Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NYE NOTD: Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust

More bling and glitter as promised, what more could you want at this time of the year?? :):)

This is a fun polish to wear if your heading out for New Years Eve..

Let me introduce you to my friend.....

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust.... I hearted this polish long before I ever saw it with my own eyes... So I couldn't WAIT to get it on my pinkies.. I reviewed/ showed off its sister on the blog here

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust
It took me two goes of application of this to manage to get photos so that i could show you.

The first time it took 3 coats to make it opaque and I didn't bother with a top coat.. .BIG MISTAKE..
I done my nails before bed, woke up and they were totally chipped!! Not good!! 

Take 2, I used base coat, 2 coats of polish, followed by a topcoat for good measure.. I took 2 photos that evening in the car (just in case) thankfully it lasted this time and took the rest of the photos the following day at lunch time in the proper light...

I took A LOT of photos of my nails with this on trying to catch the glitter in different lights... 
Are you ready to see all the photos???

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust
Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust
 This polish like is lil sister is lovely BUT I had tip wear almost immediately and chips in less than 24 hours.

BUT if its a quick fix of glitter that your after for a night out over the Christmas/ New Year OR if (like me) you change your polish a lot, then the chippage factor won't bother you too much.
Its a lovely party polish.

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust

These Rimmel polish's cost €5.49 each or are on offer in Boots at the moment in their 3 for 2 range.

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust

These were taken at night in my car pre chippage
Night Shots

Glitter at night

Friday, 27 December 2013

Last Weigh in of 2013 & Progress Report

Its been a while since I updated you guys and showed off shameful Selfie's of myself in Lycra, so here we go.

The last couple of months for me have been very busy as yer well aware, and I've been all over the place scale wise, up and down like a yo-yo!! But I didn't give up or skip too many weigh in's, thankfully, because other wise the news would be far worse!

Here is the link to the start of the year when I first posted a photo of myself in my gym gear back in January, and I can definitely see a difference in myself.. its not a drastic one, but I'm definitely more toned now and have less of a muffin top.

For me loosing weight is something that I'll no doubt be battling with for my whole life and I am learning how to incorporate it into my life and live healthier and make better choices food wise rather than being on a "diet"
So in that sense I'm winning because for the most part I have changes my eating habits, now I'm certainly not perfect and when I eat out I will eat what I fancy and have treats too.. 

I have been taking part in The Skinny Dolls 14x14 Challenge, I explained it here  in October,  
The Doll explains it much better on her page, here 

From looking at my weigh in chart for the last 14 weeks, its not pleasant reading.
I've done a tally and I was up 18lbs and down 8.5lbs 
Which means in the last 14 weeks I am up 9.5lbs  (correct as of 20.12.13)

So my scales loss for the year 2013 is -10lbs

Altho my non scale victories truimph all the numbers in my mind
  • I feel better about myself
  • I look better (in my opinion)
  • I'm down a dress size
  • I'm waaay fitter and healthier
  • I bared my legs in public in a dress (big deal for me)

I am by no means finished with my journey, I don't know if I ever will be. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be back in January raring to go and ready to continue on my weight loss journey, one pound at a time

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Nail Art - Santa Nails


I hope Santa was very good to all of you.

Before I tuck into my dinner I just said I'd pop in and show you all my Christmas nails..

Keeping this one short and sweet.. no words, just photos.

These took less than 2 hours in total to do, and the dotter done most of the work.

I really liked these and even strangers were commenting on them.. a result in my book :)

Have a fab Christmas everyone :):)


  • Essences studio nails better than gel nails base sealer 
  • Rimmel 030 Double Decker Red 
  • Essence 03 Cookies & Cream
  • Poshe Top 
  • Essence french tip liners
  • Penneys black nail art pen
  • Dotter

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Nail Art - Red Xmas Jumpers

Happy Christmas Eve everyone :)

I'm gone a bit Red mad this Christmas it must be said, but for me Christmas is  RED..

So this time I decided that I would do red with a Matte top coat and do a little free hand design on top..

These are a little messy, but over all I'm happy with them, I was going for a Christmas decoration/ jumper type design.

What do you think? What kind of mani will you be wearing on Christmas Day? Leave a link in my comments and I'll check out your nails

Here are a few of my Christmas nails form last year..
 Click here for snowman nails
 here for Santa and stripes
 here for Christmas presents,hats & Trees
 Here for Reindeer nails & Snow Flakes 

What I used

Rimmel 030 Double Decker Red

Rimmel 030 Double Decker Red

  • Essences studio nails better than gel nails base sealer, 
  • Rimmel 030 Double Decker Red, 
  • Rimmel Pro Matte Finish, 
  • Essence french tip liners, 

Monday, 23 December 2013

#irishbbloggersSS Reveal 2013 (Pic Heavy)

I hinted at this in a post of mine a few ago and now I’m delighted to be able to tell you all about it.

