Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art Part 1

right hand
left hand

So yesterday I showed you my 3 new polish’s and how cute they are on the nails (bar the black, not a fan)
Well they didn’t last long looking like this!!
Simple Pleasures 3 piece Rhinestone "HappyHalloween" Nail Polish
I was a little unsure of what I wanted to try nail art wise for Halloween, so these nails are just me messing about with ideas that I had in my head.
Doesn’t everything seem so easy when you think about it!! Not so much when you have to sit down and actually do it with a shakey hand!!! Oops!!
But here are my attempts and to be honest I’m kinda proud of myself.
I decided to do 3 different designs because I had 3 colour’s on my nails, (as you can see above)
Earlier this year when I started reading people’s beauty blogs I came across Karen’s blog and this ghostly mani and its been in the back of my mind since..
So as soon as I painted my fingers black, I knew I have to try this out and I still love itJ its so cute and effectiveJ and easy to do using my dotter, you just need patience to wait for the colour’s to dry.

googley eyes
googley eyes

For the silver fingers I decided to attempt a spider web, as you can see, some are a bit dodgey looking and quite think, but it was all trial and error, I tries to cover up the bad buts with glitter!!
But over all, you do know what your looking at, so job done!! I defo need practise for these ones!
Spider Webs
Spider Webs
My Purple thumbs are pumpkins, my favourites I think. When I think of Halloween, I see a pumpkin in my mind,
so this was my attempt. Its not bad considering I still haven’t bought any nail art pens yet. This is free hand and I’m impressed, especially with my right thumb!!
I have the shakiest hand trying to add a face to my pumpkin!!! YIKES
Pumpkin Left Hand
Pumpkin right hand
So this is what I used for this attempt of Halloween Nail Art.
I put Essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer over all of my nails.
What I used

Self Praise is no praise, I know... But I’m impressed by my efforts I must admitJJ
I love to hear what you think?

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