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BOOK REVIEW - "One Summer" By Roisin Meaney‏

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This is a summer on the island that no one will forget”
This line is from the synopses on the back of the book and I think it sums the book up perfectly. I won’t give the plot away in my review because it’s just not fair.
But I will say that I could not get this book out of my head, when I wasn’t stealing a few minutes to read a  few pages ,it was playing on my mind, the beaches, pubs and character plots.

This book is written so you get the point of view of 12 different characters (I think) that live on the island of Roone.  Its fun, witty, clever, emotional but overall happy.
To say I was captivated by this book would be an understatement. I had it on my mind all the time imagining the island, the ferry, the beautiful beaches, the people, the shops, pub, the donkey, the view, even some of the food they were havingJ.
Its written with that typical Irish humour in mind but thru the eyes of many characters that range in age from 14 to 70 yet it captures the heart thought and emotions of each perfectly, so that by the end your invested in their stories and rooting for it all to work out in the end as if these people are your friends and not on the pages that your reading.
As with all great books there are many twists and turns along the way. Some predictable, some not.
Over all 454 pages of captivating, emotional (I’d a lump in my throat and was holding back the tears  at times), spellbinding and brilliant. An easy read and definitely a page turner.
I would highly recommend this book.

Home | Roisin Meaney

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