Wednesday, 31 July 2013

6 week Challenge/Course Photos - Before & After

Hey Guys,

I'm so sorry! I know I promised you these photos would be up last week, but I got lazy about water marking and editing, blah blah blah..

So I've given ye the review and my results last week, you can read about them here if you missed it 

So here you go, lots photo's of me in Lycra!! from 4 different angles!! YIKES


Inches                   Week 1                 Week 6                 Total Lost
Chest                    43.5                        41.5                        2 inches
Waist                    47                           40                           7 inches              
Hips                       48                           46                           2 inches
R Thigh                 27                           24                           3 inches
R Calf                    17.5                        14                           3.5 inches
R Arm                    14                           14                           0

Inches lost in total: 17.5 inches

Weight lost in total: 5.5lbs

Body Fat % has gone from 34% to 32%


Looking at these photos I should maybe start to take them with me in a different colour top or something!! Next month I'll wear something different (if I remember)

I'm taking a break from me blogging my weekly weigh in's BUT I am still weighing in and eating good, so I will be back to blogging soon I promise...

If you are in Cork City and are looking for a new challenge/ class, then I would definitely recommend Pulse Fitness Studios, the details of the course are in this post from when I started my challenge (click here


Pulse Fitness Studio
Unit 1A
Mayfield Business Park
085 1322843

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 6 in Review +THE RESULTS

Hey All,

As you all know I was on holidays from work, my routine and computers last week. It was a staycation I enjoyed and why not with the fabulous 28 degrees +++ weather we’ve been having on the emerald Isle.  I did however have 2 training sessions that brought my 6 week programme to an end. And I decided that even tho I was very much in holiday mode, I would see this course through to the end.

On Monday only 7  turned up of the 12 that started so Ian our instructor decided to do his Bodyshock Class with us rather than circuit training, Its similar to what we had been doing in that we had to do a certain amounts of reps of different exercises, BUT we all had to do them together rather than racing through them like we normally would and we also used a weight bar each to add resistance, so it was an intense slow burning class and I assure you that it was a total body work out and shock. Definitely a class I would do again in the future.

Wednesday evenings class with Keith was a good class, there were 7 of us again, we paired off and had to count each others rep’s as we each had to do 50 of every exercise, we had a good laugh doing it this way I must say, and it was a nice way to end the course, we worked our asses off but we enjoyed it also, I could definitely see how far my fitness/strength has improved over the last few weeks.

I had the vomiting bug and wasn’t feeling great on Thursday and Friday! So I didn’t eat or drink much on these days!

So lets get to the RESULTS of my 6 Weeks shall we? I know that’s all I wanna know about, get to the point woman!!
Ok, so on Monday evening I was weighed, pinched and measured and here are the results

Inches                   Week 1                 Week 6                 Total Lost
Chest                    43.5                        41.5                        2 inches
Waist                    47                           40                           7 inches              
Hips                       48                           46                           2 inches
R Thigh                 27                           24                           3 inches
R Calf                    17.5                        14                           3.5 inches
R Arm                    14                           14                           0

Inches lost in total: 17.5 inches

Weight lost in total: 5.5lbs

Body Fat % has gone from 34% to 32%

I’m happy with the results, it’s the first time this year that I stopped worrying about the number on the scales and just done as I was told for 6 weeks (more or less)
I attended 10 of the 12 classes and stuck to the food plan 90% of the time.
I enjoyed the change up to my food and the work outs also, I’m thrilled with the inch loss factor, I hadn’t been taking my measurements before now so it was good to get those numbers and watch them getting smaller, and feel my clothes become a little looser.
I have officially dropped a dress size and people have noticed, so its been a good experience for me.
I would say that with the great weather of the last few weeks, it made this waaay more challenging with all the BBQ’s, Beer Gardens and Ice Creams. Saying no wasn’t always an option and my willpower decided to take a holiday, so the last few weeks have defo had its moments, good and bad. Other ladies in my group agreed with me on this front. I also had a lot on during this course, (concerts, weekends away and nights out) and I feel that if I hadn’t had this challenge to keep me going then I would definitely have gained an ice cream belly in the last couple of weeks.

