Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art Part 2

I'm a little late with my post!! but the time just got away from me today!! Madness at work, but I'm here now.. PHEW.. I'm only waiting for the bell to ring and the Trick or Treaters to start. Has anyone ever had to do a trick to get a treat?? I don't think I have!! hmmmm, sorry just a lil glimpse of whats going on in my brain at the mo!!! lol...NEXT (*back slowly away*)
So this is my second attempt at Halloween nail art, I knew I wouldn't have time this week to do a third halloween art attempt. So I decided to do different designs and colours on both hands!!
Yes I've had some curious glances at work and in shops.. But hey, its Halloween I say, people just kinda nod and smile and leave me off!! The orange is kinda eye catching I guess and people do like to comment!!
So here we go, have a gander at my attempts.

I used the puple from my halloween set (details here)
The black is Essence Colour and Go, Black is Black and
I used 2 nailart pens Black & White (from ebay)

The Spiders on the puper nails are ok, the black nail art pen was a little gloopy! If I done it again, I would put the black colour on tin foil and use a little paint brush rather than trying to clean up my nails as I went cuz the colour came out too quickly.. But this is how I learn I guess.

Another attempt at a spiders web and I think I'm getting there slowly with these!
My index finger was meant to be an aerial view of a spider/ scorpio!! But I was asked today was it a fish bone, So I think I'll go with that.. lol

My thumb is painted with Essence Cherry Blossom Cherry Cherry Girl. I had wanted to have a spider creeping down his web!! but the nail art pen done blobs where the eyes should be!! I know, I know!! I sudda used my dotter and had some patience!! ah ah ah



Moving on... I painted my left hand with Essence Cherry Blossom Cherry Cherry Girl. I decided I wanted to try big pumpkins. I loved the pumpkins that I done last week (see here) But they took soooo long and to be honest, it was late, I was getting cranky and tired and that these were not turning out as I had hopped, so I said big Pumpkins would do the trick... What do you think? I think I should have used tape on these!! 
After 3 I could see they weren't going my way and attempted another spider!! I forgot to dot the eyes tho!! oops

My right thumb was neglected I'm afraid!! It was the last in the queue and I'd kinda given up at this stage!!

I use Seche Vitae Tope Coat over all the fingers and it kinda dragged some of the art, which I was surprised by.

Over all I guess these nails are only ok. I know I could have done better, but unfortunately I had one eye on Dallas (hot boys alert) rather than on detail!!

Here's what I used

Halloween Nail Art - what I used

I gotta go answer the door bell to all the spooky lil trick or treaters :)

Happy Halloween Y'all xxx

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Let me start this by saying that I’m a huge Melissa Hill Fan. I can’t get enough, her books suck you in and just when you think you have the story figured out and your looking forward to the happily ever after bit , there’s a big twist that you never saw coming and it just adds to the story. For me, her books have me thinking about them long after I’ve finished them!
I had a book bought for my holidays (review to come shortly) But one afternoon me and the boy were strolling around the shops in Puerto Rico and I saw a second hand book shop type place. (love these kinda shops, you never know what you’ll findJ ) and there it was Melissa Hill’s new bookJ for the bargain price of 4yoyo.. Well I got all excited, almost jumping around the place. I was meant to read this on my holidaysJ I turned to the boy and asked “can I buy it? I can’t not buy it” needless to say he just laughed at me! And I bought it.. I was gushing about it all the way back to the apartment!! A bit over dramatic I might hear you say!! And I agree to a degree, but certain authors excite meJ and I was caught unawares for this lil surpriseJ I do believe in fate and I think that this book was sitting there waiting for meJ it made my day I must say. Don’t you love when you find something perfect that you didn’t even realise that you were looking for JJ
Ok, so time for me to talk about the book, now that you have my story of how it came to be. (I didn’t just pop to Tesco’s like I normally do)

Every charm bracelet tells a story and Holly O'Neill knows this better than most.

