in nearly 5 months, so I’m happy to tell you that my back held out and I’ve had no back pain this week! The class was tough I must say, but enjoyable. It has shown me tho that I’ve become pretty unfit!! I guess walking myself at my own pace doesn’t give you much to compare yourself too!! Whereas in a class of 11 there’s no where to hide. I got thru the class and sweated buckets. So I’ll defo be going back and I hope that my fitness levels will gradually build back up in the coming months.
I was also extra good last night and went for a two mile walk with the boy in the dark. (eeeeek) It was grand tho, we stuck to well lit area’s and he laughed at my hi-vis jacket… but as I said to him, least they’ll see me, it’ll be him that’s doomed :P (joke)
I must say I’ve slept like a baby the last two nights after all the exercise, that makes me a very happy bunnyJ

Water - I’ve always drank a lot of water, so this is one of the easier things for me to do, especially when I’m sitting at my desk most of the day, I can sup away. I fill my litre bottle at 9am and again at 2pm. I then go home and drink a pint of water with my dinner. That’s usually my water done unless I go to a class in the venin, in that case I would drink another litre of water. So I drink at least 2 litres a day if not more

Wee’s – As you’ve probably guessed because of all the water that I drink (that’s excluding my 3 x herbal teas and 4/5 real teas) The bathroom has become my second home!! But this week for some reason I’m going waaaay more than usual!! I don’t know if its because its chilly or because my water is too cold from the cooler rather than being at room temperature!! But its flying through me and sending me running every 30 minutes or so! I’m not a fan of this side affect I must say and my work colleagues are probably wondering what the heck is wrong with me!!

But I will say that my system seems to be detoxed and flushed out (hard not to be at this stage) my stomach is feeling less bloated and my skin is starting to appreciate the water and is starting to clear up (huraaah) I’m definitely feeling the benefits of all the water, as I’m a very thirsty person in general) But 10 trips to the loo in the day is not suiting me at all!!
I dunno should another “W” for whinge be added to the subject line after that!! But over all I’m feeling pretty positive this week. I just hope that all the exercise won’t go against me on the scales on Saturday.

I hope your having a good week xxx

*Pic's are from Mr Google Images

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hey Guys,
Today my nails are super shiney in a tacky backy way rather than in the blingtastic style that I much prefer.(cuz that’s not tacky!!)
I decided to treat myself to a new polish (cuz there’s no such thing as too many is there) and it was this that caught my eye.
CATRICE- 910 OH MY GOLDNESS! At €2.79 sure twas a bargain J
I was in the market was a fab shiney gold for “the Christmas season” its not what I’d hoped for to be honest.
Its goldy/bronzey/ shimmery colour with dark tones going through it. The photos don’t show it to its full affect.
It took two coats to be opaque, the brush was easy to use, the consistency wasn’t too blobby. All good so farJ

It dried fairly fast, but dried kinda rough and grainy feeling. But that was no problem as a quick top coat of Seche Vitae made my nails lovely and shiney and smooth.
I don’t think that I’ll be using this as an all over polish this Christmas if I’m being honest. But I’d say it’ll be ok to go into my “to be used for nail art pile” (well it’s a box, but shush)
I really should take the photos before I go to work, because the tip wear is almost immediate!!!  grrrr
What do you think of this colour? Have you tried it? Is it on your “To Buy List?”

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #2

Hey Guys,

Well I had my second weigh in on Saturday morning and I'm sorry and sad to report that I was up 1lb!!

The past week has been a half and half week for me. Half bad but also half good.

I was away last Sat, Sun and Mon, so that was 3 days of me eating out and “treating myself” to “nice food”
My belly did not thank me for my indulging I can tell you!!

But I made sure that I was extra good and careful with my dinner portion sizes Tues – Fri!!
Unfortunately the damage had been done, so I spent my good days trying to burn off what I ate on my bad days!!
I had hoped that I would break even on the scales on Saturday morning, but it wasn’t meant to be for me!!

