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This day last year ( Friday 7th October 2011)
It was  Friday, I was happy that my busy week at work was done and dusted and I had the weekend to look forward too. I had a date tonight. Imagine, me. Going on a date. I know! But I was.
It was essentially a blind date, yes I’d seen a photo, read his profile, shared a few emails and texts but having never met or laid eyes on each other, it was very much a blind date! I was nervous, my belly was like a demented washing machine, my brain working overdrive with all the ‘What if” sort of questions. What if he’s smaller than me, what if we don’t get on, what if we don’t have anything to talk about, what if he’s boring. How will I get out of it or leave early if I need too?
A little background, I was 27 and single a good while. I had written myself off in my own mind that some people are just destined to be single. I was one of those people. Yes I’d had boyfriends in the past, but none worth talking about or worth my time (they’re Ex’s for a reason right?) I had great friends whom I went out with and had fun with. Me being a sky record junkie loved nights in at home, pjs, couch, tea and soaps. I was busy at work and on a constant fitness kick, so I kept myself busy and was for the most part content with what I had, so I thought.
But something was missing and I thought to myself, there have to be other people out there in my situation, young, single, not in the pub all the time or out and about and in a position to meet new people. My mum used to quip a lot “you’ll never meet anyone sitting at home with me every night” and she had a point. My friends used to tell me how great I was and anyone would be lucky to have me, and I would of course meet someone in time, (but friends are always biased.) (when? I would be thinking, when will I meet someone?)  I genuinely did not think that I would meet someone ever!
Around the time that I was feeling like this I was  listening to Ray D’Arcy on today FM and he had couples on that week that had met online and it had worked out and it was also a feature on the Late Late show that same week, a couple even got married on the TV show “Don’t tell the bride” after meeting online and living 200miles apart.  So the seed was planted in my head. Could I go online and look for a boyfriend the same way that I buy almost everything else online? I didn’t have anything to loose but possibly a lot to gain. So I signed up to a free online dating agency. I’d heard a lot of awful stories about these sites, so I was specific with my requirements and set the filters to try and prevent the creeps! And that was the start of it. Guys would email me, we’d chat and a lot of them seemed ok, you could spot the chancers and the guys only after one thing after a little while and I had to be blunt with a few that wouldn’t take no as an answer.
I could and will one day write a post about the guys I chatted to and the dates I went on!! There may even be a book in it!! Eeek! But as I write this I’m thinking of one particular guy and that’s what I want to share…
The arrangements were made. We would meet on Friday night at 8pm outside Roches (although it  was and still is Debenhams) He called it Roches and I liked that quality, even if it sent me back to going on dates when I was much younger J  I was late (not that he knew at the time that this would be a recurring thing) only by 10 minutes tho. I approached from across the road, so I’d get a look at him before he’s see me. It was quite around town that night, so  as I crossed at the lights I spotted only one guy outside the shop. “Cute I thought, please let him be taller than me” (a deal breaker for me) he spotted me and stood up a little taller, I approached him, he smiled at me, shook my hand and that was it. I apologised for being late, he said he hadn’t noticed (awwh) and we started to walk up Patrick’s Street.
I had to ask him why did he pick Roches as our meeting point to which he replied “If it was a good enough place for my dad to meet girls years ago, then its good enough for me now” and I knew then that I liked this guy. We went to a bar for a drink, I talked the ear off him (I talk A LOT when I’m nervous) and he sat and listening, not sure how much he took in but he appeared interested.
*he told me months later that I told him all about cleaning out the fridge in work that day!! Cringe)
The Night flew by, When I checked my watch it was 11.30pm, my car was in a car park that closed at   12, so he walked me to my car, I then offered to drive him back across town to his car. I got into the car and just drove. I went the total wrong direction! He pointed to a spot and said, “Sure pull in on the left and I’ll walk over to my car.” I literally just flew into a space.. no indicators, no warning, I just pulled in like he told me to do!! Not something I’d usually do, but hey, it was a first date and I was super nervous. As he went to get out of the car he asked could he see me again, I said yes.
And that was the start of it. One year later I can’t believe that I met my guy that night and also I can’t believe that he didn’t run for the hills after hearing my fridge cleaning story and experiencing my  erratic driving!! (I would have) We’ve possibly seen every film that has been released in the last 12 months and eaten A LOT of pizza. We’ve spoken and text every single day  since and have yet to have a real argument (a miracle in itself  as people that know me would say) So I think its safe to say at this stage that he’s a keeper J And I couldn’t be happier.
Its one year today since our first date; Time flies when your having fun as the saying goes  & I’ve been having lots of fun.
I’m now a convert tho, I never thought that I’d meet anyone, let alone someone I can see a shared future withJ
So if it can happen for me, then I’m living proof that there’s someone out there for everyone.

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