Many years ago she was sent one with just a single charm attached. The charms have been appearing ever since, often at challenging times, as if her mysterious benefactor knows exactly when she needs a little magic in her life.

As a result, Holly's bracelet is her most prized possession. So when she finds someone else's charm bracelet, she feels she has to try to reunite it with its owner. Even if the only clues she has to follow are the charms themselves.

On a search that will take her all over New York City at Christmas, Holly becomes ever more determined to piece together the details of this other charmed life. But what she doesn't know is that her quest may also lead her somewhere she never, ever expected . . .

So as the Blurb says, the main character in this story is Holly, set in new York, Holly is a single mother to 10 year old Danny. She works in a vintage store in the village. Which is where she comes across the Charm Bracelet, having a very similar bracelet herself she goes about trying to find its owner, who must be missing it by following the clues that are the charms. This story brings your through New York at Christmas, if you like clothes, then you’ll love the details descriptions of the clothing that Holly sells in the vintage store
This is also the story of Greg, a Mr Big-type stockbroker with a lukewarm girlfriend and lukewarm life. You might be concluding that the lost-and-found charm bracelet will somehow bind Holly and Greg. You turn the pages wondering if their lives will collide and ….. I’m not saying a thing.
I must admit, I instantly liked the main characters and loved the way the story transports you from present day New York back in time so that you know the history of the characters and you get a feel for old skool NY, their stories are very interesting and heart-warming and it just adds to the over all story.
Yes, some of this is a cliche and predictable, but so what? we could all do with a little sprinkle of magic in our lives and this made me happy and it makes you see the good in people.
I love all stories that have love, New York and Christmas in them and after reading this fantastic book with a super twist (incase you think I forgot about the twisty bit.. lol) I would recommend this book to anyone to read, be it young or old.
This book made its way back home with me, so that I can share it with my friendsJ it’s a great read at this time of year, especuially with the nights getting colder and darker. My advise would be to make a hot cuppa, put the phone on silent and enjoyJJ

Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art Part 1

right hand
left hand

So yesterday I showed you my 3 new polish’s and how cute they are on the nails (bar the black, not a fan)
Well they didn’t last long looking like this!!
Simple Pleasures 3 piece Rhinestone "HappyHalloween" Nail Polish
I was a little unsure of what I wanted to try nail art wise for Halloween, so these nails are just me messing about with ideas that I had in my head.
Doesn’t everything seem so easy when you think about it!! Not so much when you have to sit down and actually do it with a shakey hand!!! Oops!!
But here are my attempts and to be honest I’m kinda proud of myself.
I decided to do 3 different designs because I had 3 colour’s on my nails, (as you can see above)
Earlier this year when I started reading people’s beauty blogs I came across Karen’s blog and this ghostly mani and its been in the back of my mind since..
So as soon as I painted my fingers black, I knew I have to try this out and I still love itJ its so cute and effectiveJ and easy to do using my dotter, you just need patience to wait for the colour’s to dry.

googley eyes
googley eyes

For the silver fingers I decided to attempt a spider web, as you can see, some are a bit dodgey looking and quite think, but it was all trial and error, I tries to cover up the bad buts with glitter!!
But over all, you do know what your looking at, so job done!! I defo need practise for these ones!
Spider Webs
Spider Webs
My Purple thumbs are pumpkins, my favourites I think. When I think of Halloween, I see a pumpkin in my mind,
so this was my attempt. Its not bad considering I still haven’t bought any nail art pens yet. This is free hand and I’m impressed, especially with my right thumb!!
I have the shakiest hand trying to add a face to my pumpkin!!! YIKES
Pumpkin Left Hand
Pumpkin right hand
So this is what I used for this attempt of Halloween Nail Art.
I put Essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer over all of my nails.
What I used

Self Praise is no praise, I know... But I’m impressed by my efforts I must admitJJ
I love to hear what you think?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Set - Black, Silver & Purple