I know its only one pound  (I’ve done bigger poo’s to be honest) BUT I promised myself that my days of being up were gone,
especially now that I have to share my results with the world and its mother!

I was a bit sick with myself after such a fab result last week that I have to come and tell you that I’m up.
But I was away for a few days and we all know how hard eating out can be on a good day, don’t mind when your away and your travelling and your hungry and cold!!!
See the excuses come like breathing to me!! Not good!!
I did come back from my few days and get straight back into my good ways again, so I’m hoping that if I carry on with a week of good eating and exercise this week that I will see a result on the scales come next Saturday.

I have been told that they expect me to be down 5lbs next week  and I’ll be back on track for my Christmas goal once again.
I do like having a weekly target as it keeps my mind focused and there’s no better feeling than being told that your down on the scales J
So I’m aiming for 5lbs this week and I’m feeling pretty positive for a Monday.

My plan for this week is to increase my exercise because my food is under control for the most part. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been going for a 20 minute walk on my lunch break (weather permitting); it breaks the day and gets my bum moving. I’m finding the long dark evenings tough. The urge to put on my pjs at 6.30pm because its pitch black and watch my ass grow is very appealing and it’ll be a loooong winter if I allow this to be my new routine. This is my first winter that I’ve not been joined a gym you see, so at the moment the dark and the bad weather are hindering my ability to go out in the evenings for a walk.

So I’ve decided that I need a hobby that involves leaving the house at least twice a week. I’ve been checking out what’s on offer in my local gyms for non members and there are a good few options available. So this week I’m going to try out Spinning. I used to love spinning and do it 2/3 times a week until I put my back out last July. So I’m going to give it a go this week and see if my back is up to going back to it. I will also continue with my lunch time walks.

I hope you had a good week and the scales are going your way J

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ladybird Nail Art

Hello Hello,
I hope your having a good week so far J Last night I decided to jazz up my lovely shiney red nails that I’ve been sporting this week.

Ladybirds have been on my mind for a while to try out and so I was browsing the net yesterday to find some inspiration and I found an amazing page The Nail Trail and a ladybird “how to
Check out nail trails page here      
Ladybird nail art

Ladybird nail art

Ladybird nail art

Ladybird nail art

What do you think? Aren’t they pretty J I really like them. Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph them right away because it was too dark!!! And after a hectic day in work of rummaging through storage boxes, I kinda wrecked some of them!! (well there’s tip wear already) boo L But none the less I soldiered on and here are the photos.
Ladybird nail art

Ladybird nail art

Ladybird nail art
I must say, these were grand and easy to do, each hand took me maybe 20 minutes and I finished them off with a coat of Seche Vitae.
Looking at them now, maybe I should have used a second coat of topcoat… But sudda wudda cudda
Over all I like these a lot. They’re different to anything I’ve tried before!
What did I use to do these? I used black and white nail art pens and a dotter. Simples.
A steady hand and good light and your good to go.
Ladybird nail art

Have you tried these or will you?? What do you think?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weight loss for me = Excuses, Excuses

I'm the queen of putting things off and having a "fabulous" excuse as to why I didn't exercise or why I ate shite on that particular day!!
But there’s no hiding from the scales... dun dun duuuuuuun....

Each time I go for a weigh in I have a pretty good idea whether I’ll be up or down on the scales! Regardless of the outcome, I go ready with lotsa reason excuses as to why I’m up or down.

Up 2lbs  - My excuses
“The weather was crap all week, I got no walks in!”
“I was sick and starving, so I may have had a biscuit or 7,  (nervous ha-ha,) oops!”
“I’m very bloated and constipated, I’d say that’s what it is”

Down 2lbs – more excuses
“I drank LOADS of water”
“I was walking the roads the whole week”
“I’m starting to get into it now”

The same on scales
“I’m stuck!!”
“Maybe my bodies getting used to my food/ exercise routine”

-          The truth in this case usually is that I had a ball Sat + Sun and spent Mon – Fri getting rid of the weekends gain. Hence I’m the same!
Yet I give my “surprised face”  and one of the above excuses!!

