Friday, 6 May 2016

Slimming World - WEEK 18 - Apr/ May 2016

Fri 29th  Apr 2016 – Day 116
Woke up feeling almost normal today (well my belly was hungry) But my nose is blocked and my throat feels raw!
I think I must be very run down or something!!
Breakfast: 35g bran flakes & skimmed milk
Lunch: Turkey Salad (synfree) 
Dinner: SW chips, salad & beef steak cheese burger (3 syns)

2.5 Litres of Water & 15 syns

Whole bank holiday weekend was off plan!! 
I’d start off well but then give in to my head cold and eat junk!

I set myself a few goals for April and here are the stats

·         Lost 6 lbs
·         No gains for the month
     Stayed to meetings
·         5 x Spinning Classes attended
·         16 outta 30 days 100%on plan

Mon 2nd May 2016 – Day 119 (Bank Holiday)
Food Shop in and ready for a good week!
Breakfast: Yogurt & raspberries, 3 x Bacon Medallions, Egg, 2 x sausages (2) Bap (5)
My days was on plan until 5pm but then while in my parents everyone decided to get chipper for dinner and I gave in! BAAAAAAA
Dinner: Chipper!
2 Litres of Water & all the syns

Tues 3rd May 2016 – Day 120
Breakfast: 2 x egg muffins & beans (synfree) 
Lunch: Turkey Salad & tomato mugshot (synfree) 
Dinner: SW chips, boiled rice, chicken pieces, chicken pieces & 28g Mayflower Curry (4 syns)

2.5 Litres of Water & 15 syns

Weds 4th May 2016 – Day 121
Breakfast: 35g Bran Flakes with skimmed milk & clementine
Lunch: Turkey Salad (1 syn) & tea
Dinner: BBQ Pulled Pork, SW chips & salad (synfree) 
Picking this evening put me over my syns! (2 iced buns & 3 cookies)
2.5 Litres of Water

Thurs 5th May 2016 – Day 122
Breakfast: Oaty Pancakes with yogurt & raspberries
Lunch: 2 x egg muffins with beans & salad and a tomato mugshot
2.5 Litres of Water

Weigh in results are in and as expected/ deserved I saw a gain……. + 3 lbs

5 days off plan = 3lbs gain, well I dont do things by halfs do I!!

I will be taking a break from blogging and possibly social media for the rest of the month in an effort to get my head space right and get back on track

Weight lost to date: Week 18:  -4lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..

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