Hey Guys,

well I'm back from my holidays. No time to be sad and depressed cuz I've gone from 28 degrees to 10 degrees (boo hoo.) I'm back with a week to go to Halloween, which means I get to try out the 3 x Halloween polish’s I bought last month. (check out what else I bought here)

Sp without further ado, let me introduce you too: Simple Pleasures 3 piece Rhinestone "Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Set - TK Maxx €5.99 Black, Silver & Purple

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Set

I couldn't decide what colour to try frist so I thought I'd try them all, that way I could test and trial them all at the same time. A stroke of genius I thought :) 

The Bottle are so pretty that I was tempted to display them on my dressing table instead of hiding them away with all my other polish's!

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Black

First up was Black, the brush wasn't great, reminded me of the old tipp-ex type brush! It didn't paint my nail in the three stroke technique that I would usually use. The colour was gloopy and to be honest i definately have come across better blacks in my time.

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Silver

Next was the turn of Silver, this is a shimmery silver that needed two coats per nail, but the colour was beautiful, instantly eye catching and had me almost tempted to remove the black and paint all my fingey's in this lovely colour. But me being a trouper decided to keep going!!
The brush on this bottle was much better and I've no complaints other than the pretty bottle doesn't do this colour justice.

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Purple

And last but in no means least, Purple got to adorn my giant thumbs. The brush on this one was fine too (thinking my black brush is dodgey at this stage) This I felt needed two coats,  but you'd probably get away with one coat if you so wished. What I liked about this colour was that putting on a top coat (Essences studio nails, better than gel nails, top sealer) transformed this colour in my opinion to a brighter and more eye catching colour purple.
It even got a compliment at work today, which never happens (I change my nails too often so they've given up even commmenting on them anymore)

In conclusion I must say that I really like two out of the three colours from this set, and I will be using them again :) Can you guess which one I don't like??? haha  

I am however looking forward to trying out some nail art over these colours :)

Have you come across this brand of polish before or tried this set? I'd love to read your comments :)

Apologies for the poor pics!! A new camera is on my Christmas wish list

Friday, 12 October 2012

Beach Bod UPDATE‏

Well its Friday and its FINALLY time for me to go on my summer holidaysJ HURAAAAAH
I don’t feel in holiday mode! Its cold and raining and I’m wearing Uggs at the moment!!
But in less than 24hours, I will be in 30 degree heat!! Very hard to imagine as I look out the window here at the rain!!
Just thought I’d give a quick update on my weight loss, I posted last week about my aim (link here)
I’m sorry to say that I didn’t reach my desired “holiday targetL I plateaued for 3 weeks and it really got me down to be honest, because I had hoped to be down on those 3 weeks.
I had my final weigh in yesterday afternoon and was down 1.5lbs.
So my total weight loss before my hols is 11.5lbs.
Which his good, don’t get me wrong! I just can’t help but feel that I’ve left myself down! I knew my holidays were coming and I could have tried harder!
BUT (you ready for all my excuses?????) The weather has been shite, so I didn’t get to walk as much as I would have usually, I’ve been sick with a stoopid head cold for the last 3 weeks, which doesn’t help the situation and my back has been an on going issue for the last three months! Some days I’m fine and others I couldn’t move! But I’ve been seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week for the last 6 weeks and I hope to get the all clear tonight (*fingers and toes crossed*)
So unfortunately a whole lot of things came together and thwarted my good intentions.
However I am down on the scales and my clothes are sitting a little better and I do feel happy that I haven’t been up on the scales for over 12 weeks. So a mini pat on the back to me for thatJ

So I’m almost packed and ready to go on my holidays and enjoy myself in the sun for a week.
When I get back I plan to get back on the wagon (well the scales) eat better and I plan to try the Couch to 5K App, (provided my back is up to it)
So this is not the end for me, nor will I give up because of my few sets backs. I didn’t reach my holiday target. But guess what? The sky didn’t fall, nobody even cares except me. And I have still lost a few pounds.
So I’ve decided to go easy on myself about my “fail” and allow myself a week off Guilt Free J
So Adios Amigos. I’m off to work on my tan and sample the cocktailsJ
Wooo Hoooo

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dots & Stripes Nail Art

Hey All,

So yesterday I showed you pic's of my nails painted in Ciaté Cabaret (see it here)

I mentioned that there was tip wear from my lack of applying a top coat and from work etc!! (woops!)