Yes I realise I’m only fooling myself, wasting my own money and their time with my pathetic excuses!!!

For me its all about what I put in my gob. They say that weight loss is 70% food and 30% exercise and I’m starting to see that as being true.

Yes exercise makes you feel great, sleep better and my bowel is always happy when I’ve been moving my ass.
But the reality is (well for me anyways) its all about what I do or don’t put into my mouth on any given day, at any given hour!!
and for me, this truly is a daily battle!! “I’m never full” I’ve always been this way.

I have learned a few tricks and some will power along the way. But I still can’t bring myself to leave a morsel on my dinner plate!! Not when I won’t be eating till breakfast again!!
I realise that it sounds like madness and I feel a bit silly admitting it out loud, but it’s the truth. I assume its from as a child we weren’t allowed to leave the table until our plates were cleared and the line about the poor starving children was thrown in for good measure!!  I was always a little food hoover as a child and its never really left me!! I have been trying to “reprogramme” myself and I do sometime have to talk to myself to talk myself down and away from the fridge or the biscuit tin!!! Out loud in fact! I have to say “NO you don’t want a biscuit” and I feel silly but it does stop me 90% of the time from eating the wrong thing at the wrong time!!

My tricks for not eating
·         I tell myself I don’t want it
·         I tell myself I’ll regret it and its not worth it
·         I tell myself I’m not hungry, as I listen to my belly grumble in disagreement
·         I leave the room if others are having “something nice”
·         I brush my teeth
·         I drink herbal tea, (cuz choccie biccies are mank with herbal tea)
·         I paint my nails or attempt nail art over them if they were painted the previous night!

And that’s kind of it. In the summer months, I’d go for a walk and talk myself down from the food. But with the dark evenings, painting my nails will going forward and has been my saviour!
You can’t eat with wet nails after all!! Well I can’t anyways. So you’ll be seeing my nails in a LOT of different colours in the next few weeks.

So there you have it, a few of my excuses and some of my tricks.

Do you have any tips for me? What works for you? I’d love to hear back form you

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


So as I mentioned yesterday, I was away at the weekend. So I decided to keep my nails plain and simple for the weekend (and matching all my outfits) So Nails Inc St. James was the man bottle for the job.
Its one of the freebies from Glamour magazine. A fabulous red it is too :)
What do you think???



I really like this colour, it took 3 coats to make it super red and a coat of Seche Vitae top coat sealed it nicely and made them super shiney and smooth. I'm starting to see why so many beauty bloggers call this top coat a holy grail product, its definately a fab product.



I had 2 days chip free, but even at that, the chips aren't hugely obvious. I've been wearing this colour since Friday and I really like it but right now I'm itching to jazz them up.. So watch this space....

what I used

Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #1

Hey all,

As you will know from Twitter, I was away for the last few days with the boy :) We went to Dublin to see John Bishop. he was fantastic, haven't laughed that much in ages. Done a lil shopping in Dublin too and stopped in Kildare Shopping Centre on the way home(very hit and miss that place is I find).  It was a fab break I must say.

BUT I had my first weigh in since I went back after my hols (I was up 6lbs) And I was very nervous going in I can tell you, not confidant at all!! So imagine my face when she told me I was down 7 POUNDS.. I could have hugged her :):) I was delighted.

It was a very tough week for me I must say, the sugar withdrawal symptoms were awful! I felt sooooo sorry for myself and deprived. I was cold and hungry and ready to give in at any moment!! But I stuck with it! I knew these feelings and symptoms would pass and I also knew that if I had broken for a slice of toast or a bar of chocolate, then the guilt would have eaten at me. Especially after me ranting and raving and baring my soul last week on here!!
I'm determined this time that I WILL DO THIS.

