Friday, 7 February 2014

Turning 30!!

Hey Guys,
I hope yer all keeping well, after my little rant in last weeks post (see here) I thought that I had better update ye on the dress saga that occurred and of course my partaaay.
Those of you that are regular readers of the blather over on will already be up to date with my tale!!

So the last time I blogged I had  bought a dress that "would do" and I was waiting for 2 dresses to come in the post. Both dresses arrived and have been returned since, but I'll tell you anyways.
The first dress was a pink peplum style dress from Littlewoods, the material was like  wet-suit / scuba diving gear and did nothing for me..
The second dress was from New Look, a pretty coral lacey skater style dress (I thought it would be perfect because I have LOADS that are similar) however cute the colour of it was, it was not nice on me, it was stitched across the waist for some reason and kind of cut me off across the middle (no thanks) and it was also slightly too short!!

So on Thursday evening I tried on my 2 dresses for the mammy to see which I would go with, so that I could decided on all my other bits (bag, shoes, hair & accessories) I had a mini fashion show at home for the family, even had my mum take photos on my phone, so I could see how they looked on camera, rather than just in the mirror (vain? moi?  nah.. just paranoid)

The lacey dress was deemed too short and the other dress that I thought "would do" definitely would not!!
It was agreed that both were "Rotten on me"
This happened on Thursday evening at 9 pm!! I asked was it too late to cancel my party (booked for Saturday night) I was told that yes it was!!!  I was very upset and very panicked/ sickened at the thoughts that my party was in under 48 hours and I had nothing NOTHING to wear!!

I went to work on the Friday morning after a sleepless night and when asked was I all set for my Birthday weekend/ party, I broke down and told them what was after happening and how I had no dress and no time to go find one!! I think I cried for most of the day (this is a big deal as I never cry.. ever)

The boss agreed to give me and one of the girls an extended lunch break (he actually told me to take the rest of the day off but  I didn't hear him cuz I was crying!! oops)
Off to town we went, I didn't think I'd find anything as I had been to town the previous weekend. Went into a few shops and tried on a few  bits but nothing felt right or was sitting right on me... Until...

I was in the changing rooms in Dorothy Perkins, loosing fate and running out of time, when the sales assistant asked my friend if she could help her. My friend explained that I was in the changing room having a melt down because it was my birthday tomorrow night and I had nothing to wear.

OMG, she was LOVELY. she came in to me, to see what I had already tried on, then went back out to the shop floor and came back with a few dresses, told me to keep an open mind and try them on. 2 dresses later I had found a dress that made me feel lovely, I started to calm down a little, the SA and my friend agreed that it was really nice on me, then the SA went and got me some shoes and a bag to go with the dress, so that I could get a better picture of how I'd look in the dress.
It transformed the dress form a nice casual day dress to a party dress.. I was getting excited and I was thrilled that I was sorted more or less in one shop.
I bought the dress, bag and shoes in Dorothy Perkins. The SA even at this stage told me to bring everything back if I happened to find something nicer while I was in town looking. I didn't. I stopped looking after that, we went to one other shop to get me a black blazer to complete the look and I was done and dressed.
The sense of relief going back to work was unreal!! And the urge to cry had finally stopped. Of course the big red puffy face followed me for the rest of the evening.
I had my spray tan on Friday evening, went home and painted my fingers and toes in preparation and was starting to come back around to the thought of having a party/ turning 30. It was all gonna be ok.

Saturday morning was wet and wild, but I had a busy day ahead of me. I weighed in first thing, I was down 2lbs ( I took this as a good sign) and my once swollen face was back to normal. I went and got hair and make up done, a little "me time" it was lovely and I have to say the girls done an amazing job on my head, I wouldn't have know myself. The only bad thing that happened was that one of my giant balloons the big 3 burst before I got it to the pub.. A quick call to the boy and that was sorted.

I was a nervous wreck come 8 pm when the party started, but a few drinks helped and all my friends came early to be there and support me. its fair to say I got a bigger turn out than I expected and all the important people were there to wish me well. It ended up being a fab night and I got so many compliments on my dress and hair & make up that I felt lovely by the end of it.

It was a great night but I'm so glad its over, I was so stressed and upset in the days before it!!! I honestly don't think I'd ever have another party after this. And I also don't want to see another shop for a long time.
I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for the sales assistant in Dorothy Perkins.

I'm definitely feeling my 30 years after all the stress of last week, I'm exhausted from it.
I officially turned 30 on Monday and am happy to report that so far its been drama free..... lol

Have any of ye ever had a meltdown like I did? Isn't it a horrible feeling having nothing to wear to your own party/ special occasion. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

For some reason I don't seem to have a single photo of me on my own on the night (how did that happen) so this one will have to do. I mean I cant talk about the dress and the night without showing you the final outcome can I?

**If I manage to get my hands on a better photo, I'll edit this post (you can't see my fab blue shoes)
Me turning 30!