So last night I decided to paint over with some designs. I haven't had a chance to sit down and do any kinda nail art in the last few weeks. (I promise that will change after my hols)

So here's the end result.

Dots & Stripes

As you can see, I took photo's last night and more this morning.. You can see the tip wear.
But I kinda liked it anyways and having the dots and stripes to admire.

Are you a fan of Dots & Stripes??? I'd love to hear from you :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ciaté Cabaret - Creme‏

This is the second polish that I won a few weeks back. (link here)   
And I’ve been dying to show it off…. So without further ado
Ciaté Cabaret - Creme‏

What the Ciate site says
Creamy purple with lashings of pink. The perfect mix of cuteness and sophistication. Incredible when paired with dark suits for stylish work wear.”
“Cabaret from CIATE - Long lasting full coverage nail enamel with a ruby purple for a bright berry twist. Flawless painting made easier with optimum 250 bristle flat brush. Ergonomically designed to enable maximum control with a long handle and curved bottle to sit comfortably in your hand.”
Ciaté Cabaret - Creme‏

This took two coats and tried quickly. (not my neatest application, as you’ll see from the pic’s and they were taken after an attempt at cleaning up)
I liked this shade I must admit, as I type I’m stopping to admire them, there’s a shine without having put on a top coat (will I ever learn!!)
Ciaté Cabaret - Creme‏

Ciaté Cabaret - Creme‏
But the tip wear is starting to appear after two days of wear and work and typing. But I’d say with a top coat over it would last a good few days.
It’s a nice autumn shade and will be lovely around Christmas too (yip I said it) I’d call the colour almost a Cadburys Purple than a berry tho, but that could be just me.
Have you tried this colour? Or will you? What do you think?
I’d love to hear your opinion J

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏

As you know I won 2 fab polishes a few weeks ago (read all about it here

I have been dying to try both out. This weekend it was time to try Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake
Isn’t it such a cute colour? And I love the bow on the bottle tooJ
A Good Looking Bottle, there’s no doubt about that,
Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏
This looks good enough to drink and is tempting given the name of it.. haha, just kidding.
It took two coats to given it the desired pinky effect, it dried pretty quickly.
Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏
Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏
I found the consistency a little thick, so make sure when you dip that you swipe the excess back into the bottle.
I didn’t use a top coat over this, purely because I didn’t have time on the day, so if you want it to be super glossy then I’d suggest a top coat.
There is a bit of a shine off it tho.
Mine chipped within 24 hours L possibly because I didn’t use a top coat!!
I found this colour cute and easy to wear, I was itching to add some white stripes over it. But didn’t get the chance too because it had chipped so soon.
I did try to top these up so I could attempt to paint over, but it backfired as it dried in lumpy and so I gave up then.
So learn from me on this one.. APPLY A TOP COAT
Apologies for the photos, I took them on my phone!!
Have you tried this colour? Or Similar. It reminds me of another polish but I can’t think right now what it is!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