Aisling over on her blog  - totalmakeupaddict announced that she would be hosting a Secret Santa gift swap for Christmas J for all the Irish beauty and Fashion bloggers.
I know I’m not a beauty blogger (not by a long shot) but I figured I’d chance my arm and ask to be included since I’m a nail polish fan and that falls under the “beauty” label to a degree doesn't it?
I do read an follow a lot of the Irish beauty bloggers and now I never buy any new products until I check with reviews on people’s blogs, this has saved me a small fortune over the last year or so, but it also means I've a wish list of lovely things that I heart <3

So here are the “rules” as set by Aisling

“The spending limit is €20 and postage is not included in that spending limit. You need to make sure to have your Secret Santa gift popped in the post by Friday 13th December, in order to make sure that it arrives before the huge reveal on social media on Sunday, 22nd December.
When you are talking about this on Twitter, please use #irishbbloggersSS so that we can all follow each other.”

Look what I unwrapped.....  How cute is the wrapping paper :) 

And my secret Santa was.... Anita, her blog is here and her fab shop is here where she will make you your very own customised polish , how cool is that :) Go check it out...

My Xmas Card

Anita's details

Wanna see what I got??? I was soooo excited opening all of these, but I did have my camera on hand to photograph all of them...

Here we go...


Essence Gel Look top Coat - I have used this in the past and its definately a winner and very welcome back into my polish family


Inglot nail Polish - Can't wait to try this out - I don't own anything Inglot but I've heard good things


Essence Studio Nails 24/7 nail base - I go through so many bottles of base coat that I was very happy to unwrap this :) 


Precious Polish - Passion Flower - This present got me very excited, my very own polish from Anita's home made polish's :) Cannot wait to try this out and show it off 


Essence French Glam nail stickers - How cute are these stickers, awww, I'm looking forward to playing with them


Roger & Gallet Fleur d'Osmanthus - Moisturising Body Lotion - 50ml - Another brand I have never tried.. This smells AMAZING

Aren't my present fab??? I can't wait to show you swatches of the two polish's :) I decided to do that in another post because of all the photos already in this one.... 

Big thank you to Anita for the time and thought that went into picking out pressies for me :) 

Now that the reveal is done and this post is up showing you all the lovely things that I was sent, I think its safe for me to share with you who I sent a present too.  It was Sarah and here’s a link to her blog if you wanna check out what I sent her. HERE 

Were you involved in this Secret Santa gift Swap? If so, leave a link to your blog in my comments and I’ll go check out all the lovely things that you were sent J

I must say, I think that this was a big success and a lovely idea also. It was my first time being involved in any kind of a blog swap but it won’t be my last.

BIG HUGE Thank you to Aisling for organising this JJ

If your on twitter check out the following to see all the chat and posts about the beauty blogger Secret Santa  #irishbbloggersSS

Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas NOTD: Red - NYC 226 Madison Avenue

Red Red Red, when I think of Christmas and if I had to describe it as a colour, I would definitely pick red and not just because of good old Santa Clause but because its a nice, bright, fun and vibrant colour and its classy.

NYC 226 Madison Avenue

NYC In A New York Colour Minute Madison Avenue 226 is a lovely bright red. its cheap and cheerful.
its a two coater and has a shiney finish even without a top coat (bonus)

I did use a topcoat, just because I suffer from extreme tip wear from tap tap tapping all day long at work!!
But if you wanted a quick fix with a fab finish in one little bottle, then I would recommend you pop into Sam Mccauleys and pick this up

NYC 226 Madison Avenue

Do you like?? its plain and simple and i did have the urge to jazz these up with designs but time wasn't on my side!! BUT I will defo be re-painting these fingers and getting my nail art on soon.. .watch this space... :)

NYC 226 Madison Avenue


NYC 226 Madison Avenue + Poshe Topcoat

NYC 226 Madison Avenue + Poshe Topcoat

NYC 226 Madison Avenue

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas NOTD: Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush
Christmas is almost here, Woooo Hooooo and not that I need an excuse to have blingy shiney glittery nails, this just happens to the the purrrrfect time to show off Rimmel's new glitter polish Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush

I read a few reviews on this polish and was loving the look and the glitter and was mad to try it out.
AND when it was on 3 for 2 in Boots PLUS a free gift, well, it would have been rude not to pick it up, all in the name of Christmas you understand ;)

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush

I was cursing myself that I didn't use my Essence peel off base coat under this, It needed 2 coats to be opaque, I must say i do like the brush on the Rimmel polish's, makes application nice and easy, you do need to wipe excess polish on the side of the bottle, but you need to do this with most nail varnish's, so its by no means a complaint.

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush

The finish has a grainy, sandy feel to it, so I did top mine off with a top coat to make it shiney..

I liked the sparkle from this and thought it was super Christmassy

Up close photos so you can see the glitter specks..... 

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush

Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush

My only complaint with this polish is that I had tip wear almost immediately, and it started to chip in less than a day! BUT for going over over the Christmas this is definitely a winner in my books.

Christmas & Glitter & Sparkle = Christmas Christmas Christmas :):) Luv it 

Have you tried out the new   Rimmel- Precious Stones Collection yet?


  • Essence studio nails - Better than gel nails top sealer
  • Rimmel- Precious Stones - 002 Ruby Crush
  • Essence quick dry top coat