Wednesday, 3 October 2012

ESSENCE COLOUR & CHANGE - 01 Wonderlicious Green‏

I’m a sucker for the Essence Stand; I can’t bring myself to pass one without spying something that I want to add to my collectionJ
And this weekend I did add a few new friends to my polish collection (photos of what I bought to follow)
But today it’s the turn of “01 Wonderlicious Green” to get a mention.
ESSENCE COLOUR & CHANGE - 01 Wonderlicious Green
This polish changes color if you use a special Change Designer, but I didn't realize that I needed anything additional (silly me) and just used my top coat in the end.
The name doesn’t suit as this metallic polish is more blue than green in my opinion. It is a one coater and dries pretty fast.
ESSENCE COLOUR & CHANGE - 01 Wonderlicious Green‏
Once it dry, maybe give it 2-3 minutes, you use your top coat or the “Essence magic effect designer” and draw on the designs that you want to appear in a different colour.
ESSENCE COLOUR & CHANGE - 01 Wonderlicious Green ‏ €2.49
This was a trial and error polish for me, as I read the instructions about 10 times before I copped what they meant!! Don’t you hate when that happens!!!
I’m not a fan of this, it’s been on me less than 24 hours and its not really growing on me! I don’t know if it’s the colour or my attempt at designs but wither way I’m looking forward to taking it off. There are 4 colour’s in this range in total and if they're you cup of tea then its €2.49 well spent.
Have you tried these yet? Do you like them?
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