My Busy Weekend & other ramblings‏

As you know (well you will if you read my post yesterday) it was my year anniversary with the lovely boy yesterdayJ Itwas a weekend of celebrating it in the end.
I got home Friday to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we went for a yummy dinner on Saturday night, and Sunday evening we exchanged presentsJ (who doesn’t like presents?)
I was spoiled to say the least (a girl could get used to the princess treatment I tell you)
Anyways, it ended up being a very busy weekend for me. In between the celebrating, I had my eyebrow waxed and my lashes tinted, went to the cinema to see Taken2(defo worth a watch), had a bone crunching session with the chiropractor, got my hair dyed and cut and went shopping to buy my last few bits for holidays next week! I did squeeze in time to paint my nails and watch Xfactor UK and USA!
So apologies for the lack of a post on nail polish! I didn’t get the time in the end. (Nail post to follow tomorrow hopefully, the photos have been taken)
This week will be spent eating well, getting a few walks in (if the rain stops) and packing for my holidays (the suitcase came down from the attic, so that’s a step in the right direction)
My last weigh in will be this Thursday lunch time. So that will tell me a lot! I had hoped to hit my holiday target this week. But after the weekend I’ve had of eating out, I’m a little worried!!
But fingers crossed that the weather will improve for the next 4 days and I’ll get out to walk the roads and drink gallons of water and my smelly boot tea (to de-bloat).
Being down before I head away will definitely be an extra boot for me!! I’m putting off trying on the clothes that didn’t fit me a few weeks back for as long as possible!! Eeek
I can’t wait to be away at this stage, the shops are starting to stock Christmas decorations and selections boxes and I haven’t had my Summer Holidays yet!! There is defo something not quite right about thatL
So my countdown is ON… 5 more sleeps and counting until I get some sun on my bones. I’ll look like an Oompa Loompa with a tan in October, But I’ll take it. I can’t wait to be away with nothing to do, and all day to do it. I’m going to buy myself two new books and hopefully read both. BLISS
Mondays always feel like a fresh start for me, I try to get focused and organised and plan my week ahead so I can fit everything in. I’ve even starting scheduling (if you like) my walks into my day. Because If I tell myself that I’ll go later. “later” never seems to come around. But when I tell myself 6.30 is walkies time before it gets too dark! Then I go, almost so I can cross it off my too do list.
Does anyone else do this? Its working for me for the last few weeks!
I’m sorry this post is kinda all over the place. Its been a busy few days and by writing this my mind is starting to relax a little now that I’ve shared what’s going on in there today!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


