Monday, 8 August 2016

July in the Gym - My 4 week update

I was nervous about starting personal training, I had done it in 2010 and the results had been fantastic,
but I remembered the constant body ache and finding the food very tough and restricted.
This memory wasn’t enough to put me off trying it again, but it was in the back of my mind

My assessment took less than 15 minutes, I was weighed, measured & photographed, then I was talked though the food plan (it was 1 x A4 page) I asked a couple of questions and was told to message them if I had anything else to ask (I made a list and emailed them all my thought and worries..)
So I figured out a food routine that would work for me, made my shopping list on Sunday and started the food plan on the Monday morning (as you do with anything new & also started my new food diary notebook)
The training…..
My first PT session was Tuesday evening, I arrived early and spent 20 minutes on the cross-trainer to “warm up” I then met Brian and was told we would be starting with a leg session…. After 2 mins of switching between squats and lunges my legs were burning and aching and I knew that I was going to feel this for the week, but I also felt a familiar feel good aspect come through, I was proud that I’d decided to not give up on myself, proud that ache meant that I was alive and working. It was a very tough session for me I must admit and I was very relieved when the 30 minutes was over… I felt like I walked to my car on jelly legs.
Sure enough the following morning I was shuffling along rather than walking and going down the stairs at home almost had me in tears! I just kept telling myself it would be worth it…. Day 2 I was almost walking normal but still very sore, that evening I had another session, this time Upper Body, (I was glad to be giving my legs a break) I thought upper body would be “easy enough”  I was wrong, who knew that holding an empty belle bar straight out and pulsing, could be so difficult!
Saturday morning was my 3rd session of the week, which was a class – Spinning, I go to this spinning class regularly and always enjoy it… that morning was no different and it definitely helped to lossen out everything.
By Sunday  I was feeling back to normal and was ready to start another week

I stuck to the same nights for training, Tues, Thurs & Spin on Sat
My food diary was checked and a couple of adjustments made (more protein with breakfast & snacks)
I’m missing carbs with my dinner and strangely enough cheese! I did have some chocolate biscuits on Weds (I was having a moment of weakness/star week)
The training…..
Tues – legs session,  I was dreading it after last weeks 3 day recovery period BUT it was good and I managed pretty well I thought
Thurs _ Upper Body – this was tough, lifting my full body weight using the TRX straps was an eye opener, the reps got tougher the more we did, and my arms felt like they were gonna fall off ( I was assured that this is normal **haha**puke)
Sat – Spinning @10am

Week 3 SICK
So after spinning I was in  hurry to get out and get ready for a hen party, we went to Dingle.. We had a great time. Got home Sunday evening and decided to leave the food shop to Monday after work. I was an hour in work on Mon and they were talking about burgers on the radio and I had to run to the bathroom!! I had to leave work and go home to bed! I only started coming around that Thursday! So I had the longest hangover in history OR caught a bug over the weekend…
So all 3 of my classes  were cancelled and I was booked in for the following week to try again!

“WEEK 3 – do over”
Back on the healthy eating food wagon on Monday, unfortunately we had a death in the family, so Tuesday was an off plan day & had to cancel my PT and attend the funeral!
Thurs - I got back to the gym 12 days after my last spin class!! My trainer caught the bug so was unable to train me that evening, so I went to a spinning class instead (I was secretly relieved)
Fri – Upper Body work out was on the cards as the filling in my 3 days in a row sandwich
Sat – Spinning @10am – really enjoy this class and it was a great way to start the long weekend

Weekends are always my down fall.. long weekends in particular! And I struggled Sun & Mon to eat well!
So because my PT last Thursday go cancelled, I have 3 x PT’s in a row this week and spinning
Tues – legs session – I started off giving it great gusto and burnt myself out after about 10 mins, it was a good session, dare I say “enjoyable”
Weds –  upper body – don’t think lifting weight over my head will ever not be a challenge for me
Thurs – Arms – this was a tough session and I knew after 5 mins that I’d be feeling it for a few days (I was right)
Sat – Spinning @10am - I always enjoy my Sat morning spin – found it tough this morning with the heat & body ache

THE RESULTS.. Thankfully even with a week off being ill and a long weekend that derailed me I did loose 7.5lbs
I also lost 1 inch from my hips, 1 inch from my stomach and half an inch from my Neck

I have signed on to do another 4 weeks of training, I have no plans for the month of Aug and with sickness now behind me the only thing stopping me from losing 14lbs before 1st Sep is myself

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