Monday, 21 December 2015

2015 in Review.....

Christmas week already, this year has flown by!!!  And there has been so much happening with me that unfortunately Blogging and lets be honest loosing weight have taken a back seat!

I went back to my yo-yo dieting ways and kinda fell into a really bad habit of being “good” Mon – Thurs, going off the rails Fri – Sun and repeating this over and over and over.

I’ve decided to do a little review of my year on the scales to see if I’ll break even for the year or end the year with a gain!!  Given the strain on my black work pants today I’m guessing I’m on the up.
And although I’m very much aware of it, sometimes I think I’m ok as I am, and that maybe this is how I am and how I will be and I should just accept this.. buy my clothes and just live with it…

But what I want for myself and what I see when I look in the mirror don’t match and if I’m being really honest, how I look affects how I feel, which then in turn affects every aspect of my life!
Which makes me not want to go outside the door, which makes me want to eat all the rubbish in an effort to eat/ hide my feelings… which does not help my situation one bit.. it’s a very vicious circle…
one which I’m very aware of for the last few years but have yet to break long term…..

So here are the numbers…….

Reasons/ Excuses
Jan motivation
Up 6
Birthday/ Got Engaged
Celebrating engagement
up 3.5
Easter / Viewing wedding venues
Wedding Booked
No Slimming World Weigh in's
No Slimming World Weigh in's
Back to Slimming World 
Up 4.5
Nan passed away / House move
Getting settled in new house
up 4.5
Christmas Fun

I’ve basically spent the whole year loosing and gaining the same 10lbs… 

So what we learn is that I’m consistent in talking the talking but not at loosing the weight….

This has all been said before by me, I’m sure yer all thinking would I change the record….. I’m down but I’m not out… The last few months have been tough and stressful for me and yes I’ve been over indulging ((but when I cook & bring my lunches to work, its all healthy..))
So it’s the weekends and snacking that is my biggest problem and will be my big issue going forward…. I don’t want this post to be negative or whingey.. but I do want it to be truthful.

I wont be making new years resolutions but I do hope to find a new routine for myself that involves healthy eating and exercise… these for me go hand in hand….

I will also be making a come back on the blog.. I’m thinking that if I go back to weekly blogging I’ll be more accountable

AND my group is getting a new leader in the New Year, so I’ll have a 100% clean slate after the drama’s of last summer, which I feel I need

Thank you to those that have hung on in there with me these last few years, I hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas and we’ll get the results that we are craving in 2016

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