Before and After photos are on the way at the end of this week.....

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5 = +4
Week 6 = -3
Final weigh in = -2

***Photos from Google Images

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 5 in Review

Hey Guys,

I'm on a weeks holidays this week, which is badly needed, so I've been trying to avoid computers and doing anything really!! So this  will be short!  I know I say that every week!!

Sooooo week 5
I missed training Monday night because my shoulder was still not right. I did go on Wednesday evening and it was fine, we did mostly cardio and leg exercises, so I was able to train, training in this heat is no easy feat! I was wiping the sweat from my brow and I'd no sooner have dropped the towel when I needed it again!! YUK!  So it was almost a double work out with the heat to contend with!
That was the only exercise I got in last week.... I ensured that my food was clean and fantastic Monday to Friday because I was out on Friday night for my best friends birthday. I had a LOT to drink, and the finger food didn't even tempt me, so I was happy about that.
I was very hung over on Sat and craving bad foods. I had a yummy dinner of Garlic Mushrooms and pizza.
I also got burnt in my face and chest which left me so so tired and hot!!
Sunday I was still dying (don't two day hang overs suck!) I had chipper for dinner (breast in a bun and garlic chips)

No regrets for me this week tho, sometimes life gets in the way of the best of intentions, you have to just keep going.
I wasn't sure what the scales would bring me this week, (they haven't been my friend of late)
I was down 3 pounds, which was good after the 4lb gain of last week... So I'll take it :)

Tonight is my last training session of my 6 week programme, however we will be weighed and measured next Monday to give our bodies the full 6 week benefit...

So I will let ye know how my final result of this 6 week experiment goes next week

Adios Amigos (says I as I sit out my back garden in the sunshine)

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5 = +4
Week 6 = -3
Final results =

***Photos from Google Images

Monday, 15 July 2013

My Scooby Doo copycat nails!

I'm a copycat, I'll put my hands up and say it, but that's how you learn right? you see something on someone else, be it a dress, shoes, scarf, lipstick and you think "I'd want to try that, I wonder where they got it" "It must be mine"
Well when I saw this nail art guest post last week by Sharon from Behind Green Eyes, it stayed with me and when the following evening it was time to paint my nails, I was automatically pulling out the bits from this post to replicate it :)

The instructions from the post were clear as they always are when Sharon is instructing, and these were pretty easy to replicate, the only thing you need is patience while you wait for the different colours to dry.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these nails, I love how the colours work together, how the lines are almost crisp and sharp (I'll keep practicing) When I look at them I think of Scooby Doo :) I can't explain really why I love these so much, but I just do, its just one of those things I guess. I instantly loved it and was very sad when they started to chip (after 3 days) its defo a colour combo that I'll use again.

I also noticed that my gym is painted in these shades too... lol.. tis a popular combo :)

What I used
Avon - Don't be Jaded
Models Own- Purple Pukka
Essence french tip liners
Seche Vite Top Coat


Friday, 12 July 2013

ZOYA cutie - Arizona

Hey Guys,

I won this lil cutie on a twitter comp on @supernailsireland a few weeks ago :)

Its a winner even in the bottle, the orange colour and the shimmery glitter affect is very striking

On my nails you can see 2 coats of the orange as one didn't cover the whole nail and was a bit watery looking! Do wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second as the first coat will drag along and leave lovely brush marks and dents in the colour! I learnt this the hard way...

The polish dries to a lovely bright glittery looking shimmer, this is shimmery rather than glitter, which I was thankful for during the removal process.
This colour grew on me over a few days, it helped that I was wearing it when the sun was out and when the sunshine caught it, the amber colour was stunning, every time I looked it seemed to have changed colour depending on the lighting. This for me was a bonus as orange wouldn't be a favourite of mine.

