Saturday, 29 September 2012


Apologies for the delay! I was having issues with internet and with downloading my images!! And a nail post is no good without a visual as you know!! So I hope to have a few post for you over the next few days.
This week I tried a cloud mani which I saw on Nailside. Heres my attempt, mine isn't as neat but it was free hand and my first try at it.
My friend asked me what fancy tools do I use to do my nails the other day, So I thought I'd show you exactly what I used. There was nothing fancy or special I'm afraid!

what I used
Essence better than gel nails base sealer €2.99
Essence Snow White Sleepy €1.99
White Nail Art Polish from ebay (Think I saw them in Dealz also)
My lil eggcup with nail varnish remover in it and a brush which I never used from a make up set. I use these for clean up on the sides of my nails.

Essence Snow White Sleepy €1.99

Essence Snow White Sleepy
 Two Layers of Essence Snow White Sleepy

Left Hand

As you can see my left hand chipped almost straight away! I think my white was too thick for this exercise!!
Also I went shopping after painting and the hangers from browsing stripped me nails :(

Right Hand
 And my right hand, a bit wobbly but not bad for a first attempt

Over all I'm happy with how this turned out. But in hindsight going to the Debenhams half price sale straight after painting was not my best idea, but you live and learn.
Have you or will you be trying this mani?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hello Positive Pippa, Goodbye Moaning Myrtle

I've been sick for the last few days and I've been drained from it! The headache and body aches, the sore throat, the sniffley nose, my cough that sounds so fake but cuts the throat off me!! We've all been there, attack of the common head cold, the only cure being pjs, lemsip and sleep. I've done all of those things over the last 5 days and the early nights have truly been a god send. Least the luggage under my eyes has kinda gotten smaller!! So even tho I'm over the worst of my few days of feeling and looking shite the "poor me" attitude is still sticking around.

I find that poor me mode is so easy to get sucked into and to stay with. As they say "Misery Luvs Company" and I've found this to be true this week. my mood, my attitude, my willingness to do anything has been at an all time low! Why? Because "poor me, I've a cold" I couldn't possibly make the tea or clean my room or go for a walk.. Sure all I can do is sit on the couch and wallow and watch my ass grow!

Well no more, the only one who can get me out of this rut is ME and I'm sick of listening to myself whinge and moan and not being able to write a text message without throwing in how crap I feel and how tired I am, so I'll get a "ooooh poor you message back"  or no reply depending who I text.
The whole thing has me more drained than my lil bout of "sickness" I didn't do it intentionally but the longer I allow myself to behave like this, the worse it will be & also how long are days in work when your feeling sorry for yourself rather than doing real work? Endless I have found!!

So I've decided its time to banish Moaning Myrtle and bring back Positive Pippa :) If I don't have something good or positive to say, then I won't utter a word. (yeah right)  If I feel myself in my own head I'm putting a negative spin on things, then I'll give myself a kick in the ass.(ouch)

One of the things that make me feel good are going for a good long walk, throw on the runners, rain coat and iPod and away I go. The thoughts are a killer but the benefits are fantastic, it clears my head, calms me, and makes me feel great that I can write in my food & exercise diary that yes I did something today.

I think a walk is what I need today to clear the cobwebs and sickness and get me back to positive thinking.
If this doesn't work then tea and a catch up with my besties will do it because there won't be any sympathy with the tea (or biscuits) I can assure you. They'll set me straight and I love them for it. Always a guaranteed pick me up :)

So if its the weather or a head cold or a bad day at work that has you feeling like a moaning Myrtle today.
my advise is hit the road and keep walking till you feel human again and feel like smiling and singing along to a silly song... Go on, I know you wanna :)

So Happy Hump Day Y'all, the weekend is now in sight for us, surely that’s a POSITIVE :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lil Suit Nails

My friend left the below picture on my facebook page during the week with the caption "try this"
So I thought *challenge accepted* :)

sorry I can't put a link to credit this pic!

It did take me a while to get the hang of this one and I must admit that one hand is much better than the other. I haven't learned master the wonky hand thing just yet!!  But I went for a pedi this morning (cant do my own toes with my back in bits at the mo) and the girl called my nails "fun & cute" it made my day I must admit, why I believe strangers more than my mother, I just don't know!!

