Monday, 16 December 2013

NOTD: Christmassy Half Moon Mani

Christmassy Half Moon Mani

I'm staying with subtle Christmas nails for today, fear not my heart is never too far from tacky, fun and Blinging and they will be coming....

So I pulled out this gold Catrice, which I previously reviewed here,  2 coats and a top coat later I applied ring enforcers to the bottom of each finger, I painted my nails with Rimmel Black Cab and as I painted them one by one, I pulled off the sticker and let all the nails dry before adding a top coat...

Christmassy Half Moon Mani

 I'm only sorry I didn't take more photo's of this mani, but I liked it and I have to say my nails got a lot of compliments, it was such a simple manicure to do and not too OTT :)

Are you a fan of the Half moon mani?


  • Essences studio nails better than gel nails base sealer
  • Catrice-910 oh My Goldness!
  • Rimmel 080 Black Cab
  • Poshe Topcoat
  • Ring reinforcers
  • Orange stick

Catrice-910 oh My Goldness! + Rimmel 080 Black Cab


  1. Love this! Christmas appropriate but still subtle! Very pretty. x

  2. Your nails look fab Vicki, love this idea xx