This was a fun summer colour to try out and I'd say it'll be a winner on my toes the next time Mr Sun decides to visit us.

The only other Zoya I own are 2 of the Pixie Dust range, so its nice to add to the collection and try something new from Zoya, and the mini is very cute, accordning to the supernails website  these lil cuties cost €6.50 each

What colours are you trying to get the summer vibe going?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 4 in Review

Hey All,
I hope yer all enjoying the beautiful weather that we've been having lately J
I’ll try to keep this post short.. My week started well, I was down 2lbs on the scales and down 12.5 inches from me wobbly bits.

Monday nights circuit class was good, you could feel that the intensity level has gone up, it was  tougher work out that we normally do on a Monday, but a good one none the less J

Tuesday night I decided that I wanted a night off from exercise, so we went to see Despicable me 2, it was BRILLIANT, haven’t enjoyed a film so much in a long time and it even inspired some nail art from me.. It also saw me having ice cream and carmel nibbles, yum yum.

Wednesday evening is the class I dread the most, but the one that gets me to work the hardest. At the end Drill Sargent Keith even commented that he could see a big difference in our fitness levels and said there was a lot less moaning and hesitating in us during the class, so that’s all really positive. I did find that I stopped a lot less for water breaks, so he may be onto something J

I slept badly Wednesday evening and turned in my sleep and something clicked in my right shoulder! I was very sore on Thursday, not sure if I was lifting the weight wrong in class and that’s why my neck clicked or if it was some a restless sleep! Either way. Ouch!
Thursday evening I went for a stroll in the sunshine to try and ease the neck pain!!!
Friday, I took as a rest day from exercise and I was careful with my foods, I was still aware of what I’d eaten on Tuesday, so food was great for me Weds, Thurs + Fri.
I had booked myself a Boot camp class for Saturday morning ,(unheard of for me, I luv me sleep) It was Drill Sargent Keith taking the class, so I knew it would be a good work out for me J
Unfortunately while we were using the weight bar to do tricep and bicep work I felt my left shoulder pull, I didn’t think much of it and worked through it, however the next exercise was push ups, stopping after each one to high five your partner. When I lifted my right hand to high five, my left arm wouldn’t support my body and I feel down hard, I couldn’t finished the push up’s.
I tried to shake off the niggley feeling but my left neck/shoulder/back was sore and my arm was feeling kinda pins and needlely!!  I did try to continue with the class, but after another 10 mins, Keith sent me home to ice it.. even driving home was a struggle with the gears!!

 This a trigger for me of the “poor me” variety, I iced it, had a shower, took some pain killers, more ice! It was a scorcher outside and I wanted to be out enjoying it, so the boy took me to Cobh for a stroll and an ice cream, then we went for dinner, I opted for the warm chicken salad over the burger stuffed with pudding (how yum does that sound?) and ate most of his chips too.
This was only the start of my eating!! We went home for tea and more ice and painkillers and I ate junk for the next 3 hours, I was trying to put myself into a sugar coma to ease the pain!! It didn't work I can tell you!!!
The painkillers helped me to sleep on Saturday night, which was a relief. On Sunday it was my best friends babies christening.  It was a glorious day, so we sat outside all day, no umbrella to shade us!
I didn’t drink alcohol (evening tho it probably would have been better than the painkillers) I enjoyed the finger food and the christening cake. We left at 6 to go to see a friend of ours that plays in a band, stopped in Abra for dinner on the way (Cajun chicken kebab & chips) Got home around 9pm for more painkillers and tea and chocolate!!

Are these posts becoming very repetitive? Its amazing how I can be good Mon- Fri but come the weekend I become a bottomless pit and have to eat and I ALWAYS find a fantastic excuse to eat junk!!

So although I started the week with good intentions of wanting to try harder, I had a wobble on Tuesday evening and after my injury on Sat morning all bets were off!!

So again I was dreading facing the scales for my second last weigh in! I see a theme for me running though these posts!!
I was UP 4 POUNDS!!   Onwards and upwards and all that jazz eh!!!

