Wednesday, 3 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 3 in Review

Hey All,

Its that time of the week again for me to pick at the bones of my week and take 100% responsibility for my efforts!
So I was up 2lbs last Monday night as ye know as I was expecting that, so we won’t dwell!

***Assumes the Vulture position*** here we go…. (possibly grab a cuppa, its a long one!)

Monday nights circuit class was kicked up a notch for us and it was a tough hour, but we all left sweaty and wrecked and feeling like we’d started the week off on a high and we were fresh to start again.
On Tuesday evening I had my first visit to the Driving Range with the boy, have you done it? Its kinda fun and defo a full body work out with all the bending and swinging in and stretching, once I got used to being stared at by the very much male dominated shed, I didn’t care, I was happy swinging away. On a girly note, my hands were manky afterward from the wet golf balls! But that was just me, I’ll defo be bringing hand sanitizer the next time, lol

Wednesday night was the class I was dreading because I was so sore after last Wednesday and I kinda knew what to expect from Drill Sargent Keith this time around, and he did not disappoint.
It was a tough hour of reps, we done 600 reps in total, we paired up and had to do 50 of each exercise, so 50 x  shoulder presses (14kgs), 50 x Jumping squats, The good thing was that we could decide as a pair how we’d split them up, so we started doing 20 reps, swapping, doing 20 more and then a final 10.. but on other exercises we managed to do them in 2 x 25 sets. The heavy weights for me are a killer as I have no upper body strength at all, so it was a real test to how far I’ve come that I could so the 50 kettlebell swings with an 8kg weight and that I managed to survive the tricep and bicep dips with a 14kg bar. Of course no hour with Keith is complete without doing Burpees and these were left to last, it was the toughest 50 reps of the evening for me, thankfully he broke them down to 5 sets of 10, with mountain climbers in between(sound!!) By the end of that set, I could just about pick myself up off the floor!! I went home knowing that I’d worked every single muscle!!

Thursday morning I was very achey and so so tired, like bone tired.. so I decided that it would be my rest day! I would have done myself an injury had I even gone for a walk I’d say! I was just a write off! Food was fine, I stayed good, but I was hungry all day!
I slept badly that night, between the heat and the body ache!!

So I was not a happy camper come Friday, I was worse than an overtired child!!  I was tired, achey and starving!! If you know me at all you’ll know that this is not a good combination.. throw in cold to that mix and I would have become the ultimate anti Christ!!! I didn’t cheat on my food but my god all day at work I was so so tempted!! If I’d had the energy to go to the shop or McDonalds, It would have been game over for me! I was in that kinda crappy  mood, and feeling so sorry for myself because I was tired and sore that I was feeling like I was entitled to eat my body weight in junk and not care!! So instead of giving in!
I booked a space in Spinning at 6.10pm and took my aggression out on the bike, admittedly my body and brain were possibly a bit too tired to feel the total benefit of a good hours spinning class. But I gave it all I had and I knew that by struggling through the class I’d be guaranteeing myself a good nights sleep and saving my family from another evening of having their heads eaten off them for no reason other than I’m a cranky witch!
But by 9pm I was still hungry and I didn't have it in me to fight against it anymore! I’d been hungry most of the week and there’s nothing worse (says me moaning myrtle) So I went to SUPERVALU and allowed myself to have WHATEVER I fancied! I had 2 x mini rolls (new frozen mint ones - yum) and 2 x iced Biscuit Cakes…. I needed the sugar fix I think! I ate these and felt calmer and fuller AND I SLEPT :)

I had a sleep in on Saturday and woke feeling better than I had in the last 2 days!! Breakfast was 2 x Turkey Rashers on 2 x Soda Bread, and it was yummy :)
Although I didn't do any exercise on Saturday I was walking around shopping centres and dancing at the Corona’s gig, which was UNBELIEVABLE may I say, it was my third time seeing them live and this time they blew me away, it was a full house in the marquee and an amazing Gig! Rihanna could learn a thing or two from these guys! Their tickets were a third of the price and I enjoyed it waaay more.
Food Wise on Saturday I had Chinese for my dinner, I had fish cakes, followed by beef stir-fry & noodles – delicious and I felt satisfied after my dinner, there’s a lot to be said for feeling like that :)

Coronas - Please don't go

On Sunday, we took advantage of the good weather and went for a 2 mile a walk along the Marina, it didn't feel like something I “had to” do, so I enjoyed it all the more, and I didn't have ice cream afterwards, even tho it would have been lovely.

So I was unsure how the scales would go on Mondays night, I was hoping for a good result, but I felt that the week was a struggle for me and I fought with myself for most of the week, until I gave in to it… so I wasn’t sure how the scales would react to my cake binge!!!  
I was down 2lbs.. I’m a bit disappointed with that, yes I’m down the 2lbs that I gained last week, but I had been hoping for an extra pound, just so I could say that I’m still on target!
But there’s nothing I can do about it now and I was still down! I should wear a sign around my neck that says “must try harder  Not sure why I’m so disappointed this week, I think its just because I’m feeling a bit Meh in general!

We also had our measurements taken on Monday night to see how we’re getting on and I must say that I’m a lot happier with my inch loss than with my weight loss so far, I’m down 12.5 inches from my body in 3 weeks, 4.5 inches from my waist alone..

I still find that it’s the weekends are where I am struggling because I have no set routine, I’m out and about, smelling and craving the wrong foods, my decisions food wise have definitely improved, but I could feel my resolve dissolving this weekend again! I let myself get hungry on Sunday evening between dinner at 2.30 walk and tea at 6.30 and ate a Double Decker bar because I’d forgotten to bring a granola bar with me. Its those kinda days that catch me out, I’m not a home and buying a chocolate bar is the easy option!! When I did get home I had a very filling salad sandwich for my tea and I was grand again!

I know that my food could be a lot worse, but its facing the scales and being accountable for the food that freaks me out. I know I need to behave even more while I’m in the loosing process because at the moment I’m being good for 5 days and bad for 2, this would be fine if I was at the maintaining stage of my process, but I’m not. I’m still a good long way away from even being close to my target!

Next week I aim to try harder

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5
Week 6

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