Last week I got 3 x 20 minute walks in. I've decided that for the time being I'm going to walk on my lunch break, just a quick mile because its dark when I leave work at 5pm; my usual route isn't very well lit, even with my hi-vis jacket and I love plugging in my ipod, pumping up the music and walking away.. But I don't feel safe to do that at the moment. Yes, I'm a nervous Nelly!! So I've decided that for now I'll walk on my lunch break when its dry! and do 2 nice long walks on the weekends in the bright early afternoon.

My mood swings last week were desperate I must say, my family were ready to disown me, I was so narky! A few early nights were what got me and my grumbling belly through and everyone was happy that I was leaving em in peace. I did apologise to them afterwards and now my sugar levels seems to be leveling out, so I hope that I can keep the feeling of being down with me all week to keep me on the right track and that my energy levels and moods will drastically improve.

Hoping my cravings will take a back seat too, which I know from experience will happen in the next few weeks. I just need to think of food as a way of sustaining my body as I get trim rather than always thinking about my next meal as a big deal and thinking "mmmmmm what will I have?"

So week one was a sucess over all, it was worth it in the end, I can't remember the last time I had such a big loss in one week, and it feels good :)

My boyfriend did say that if my mood swings don't improve this week that he will starting bringing sugar lumps in his pockets for me.. Well its better than him avoiding me I guess ;)

I hope that you've had a good week and a good weigh in. I'd love to hear your results xxx

Friday, 9 November 2012

NYC Boundless Berry & Nails Inc Glamour Glitter‏

Happy Friday JJ I hope you all have the Friday feeling.

This week I’ve been keeping my nails plain and simple! They’re still not right from my disaster gelish/ shellac experience!
But I’m happy to report that OPI nail envy does seem to be helping things along.
So I started with two coats of Nail Envy on my fingers, then two coats of NYC Boundless Berry, (it probably could have done with a third coat tho)
But isn’t the purple lovely? It’s very autumny/ christmassy I think. A winner in my book.

Now this week I may have bought the same magazine 4 TIMES!
BUT with good reason, Glamour magazine was giving away Nails Inc polishes. 10ml bottlesJ and they were all lovely. So I bought all 4!! No guilt over here. 4 Nails Inc for 12yoyo’s. That’s a bargainJ

I decided to test out my glitter one first, its soooo pretty, even in the bottle Nails Inc Glamour Glitter‏ is very eye catching, the pics don;t do it justice. I just done one finger on each hand! (it was getting late and I was tired!! story of my life lately)

I finished off all my fingers with an Essence quick dry top coat (I’m trying to be good and used up the ends of all my old bottles this month)

Its day 3 today and I can see some tip wear, but its not hugely obvious. I reckon I’ll get another day or two outta these.
Enjoy your weekends. I’m off to Dublin for a gig and some shoppingJJ

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Weight Loss (my story so far)

I’ve always been a “big boned girl” “large lady” “pretty face, shame about the rest” where the comments associated with me. I remember at age 16 my jeans being a size 16, and when those started to get tight, I knew I was in trouble, because the shops that my friends shopped in didn’t go any higher! I’d cry to my mum and she’d say “well, you know what you have to do” But I didn’t and when a few hours later my mum would offer me a cake or something sweet, and I’d accept.

Back then I really didn’t have the knowledge, support or information to help myself that I do now. It was a particular photo of myself around Christmas 2008 that truly was the last straw for me.

Before that I hid in baggy clothes, avoided nights out whenever possible and didn’t go shopping unless I really had too! I had tried a few diets that never lasted more than a few weeks and the weight watchers lady loved telling the whole queue if you were up, down or time of the month!! ((Cringing for my 20 year old self!))

As I write this I’m trying to think back to over the last few years. And the money I’ve spent on trying to buy myself thin!! I could have had all the fat sucked out of me!!!

I think when I was younger I always thought I was a lot bigger than what I was, but at the same time I was taller and wider than all my friends!

2005 -I remember for my 21st party I wore jeans and a top because I couldn’t find a dress to fit me.