This day last year ( Friday 7th October 2011)
It was  Friday, I was happy that my busy week at work was done and dusted and I had the weekend to look forward too. I had a date tonight. Imagine, me. Going on a date. I know! But I was.
It was essentially a blind date, yes I’d seen a photo, read his profile, shared a few emails and texts but having never met or laid eyes on each other, it was very much a blind date! I was nervous, my belly was like a demented washing machine, my brain working overdrive with all the ‘What if” sort of questions. What if he’s smaller than me, what if we don’t get on, what if we don’t have anything to talk about, what if he’s boring. How will I get out of it or leave early if I need too?
A little background, I was 27 and single a good while. I had written myself off in my own mind that some people are just destined to be single. I was one of those people. Yes I’d had boyfriends in the past, but none worth talking about or worth my time (they’re Ex’s for a reason right?) I had great friends whom I went out with and had fun with. Me being a sky record junkie loved nights in at home, pjs, couch, tea and soaps. I was busy at work and on a constant fitness kick, so I kept myself busy and was for the most part content with what I had, so I thought.
But something was missing and I thought to myself, there have to be other people out there in my situation, young, single, not in the pub all the time or out and about and in a position to meet new people. My mum used to quip a lot “you’ll never meet anyone sitting at home with me every night” and she had a point. My friends used to tell me how great I was and anyone would be lucky to have me, and I would of course meet someone in time, (but friends are always biased.) (when? I would be thinking, when will I meet someone?)  I genuinely did not think that I would meet someone ever!
Around the time that I was feeling like this I was  listening to Ray D’Arcy on today FM and he had couples on that week that had met online and it had worked out and it was also a feature on the Late Late show that same week, a couple even got married on the TV show “Don’t tell the bride” after meeting online and living 200miles apart.  So the seed was planted in my head. Could I go online and look for a boyfriend the same way that I buy almost everything else online? I didn’t have anything to loose but possibly a lot to gain. So I signed up to a free online dating agency. I’d heard a lot of awful stories about these sites, so I was specific with my requirements and set the filters to try and prevent the creeps! And that was the start of it. Guys would email me, we’d chat and a lot of them seemed ok, you could spot the chancers and the guys only after one thing after a little while and I had to be blunt with a few that wouldn’t take no as an answer.
I could and will one day write a post about the guys I chatted to and the dates I went on!! There may even be a book in it!! Eeek! But as I write this I’m thinking of one particular guy and that’s what I want to share…
The arrangements were made. We would meet on Friday night at 8pm outside Roches (although it  was and still is Debenhams) He called it Roches and I liked that quality, even if it sent me back to going on dates when I was much younger J  I was late (not that he knew at the time that this would be a recurring thing) only by 10 minutes tho. I approached from across the road, so I’d get a look at him before he’s see me. It was quite around town that night, so  as I crossed at the lights I spotted only one guy outside the shop. “Cute I thought, please let him be taller than me” (a deal breaker for me) he spotted me and stood up a little taller, I approached him, he smiled at me, shook my hand and that was it. I apologised for being late, he said he hadn’t noticed (awwh) and we started to walk up Patrick’s Street.
I had to ask him why did he pick Roches as our meeting point to which he replied “If it was a good enough place for my dad to meet girls years ago, then its good enough for me now” and I knew then that I liked this guy. We went to a bar for a drink, I talked the ear off him (I talk A LOT when I’m nervous) and he sat and listening, not sure how much he took in but he appeared interested.
*he told me months later that I told him all about cleaning out the fridge in work that day!! Cringe)
The Night flew by, When I checked my watch it was 11.30pm, my car was in a car park that closed at   12, so he walked me to my car, I then offered to drive him back across town to his car. I got into the car and just drove. I went the total wrong direction! He pointed to a spot and said, “Sure pull in on the left and I’ll walk over to my car.” I literally just flew into a space.. no indicators, no warning, I just pulled in like he told me to do!! Not something I’d usually do, but hey, it was a first date and I was super nervous. As he went to get out of the car he asked could he see me again, I said yes.
And that was the start of it. One year later I can’t believe that I met my guy that night and also I can’t believe that he didn’t run for the hills after hearing my fridge cleaning story and experiencing my  erratic driving!! (I would have) We’ve possibly seen every film that has been released in the last 12 months and eaten A LOT of pizza. We’ve spoken and text every single day  since and have yet to have a real argument (a miracle in itself  as people that know me would say) So I think its safe to say at this stage that he’s a keeper J And I couldn’t be happier.
Its one year today since our first date; Time flies when your having fun as the saying goes  & I’ve been having lots of fun.
I’m now a convert tho, I never thought that I’d meet anyone, let alone someone I can see a shared future withJ
So if it can happen for me, then I’m living proof that there’s someone out there for everyone.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Looky Looky what the postman brought me :)‏

I got home from work on Wednesday to find a lil package with my name on it waiting for me J
It didn’t look like a bill either, so that made me extra happy before I even opened it.
Inside in bubble wrap I found these two lil beauties J
I won a giveaway over on Emma’s blog fluffandfripperies last week, I was thrilled on the day got the email  because I was sick. But I somehow forgot that they were on their way to meJ so WOOO HOOO
It was an even nicer surprise for me to come home too.
I haven’t had a chance to test these out yet. But I was too excited to keep them to myself for another few weeks so I took some pic’s to share (show off) for now.
Ciate – Strawberry Milkshake 079

Ciate – Cabaret 046
Aren’t they fab J The only other Ciate in my collection is one I got free with a magazine a few weeks ago.  The bottles are lovely to Quote Emma’s page  
Housed in the signature Ciate bottles - tall, elegant and adorned with a jaunty little bow - these shades are both absolute stunners.”
These little babies have won me over already.. its love at first sight J I can’t wait to test them out… watch this space