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5 = +4
Week 6

***Photos from Google Images

Friday, 5 July 2013

DISCIPABLE ME - Minion Nail Art

Hey Guys,

After going to see the new film on Tuesday night, I knew that I had to have an attempt at making my own lil Minion Nail Art, then Sharon over at Behind Green Eyes did a post during the week showing her nail art and I was excited and inspired (check it out here)

I really enjoyed the film, haven't laughed so much in ages and the Minions having names and costumes, just added to it, I thought, they made it for me.. the cute and funny little yellow people...
All I will say about this film is go and see it, I promise you its hiliarious

So here is my attempt at the minions..

DISCIPABLE ME - Minion Nail Art

Minion Nail Art

If you've seen the film , then you'll understand why I included a purple minion ;) Isn't he cute, I was attempting scary! haha.... oops

I must own up and tell you too that for the first time ever, my hands dont match! I only done the nail art on my left hand! my right hand is painted yellow and purple and ready to be minion-ised, but I got tired and lazy!
So there you have it, my secret's out!!! Phew, I do always try to have them the same, the right is never as nice as the left but I like the symmetry of it and it looks better to have matching colours and designs!!!
I'll add it to my "Must Try Harder" list

What I used in picture form

YELLOW - NYC 294 Lexington Yellow
BLUE - Catrice - 400 Blue Cara Ciao
PURPLE - Simple Pleasures - Rhinestone "Happy Halloween" Nail Polish
GREY - No.7 Stay Perfect - Grey Skies
BLACK - Nail Art Pen
WHITE - Nail Art Pen
Dotting Tools,
Nail Art Brushes,
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 3 in Review

Hey All,

Its that time of the week again for me to pick at the bones of my week and take 100% responsibility for my efforts!
So I was up 2lbs last Monday night as ye know as I was expecting that, so we won’t dwell!

***Assumes the Vulture position*** here we go…. (possibly grab a cuppa, its a long one!)

Monday nights circuit class was kicked up a notch for us and it was a tough hour, but we all left sweaty and wrecked and feeling like we’d started the week off on a high and we were fresh to start again.
On Tuesday evening I had my first visit to the Driving Range with the boy, have you done it? Its kinda fun and defo a full body work out with all the bending and swinging in and stretching, once I got used to being stared at by the very much male dominated shed, I didn’t care, I was happy swinging away. On a girly note, my hands were manky afterward from the wet golf balls! But that was just me, I’ll defo be bringing hand sanitizer the next time, lol

Wednesday night was the class I was dreading because I was so sore after last Wednesday and I kinda knew what to expect from Drill Sargent Keith this time around, and he did not disappoint.
It was a tough hour of reps, we done 600 reps in total, we paired up and had to do 50 of each exercise, so 50 x  shoulder presses (14kgs), 50 x Jumping squats, The good thing was that we could decide as a pair how we’d split them up, so we started doing 20 reps, swapping, doing 20 more and then a final 10.. but on other exercises we managed to do them in 2 x 25 sets. The heavy weights for me are a killer as I have no upper body strength at all, so it was a real test to how far I’ve come that I could so the 50 kettlebell swings with an 8kg weight and that I managed to survive the tricep and bicep dips with a 14kg bar. Of course no hour with Keith is complete without doing Burpees and these were left to last, it was the toughest 50 reps of the evening for me, thankfully he broke them down to 5 sets of 10, with mountain climbers in between(sound!!) By the end of that set, I could just about pick myself up off the floor!! I went home knowing that I’d worked every single muscle!!

Thursday morning I was very achey and so so tired, like bone tired.. so I decided that it would be my rest day! I would have done myself an injury had I even gone for a walk I’d say! I was just a write off! Food was fine, I stayed good, but I was hungry all day!
I slept badly that night, between the heat and the body ache!!

