Thursday, 22 December 2016

Year End 2016 update

I can’t believe 2016 is almost over, I’m not sorry to see the back of it to be honest, it hasn’t been a great year for me

As ye know I started the year back with Slimming World and feeling very determined, but as the months went by, it was clear that it wasn’t working for me!!
I know loads of people that have lost stones with slimming world and I am by no means bad mouthing it, unfortunately it just wasn’t for me..

It saw me through the bumpy years and made sure that I kept an eye on the scales but it didn’t give me the success and losses that I’m striving for.. (which is my own fault really)

So in July I decided to start going to Personal Training sessions twice a week along with my usual Spinning class… This was a BIG shock to my system and I’d forgotten how rewarding it was to make your body work for you… yes I was achy but the difference it made to my mood, body shape and over all confidence was fab…

So in September I upped my sessions to 3 x 30 mins personal training sessions per week plus a class.. I had injured my calve in Sep, so Spinning was no longer an option. I did find it tough to commit to 4 nights a week in the gym (and I was doing a night course at the time also)

I found that I was constantly cranky, achy and tired and couldn’t seem to get passed it, then the weather changed and it felt like I was getting sick every other week; on top of everything else!! But I kept going and my days became a blur of work, dinner, gym, shower, bed!!

Yes it a cop out and a hell of a lot of excuses thrown in, but I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself for this!! I can’t change how I felt or how I reacted to the constant tiredness throughout the last few months….
All I know is that it happened, and I had to do what was right for me to get me though each day…. but I’m still here, I have my health and plans for myself going forward and I’m feeling positive














Total Loss
17.5 lbs

Its safe to say, the last couple of months have been a bit of a roller coaster for me,  I trained 4 times a week most weeks, but my food was very hit or miss.. so that has of course affected  inch loss and weight loss!!

However I don’t regret the training and I am definitely stronger and a little fitter with 6 months of personal training under my belt

My head space has been all over the place and to be honest I find that when my heads not in the game every aspect of my life is affected!

I feel like the last few months have just kinda happened and passed me by and I was a passenger rather than the driver, which doesn’t usually sit well with the control freak in me!

But I’m not about to give up and with the new year looming for me it also means wedding dress shopping……..   YUP…. It happening

So although I haven’t hit my target of losing 3 stone by Christmas, I am ending the year a stone light than I was on Jan 1st and a hell of a lot fitter

This can only be seen to be a positive / good thing… my bad head space / coasting attitude didn’t see me gain another 2 stone….

My end goal remains the same…. To lose 5 stone before I say “I do”

I won’t be making new year resolutions, I will be putting my head down, working my ass off and keeping my mouth wired shut…..

To all of you that are still reading and have stuck with me, thank you so much for your continued support and kind messages. 

Hope you all have a Safe, Happy & Peaceful Christmas

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