2006 - It was a year after this that my mother joined Motivation weight loss clinic with me because she could see that I was struggling and that I needed help. I did loose a stone and felt great. It was a real confidence.

2007 - My best friend asked me to be bridesmaid for her wedding, I was thrilled. The 3 of us (my other best friend and the bride) all joined weightwatchers, it was a weekly outing for us and we were also walking when we weren’t counting our points.
Around the same time I booked a 12 month working holiday to Australia and had visions of myself going off to Oz being slim and gorgeous!
But sadly once we got our dresses and they fitted, I fell back into my old eating habits.
The wedding day came around and the dress fitted.. only just! Its terrible to look at your best friends gorgeous wedding album and only see yourself in a negative way!

Off I went to Thailand and OZ and diets and eating well were the last thing on my mind. It didn’t help I guess that I went with two boys and was happy and well able to eat and drink as much as they did!! (not a good thing, as I now know) but I was on my holidays!! I want to burn every single photo of me from this trip!

2008 - I came home and I’d gained all the weight I’d lost the year previous and then some!! I was settling into a new job and the weight piled on. It was a weekend away in December and THAT PHOTO that made me realize that I had a serious problem that needed to be dealt with or else rather than it being for vanity (which it is for me at the moment) it would be a health issue in later life.

January 2009 – Salsa Slims – this was a 10 week dance class, you were weighed in week one and week ten and the biggest loser won money. They gave you a food diary and the dance class was for one hour every Monday. The rest was up to you. But I guess it brought out the competitive streak in people to win the cash. I lost nothing.

March - 2009 - My friend joined the weight loss clinic that I had been with previously and was doing really well on it. I decided that this is what I would do too.. I joined up, but because I was obese, they put me on a different program to her, which was over seen by a doctor and lasted for 20 weeks. Her program cost her 600e in total, mine was closer to 2,500! We both lost 2.5stone, which is good. For her this was all the weight she needed to loose and she looked amazing. A new woman with a new wardrobe. I was so happy for her, but envious also.

July + 2009 - I joined weight watchers after the 20weeks was up in an effort to keep the weight off me for my approaching holidays
But once the holidays were over, I slipped back into my old habits and the weight crept back on slowly!! (doesn’t it creep up on you sometimes? Or is that the denial speaking!!) 2 stone of it!

Jan 2010 - I was feeling very low, I heard a competition on the radio to win a 12 week program in a personal training gym. I entered the competition. Got to the final 20 and was interviewed. I didn’t win the placement but the gym offered me a discount on joining.

March 2010 – I joined Key to a New You. This was different is everything else I had tried. I had a food plan and diary and weekly weigh in’s but I also had to do 3 x 30min personal training sessions aswell as 2 spinning/ core or circuit classes a week. It was very time consuming. But the results were great. I lost over 2 stone

July 2010 - I was in a bad car accident, I had 5 fractured, so I was out of action for 10 weeks, I managed to maintain my weight for those few weeks. But I found training very difficult and slow afterwards. I left there around Nov 2010.

January 2011 – I knew that after the Christmas break I would need a push, so Christmas week I rang and made my appointment to start with a new private weight loss clinic in January.
The Diet is easy and straight forward. The exercise is 20 minute walk daily. There are no supplements or pills. It’s a lifestyle change, but a realistic one.
I lost 1 stone in the first month of joining. It then took me 6 months to loose the next stone.

Jan - April 2012 I took a break form weekly weigh in's thinking that I could loose weight by myself! But sadly I can't!

April 2012 I went back to my weekly weigh in's and was back to square one weight wise. I had 3 weddings in May/June, so I had to get back to it. Lost just under a stone.

July - October 2012 - I put my back out squating incorrectly! I was out of action for 10 weeks! But 2 phyio sessions and 15 adjustments with a chiropractor has got me back to being able to power walk on the flat!! and 11.5lbs were lost for my holidays.

November 2012 I am still with the same clinic as above. My post holiday weigh in had me up 6lbs.