So I was not a happy camper come Friday, I was worse than an overtired child!!  I was tired, achey and starving!! If you know me at all you’ll know that this is not a good combination.. throw in cold to that mix and I would have become the ultimate anti Christ!!! I didn’t cheat on my food but my god all day at work I was so so tempted!! If I’d had the energy to go to the shop or McDonalds, It would have been game over for me! I was in that kinda crappy  mood, and feeling so sorry for myself because I was tired and sore that I was feeling like I was entitled to eat my body weight in junk and not care!! So instead of giving in!
I booked a space in Spinning at 6.10pm and took my aggression out on the bike, admittedly my body and brain were possibly a bit too tired to feel the total benefit of a good hours spinning class. But I gave it all I had and I knew that by struggling through the class I’d be guaranteeing myself a good nights sleep and saving my family from another evening of having their heads eaten off them for no reason other than I’m a cranky witch!
But by 9pm I was still hungry and I didn't have it in me to fight against it anymore! I’d been hungry most of the week and there’s nothing worse (says me moaning myrtle) So I went to SUPERVALU and allowed myself to have WHATEVER I fancied! I had 2 x mini rolls (new frozen mint ones - yum) and 2 x iced Biscuit Cakes…. I needed the sugar fix I think! I ate these and felt calmer and fuller AND I SLEPT :)

I had a sleep in on Saturday and woke feeling better than I had in the last 2 days!! Breakfast was 2 x Turkey Rashers on 2 x Soda Bread, and it was yummy :)
Although I didn't do any exercise on Saturday I was walking around shopping centres and dancing at the Corona’s gig, which was UNBELIEVABLE may I say, it was my third time seeing them live and this time they blew me away, it was a full house in the marquee and an amazing Gig! Rihanna could learn a thing or two from these guys! Their tickets were a third of the price and I enjoyed it waaay more.
Food Wise on Saturday I had Chinese for my dinner, I had fish cakes, followed by beef stir-fry & noodles – delicious and I felt satisfied after my dinner, there’s a lot to be said for feeling like that :)

Coronas - Please don't go

On Sunday, we took advantage of the good weather and went for a 2 mile a walk along the Marina, it didn't feel like something I “had to” do, so I enjoyed it all the more, and I didn't have ice cream afterwards, even tho it would have been lovely.

So I was unsure how the scales would go on Mondays night, I was hoping for a good result, but I felt that the week was a struggle for me and I fought with myself for most of the week, until I gave in to it… so I wasn’t sure how the scales would react to my cake binge!!!  
I was down 2lbs.. I’m a bit disappointed with that, yes I’m down the 2lbs that I gained last week, but I had been hoping for an extra pound, just so I could say that I’m still on target!
But there’s nothing I can do about it now and I was still down! I should wear a sign around my neck that says “must try harder  Not sure why I’m so disappointed this week, I think its just because I’m feeling a bit Meh in general!

We also had our measurements taken on Monday night to see how we’re getting on and I must say that I’m a lot happier with my inch loss than with my weight loss so far, I’m down 12.5 inches from my body in 3 weeks, 4.5 inches from my waist alone..

I still find that it’s the weekends are where I am struggling because I have no set routine, I’m out and about, smelling and craving the wrong foods, my decisions food wise have definitely improved, but I could feel my resolve dissolving this weekend again! I let myself get hungry on Sunday evening between dinner at 2.30 walk and tea at 6.30 and ate a Double Decker bar because I’d forgotten to bring a granola bar with me. Its those kinda days that catch me out, I’m not a home and buying a chocolate bar is the easy option!! When I did get home I had a very filling salad sandwich for my tea and I was grand again!

I know that my food could be a lot worse, but its facing the scales and being accountable for the food that freaks me out. I know I need to behave even more while I’m in the loosing process because at the moment I’m being good for 5 days and bad for 2, this would be fine if I was at the maintaining stage of my process, but I’m not. I’m still a good long way away from even being close to my target!

Next week I aim to try harder

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5
Week 6

***Photos from Google Images