Wednesday, 17 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 5 in Review

Hey Guys,

I'm on a weeks holidays this week, which is badly needed, so I've been trying to avoid computers and doing anything really!! So this  will be short!  I know I say that every week!!

Sooooo week 5
I missed training Monday night because my shoulder was still not right. I did go on Wednesday evening and it was fine, we did mostly cardio and leg exercises, so I was able to train, training in this heat is no easy feat! I was wiping the sweat from my brow and I'd no sooner have dropped the towel when I needed it again!! YUK!  So it was almost a double work out with the heat to contend with!
That was the only exercise I got in last week.... I ensured that my food was clean and fantastic Monday to Friday because I was out on Friday night for my best friends birthday. I had a LOT to drink, and the finger food didn't even tempt me, so I was happy about that.
I was very hung over on Sat and craving bad foods. I had a yummy dinner of Garlic Mushrooms and pizza.
I also got burnt in my face and chest which left me so so tired and hot!!
Sunday I was still dying (don't two day hang overs suck!) I had chipper for dinner (breast in a bun and garlic chips)

No regrets for me this week tho, sometimes life gets in the way of the best of intentions, you have to just keep going.
I wasn't sure what the scales would bring me this week, (they haven't been my friend of late)
I was down 3 pounds, which was good after the 4lb gain of last week... So I'll take it :)

Tonight is my last training session of my 6 week programme, however we will be weighed and measured next Monday to give our bodies the full 6 week benefit...

So I will let ye know how my final result of this 6 week experiment goes next week

Adios Amigos (says I as I sit out my back garden in the sunshine)

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5 = +4
Week 6 = -3
Final results =

***Photos from Google Images