Sunday, 21 February 2016

Slimming World - WEEK 7 - Feb 2016

I’m back on plan, I enjoyed my week off but I’m ready now to get back to seeing losses on the scales rather than a gain!!  Which I did.. woohoo.. heres how my week went a photos of the best food on that particular day.... 

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I post everything that goes in my mouth on there.. As my leader says "If you bite it, Write it" Well i snap it.. heehee (an also write it)

Fri 12th   Feb 2016 – Day  39
Weigh In last night has me up  4lbs after my week off.. I’m ready now to get back on plan and eat well again. Really glad I stayed for the meeting last night as it makes me believe that I can do this, I just have to start fresh and keep going
Synfree breakfast & lunch meant I had syns for a take away and kept my Healthy Extra B for chocolate (2 x hifi Bars)
2.5 Litres of Water & syns

8 syns for Beef in Black bean with boiled rice 

Sat 13th  Feb 2016 – Day  40
10am Spinning was tough after a week off, and I was happy when it was done… MY 3 main meals were on plan and I really enjoyed my 28g of Mayflower Curry (4 syns)
I waivered tho when himself opened a tub of Ben & Jerry’s!!! So I shared it with him!!!!
2 Litres of Water & 65 syns

ALL the syns!! 

Sun 14th  Feb 2016 – Day  41
Valentines Day, I knew that we were going out for dinner today, so I was kicking myself for having the ice cream last night!! D’oh!
Bunch was a tasty on plan bacon & eggs bagel.. but everything else for today was off plan and over my syns!!
Fishcakes with chips, Mars bar cheesecake & Clonakility pudding on brown soda bread with ketchup!
1.5 Litres of Water & all the syns

on plan Valentines Breakfast

Mon 15th  Feb 2016 – Day  42
Back on plan with a vengeance… just like every other Monday, my day was busy… Spinning class was tough!!!
I bought new long Nike exercise leggings and they seems to give me friction burns during the class!! Its not good when stretchy exercise pants need to be broken in!!
3.5 Litres of Water & 11 syns

Healthy Extra B

Tues 16th   Feb 2016 – Day  43
Had overnight oats for breakfast, its been a while and they were delish…
I was tired and cranky all day and a feeling a bit MEH!
2.5 Litres of Water & 8 syns

Slimming World Overnight Oats

Weds 17th  Feb 2016 – Day  44
I ate really well today!! Kinda feel like I’m food obsessed at the moment! Which isn’t the worse thing once I’m eating slimming world friendly foods..
With so much hype on line this week about the Mayflower curry (you can finally buy it in Cork it would seem) I had to have it again for my dinner this evening!!
Twice in the week!! I KNOW but it was delish and well worth the syns
2.5 Litres of Water & 14.5 syns

4 syns for all of this 

Thurs 18th Feb 2016 – Day  45
Feeling good today and pretty confident after a week of eating very well…
The scales had me down 2lbs, I’m happy with that after going over my syns twice this week… if I can stick to being down 1-2lbs per week, I’ll get there… its tough at times when you meet people in group that are down 1stone 5lbs in 6 weeks tho, but I know I’m not a big numbers gal, 3lbs in a week is a lot for me! I don’t think I’ve ever lost 7lbs in one week!
2.5 Litres of Water & 30  syns

Weight Loss

Bit of Motivation for the coming week.. A little food for thought if you will... 

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