I like the private weigh in’s and advise. I like how your listened too and your food diary is checked and your given tips and help.

Admittedly I have lost and gained the same stone almost 3 times this year! (sad but true) My body shape has changed with every loss and gain. But I refuse to give up on myself!

I weigh the same today as I did in January 2011, But that’s still 3 stone lighter than what I weighed in March 2009.

I am a repeat offender but I’m also a fighter and I refuse to give up.

I will reveal my numbers on the scale but not just yet.

I’m 28 years old,
Height 5ft 8”
Dress size 18

**I will post some photos also.. I’m in the middle of digging out pic’s of me at all the above times. I think it’ll make it easier if I can provide a visual.

***I also have kept all of my old food diaries and weigh in slips. So I hope to be able to put numbers out there at some stage

Some people!!! grrrr - Others attitudes to weight loss and how they annoy me

Yes a lot of people are overweight and the majority of woman seem to be on a constant diet, detox, health kick. Whatever you want to call it. They start every Monday morning and break on Monday evening because “you can’t watch Corrie without a biscuit, can ya?”

In my experience I have found these people that exclaim that they’re“huge” or feel so “bloated” are not. Its just like they want to give out about something on that particular day!! Or are looking for a compliment. OR they know that your on a weight loss kick and want to be involved and think that wanting to loose 5lbs is the same as needing to shed 5 stone for health issues.

I met a girl in a night club before, hadn’t seen her in a while, friend of a friend scenario, and her greeting was “Hi, Do you think I need to loose a stone?” WTF? What kind of greeting is that? And even if it is a topic up for discussion, then a nightclub is not a suitable venue. A night club is for hitting the dance floor with the girls and having a ball. Not for discussing your previous weeks food diary with a girl who could do with eating the odd burger.

This isn’t the only time this has happened to me! I must have sucker on my head when I go out!

“I feel soooo fat today” one of the skinny brigade said to me on another night out, this wasn’t because (a) she is or (b) she was feeling anything but fab. It was simply because she knew I’d laugh and it off and tell her how great she looks and how I’d love to be able to fit into a dress like hers. Yes I was a sucker for getting caught in these situations!! And was then the girl complimenting and feeding skinny Minnie’s ego!! She would then insist on standing next to me if a photo would be taken. I’ve decided that is because she’ll look even nicer standing next to the awkward fat girl!! But that’s my negativity thinking the worse. It could just be because I’m her best friend for that night because I fed her ego!! Bah!

I over heard lads taking about pulling girls out and one defending the big girls because “big girls try harder” so he’d get more than a kiss from a big girl and may not even have to buy her a drink!! Result he thought. I was not impressed but it opened my eyes. For a long time after that I wouldn’t give guys in clubs the time of day for fear that they thought I was an easy target. A ten to two girl, I am not. Nor will I ever be! But that’s a different topic entirely.

The different attitudes and lack of support you get from these people are truly an eye opener. You expect small children to point and stare but certainly not your peers and so called friends.
And the fact that guys are literally pouncing on the “easy prey” of big girls on nights out!!! Well it leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

So now I’ve started to wise up to these people who seem to be drawn to me. If they ask inappropriate questions. I tell them to speak to a professional at weight watchers or shrug and say “I dunno” yes, I have an opinion, but I’m out to enjoy myself, not to counsel others insecurities. I’ve enough of my own.

Just because I am actively trying to loose weight and get fit, does not give people the right to ask me how much do I weigh or what’s my dress size is. I don’t think a guard would ask you those questions! So why do some people cross these boundaries and feel its ok to ask you those questions? Just because they freely tell you that they weight 8 stone, does not mean that you have to divulge back. But people are very put out when you don’t “share”

Have you even fallen victim to these kinds of people? I’m pretty sure we all know AT LEAST ONE of the above.
I just need a rant today!!! grrrrr

PS. The photo of The Hulk suits me mood today GRRRRRR
*found him on google images