Friday, 14 October 2016

12 Week Update

So those of you that read my blog regularly will know that I have been doing personal training in Studio Fitness Cork.  

I took it 4 weeks at a time to see how I would get on, so at the end of September I had 12 weeks of training behind me.

My “training” as I like to call it involved 2 x 30-minute Personal training sessions and 1 class per week (I choose Spinning as my class)

Now September wasn’t my best month by all accounts and the only thing that was consistent was me turning up 3 nights a week to train and drinking 2-3 litres of water a day (normal for me)
Other than that my month was filled with holidays, injuries and a head cold! Not what you need when there’s weight to be lost!  

So when I was told on my last week that I would be measured and a photo taken. I was very reluctant to have it done; typical me I asked for an extra week to “work harder”

Marie in studio fitness assure me that there would be a difference and she was right. I was afraid to face the scales/ measuring tape and the dreaded photos!!!
But I did and I was pleasantly surprised  to say the least, if I hadn’t seen the photos side by side I would have said that she was messing with me.. But seeing the proof in the photos and in the inches I’d lost I was delighted and it was a huge confidence boost and the nudge I needed to knuckle down and keep going

Here are my photos.. this is by no means an “after” photo, merely a progress photo for now…

On the day of the photo I had lost 10lbs on the scales, 8 inches from my body... 4 of those from my waist.....

I had lost 16lbs at the start of Sep, but as I said a bad month saw the scales go back up. .so i was amazed to see any progress at all.. but seeing is believing

So with my motivation at an all-time high and a new month/ new goals to make I signed up for the gyms 10 weeks to FIT- MAS program.

This is a program that I’m very excited to get started with… it involves 3 x 30 minutes PT’s and a class per week.. I’ve decided to give Spinning a skip for a couple of week (my injury means I have to also) but it’s the perfect opportunity to try out all the other amazing classes that are on offer, Circuits, Bums & Tums and Zumba in particular.... 

So my weight loss journey continues and I plan to keep you all updated on my progress
Christmas is only around the corner too.. (just saying) so the fact that its 10 weeks to my Christmas party is a great incentive to work hard to melt away more inches is that I’ll HAVE to buy yet another new dress (any excuse eh)

I should also mention that this post is not sponsored, nor was I asked to write this.
I paid for all my training programs myself with my own money. 
I just think that the lads in Studio Fitness are fab and are helping me to hit all my main goals to get me to my very fitness and fab self, so why not share "my secret" with ye all

I post all my meals and work out daily on the below

And I'll keep ye updated for the next 10 weeks

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Week 9 - You can’t out train a bad diet

They say you can’t out train a bad diet.. I’ve heard this so many times and dismissed it if I’m being honest!!

I was off work for a week and away for a couple of days, I was advised to still train on my week off as, a whole week away from training would set me back!!

So I went training on the Thurs, Fri and Sat of my week off..

I went training because I “had to” more than because I wanted too.. I went training but I wasn’t being careful with my food (food shop on my week off…. Eh no!!  I don’t think so!! )

In the words of Pretty Woman “BIG MISTAKE”

That Thursday evening during my 30 min personal training session  I was not feeling very well, I got about 20 mins in and I apologised and ran to the loo…. I DIDN’T vomit but I was so close to it! 
My trainer came to check on me and said our session was done for the day!

The reason for this embarrassing mishap was because I had eaten out that day and not made good choices since I was “on my holidays”  it had to catch up with me and with the way things go for me it’s always in the worst possible way!! Lesson learned but the hard way as usual… and my trainer knew, his parting words to me that evening were.. “make sure to do your food shop….”

He was right… I can’t eat like that and train like I want too.. I can’t do it and my body is agreeing with my trainers

There’s absolutely no point in me working my ass off in the gym and then not fueling my body correctly to reap the benefits!!! It all makes perfect sense! But this is me out and out with the typical Irish attitude of “era twil be grand”  it wasn’t, I wasn’t.. I’m not the exception to ANY rule and there are no secrets to losing weight!!

Eat the right foods and move move move (oh and lotsa water)

Fridays PT was better because I ate light before I went (lesson learned) and Saturdays Spin was a help to ease out my very achy legs…

So basically after a week of poor eating and training 3 days in a row I felt like I was back at square one fitness wise!!!

I also (as much as I didn’t want too) faced the scales and took my 4kg (8.8lbs) weight gain!

