Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Slimming World Lunch Options

Hey All,

After the success of my breakfast post, I decided that I will do a little series of what I like to eat.
Those of you that follow me on Instagram & Facebook will be familiar with my meals as I do post them everyday, but its nice to see them all in one place too. Oddly enough it is my lunch that people comment on the most! Looking at the photos I can see that they do tend to be my most colorful meal of the day...

So I've picked a few different lunches that I pack and bring to work with me regularly, at work we have a kettle, microwave, toaster, fridge and small George foreman grill.... so that definitely helps/ makes a difference for me as to what I can and can't bring to work with me, but as with all things Slimming World planning is key...

This post is mostly photos of lunches I've been eating.. no recipes or anything but if there is anything that you'd like more information about, leave me a comment....

The majority are syn free but some are low syns

Ham Salad with Mugshot

SW mini quiches with Salad

Ham Salad Sandwich

Beans on Toast with Salad
Spaghetti Hoops on Toast

Baked potato with beans & salad

Passata with Pasta & ham salad

SW Soup with Ham, tomato, beetroot on ryvita

Tuna pasta with side salad

Chicken Salad

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