Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏

As you know I won 2 fab polishes a few weeks ago (read all about it here

I have been dying to try both out. This weekend it was time to try Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake
Isn’t it such a cute colour? And I love the bow on the bottle tooJ
A Good Looking Bottle, there’s no doubt about that,
Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏
This looks good enough to drink and is tempting given the name of it.. haha, just kidding.
It took two coats to given it the desired pinky effect, it dried pretty quickly.
Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏
Ciaté Strawberry Milkshake‏
I found the consistency a little thick, so make sure when you dip that you swipe the excess back into the bottle.
I didn’t use a top coat over this, purely because I didn’t have time on the day, so if you want it to be super glossy then I’d suggest a top coat.
There is a bit of a shine off it tho.
Mine chipped within 24 hours L possibly because I didn’t use a top coat!!
I found this colour cute and easy to wear, I was itching to add some white stripes over it. But didn’t get the chance too because it had chipped so soon.
I did try to top these up so I could attempt to paint over, but it backfired as it dried in lumpy and so I gave up then.
So learn from me on this one.. APPLY A TOP COAT
Apologies for the photos, I took them on my phone!!
Have you tried this colour? Or Similar. It reminds me of another polish but I can’t think right now what it is!!

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