This was the switch that needed to click in my head.. THIS IS MY LIFESTYLE CHANGE….I’m a lifer, I cannot go rouge and eat like a glutton for 10 days without consequences

So I drew a line and did my meal plan/ food shop

Lesson learned I cannot out train a bad diet….. Plus it a lifestyle change NOT a diet...... 

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

August in the Gym - weeks 5-8 *update*

Week 5
Mon PT was a legs session, it was dare I say ok.. yes I worked hard and sweated like a dog BUT I left after my session on jelly legs feeling like I had given 100%
Tues – Star week arrived and I was glad I was o na rest day because my already aching body was in bits!!! Panadol, hot water bottle, small bit of chocolate and early night for me!
Weds PT was upper body, I did mention to my trainer that the dress I have to wear in 3 weeks doesn’t zip up passed my bra strap, so he worked me well and kept telling me to push throw and “think of the dress” I’ve a feeling that this will be my mantra for the next 12 months… haha
Thurs was a rest day and my food was 100%
Fri  - I went out for my lunch (salad sambo) and out for my dinner also… I made better choices than I would have previously, but definitely not my best idea day before weigh in!!!!
Sat morning spinning & weigh in – If I’m being honest I wasn’t expecting a loss this week, I tend to maintain and bloat when time of the month arrives!!! So I was happy with my 1 pound loss.. my week wasn’t perfect no…. BUT I didn’t use my monthlies as an excuse to eat shite everyday (I wanted too, but I didn’t)

Week 6
Started this week feeling very motivated and positive, hit a slump on Weds but over all I had a good week
Tues PT – First session of the week is always Legs, my left calf was sore during this session, (it niggles in spinning during mountain climbs, this is the first time I’ve felt it in a PT, but my weights are getting heavier!) So using the machines was extra challenging, I hobbled out of there, cold shower and feet up for an hour helped J
Weds – I can’t explain today! I was just off form / in a bad mood and achy and everything felt like an effort! I fought the urge to eat my feelings all day but gave in to a Boost Bar at 10pm and I don’t regret it! Sometimes it just has to be done!! (*note to self* must work on will power)
Thurs PT was upper body with a trainer I had not met before  - he was excellent, he really put us through our paces and we did a few new exercises which were good for the body.. great session, a good sweat…
Fri – feeling the effects of last night’s training but in a good way… Feeling good about the scales tomorrow
Sat morning spinning  was as energetic as ever…. weigh in was cancelled as there was no one to weigh me (I had a sneaky weigh in at home and it said I’m down 3.5lbs, but not sure if it counts)

Week 7
12 days til my cousins wedding – so this is the final push for me to get the scales moving aswell as the inches melting away
Tues PT – a one on one leg session, I was a very sweaty betty after this session, we finished with 3 minutes on the crosstrainer (going hard for 20 seconds, 10 second breather and repeat!) I did it tho…. Woohoo
Thurs PT – tonight was the first time that I DID NOT want to train!!! I slept badly and had a dodgey stomach!  I was feeling bloated and exhausted!! But yes I went, and yes I struggled through (nothing new there) I was never so happy to get out tho, home, shower and early night!! Getting a full night’s sleep makes an awful difference
Sat morning spinning & weigh in

Week 8
Busy week ahead for me, training 3 days in a row, then wedding prep and then I’m on holidays from work for 10 whole days.. yipee
Mon evening Spinning – it’s been months since I went to Monday spin class, the music and the energy was fab, left feeling good about the week ahead
Tues PT – I know the first T of the week is usually leg, but because I went spinning last night (And my fellow trainee turned up in crocs) we did a heavy lifting upper body session, it was a slow burning sweat session but my god am I feeing the affects 24 hours later (my bingo wings are BURNING)
Weds PT – last session of the week before a 8 day break from training (and my week off work) I found tonight tough, the back of my bingo wings were aching before I even began! I had to do a little bit of jogging in my warm up (a first for me) and I survived it, so I was happy to feel that my fitness is improving

The Results are in

Total lost in 8 weeks = 5.5kgs = 13lbs


I have decided that now that I have a base level of fitness that I will carry on with PT’s for hopefully another 8 weeks, and then start going to classes and finding my own routine in the gym..

I’m happy with my weight loss to date. Yes people lose it quicker and I could have been down more BUT I feel that losing it slowly and toning up, will benefit me more in the long run and help me to maintain my losses better..

I am on track for my goal of 3 stone by the end of 2016 and that makes me very proud.. I’ve a long way to go, but I’m off to a great start

I’m on a week off work and the gym from tomorrow… I’m looking forward to taking it easy and letting my body relax for a couple of days, but I will be back training next week raring to go once again 

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