So here's a pic of my "Good Hand" Hope you like :)

My Good Hand

Friday, 21 September 2012

No Friday Feeling

Its 4.50pm on a Friday evening and it still hasn't shown up! I am of course referring to The Friday Feeling!!
Usually once I wash the sleep from my eyes, my brains kicks in to tell me that "yes, its Fridays" and "yes of course you have 2 sleep in's to look forward too, so get up" This would instantly perk me up. I'd eat my weetabix with gusto and wave and smile at the bad drivers thru the traffic on my way to work!
Friday's at work are always good craic, everyone's in good form and looking forward to their plans for the weekend and sometimes sausage rolls make an appearance to brighten the day even further!

BUT not today! I woke with a blocked nose and sore throat. Swore at everyone I possibly could do on my drive to work, even the random walkers that were doing no harm to no one!! It was heads down at work and the countdown on to 5pm from 9am! So needless to say its been a long ass day and even the thoughts of being "free" until Monday aren't lifting my spirits :(

Is it the weather? my broken sleep due to my kinda broken back? my sniffley nose?  nobody buying me a crunchie or indeed a sneaky sausage roll? I just don't know!! But nobody seems to have the Friday Feeling today! So there's none spare to get me thru it!!

Its an odd feeling not having the feeling because I'm usually bouncing off the walls and updating my facebook about how happy I am that its Friday! So I'm more than a little put out that it hasn't shown up today!
But I guess I am feeling a little bit sorry for my red raw nose and looking forward to a "plan free weekend" if it stays that way....

Is anyone else suffering or is it just me???

Thursday, 20 September 2012

"The Silage Lads" steamier than 50 shades by far

Good Day,
I hope your well, cuz your looking well ;) cringe much? Yes, I thought so too.
I read in the Evening Echo last night about a Cork blogger who is up for a bloggers award. Well it would have been rude of me not to have a gander on her site and check out the article that she has written.
Its call the "The Silage Lads" I suggest you click over and read it, and if you like it as much as I have (I just devoured the first 8 installments) Then please support Michelle and vote for her in the blog awards, you'll find the details on her page.
I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into a novel, its steamier than 50 shades of shite any day of the week and the fact that its based in Cork and full of Cork slang and humour definatley adds to it. Me not being a bit biased being a Cork Gal myself.. lol
The rest of her blog makes for good reading also, as of today I am now in her fan club. So I suggest you make a cuppa and sit down to enjoy, you won't be disappointed

Sorry the link is here, I can't link it up above like it should be!!!

Happy reading, Enjoy xXx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What to say!

Happy Hump Day Y'all
I spent so long today trying to figure out what to write today. (Pressures on for me now.. YIKES) that I still don't know.  In my own mind I thought that once I started blogging you wouldn't be able to shut me up! I had sooo many thought and ideas and really thought that they'd spill out of me!! But unfortunately today I don't have anything of interest to share :(
I had my third visit to the chiropractor last night and i am feeling it today!! I'm very sore and feeling a bit sorry for myself, so that couldnt explain the lull!
my apologies, I will have lotsa tea tonight and think of something of interest to fill these pages with!! My blogs looking a tiny bit sad at the moment but it is early days.
I've started making my "What to buy list" for pay day next week. So there will be a few bits comin down the line:)
I hope your Hump Day is going a but better than mine xxx

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Arty Farty?? MOI...

So I don't want to bombard my page with a gazillion posts on my first day!! But I thought I'd give you a lil taster of the nail art bits that I've attempted in the last few mins.. BEWARE  this post is fulla photos. I've been following a few different blogs that inspired me to try new things to jazz my nails :)
I would name the blogs but I havenlt mastered the art of links yet, so I'll leave that to another day :)
So without further ado.. have a gander


Flower Power

Spotty Ladybird



Cute Ciate


Spider man inspired



Silver Bolt

Pink Daisy

Stripey Neons

So what do ye think??? good Bad ugly???

MY FIRST POST 18.09.12

Eeeeeeek, God this is nerve wracking!! But here I am. I've been talking the talk about starting my own blog for a few months now, I follow a lot of beauty bloggers and have decided that its time for me to carve my own lil niche in the blogging world.
My name is Vicki, I'm 28 & I'm from Cork ,Ireland (I sound like an Xfactor Auditionee)
This will be a random blog and I hope to post something everyday, hopefully you'l like what I have to say and stay tuned....
I have turned my hand to nail art recently and get compliments, so I will post weekly when I update my pinkies with pretty colours :)
I go to the cinema a LOT with my lovely boyfiriend and love concerts too (I was at Robbie Williams & Lady Gaga last weekend)
I am also on a constant quest to loose weight! I've tried and failed at most "diets" over the years but its going well for me at the moment, so there may be posts on my weigh in's exercise and food. to try and keep myself motivated and possibly help others.
I loooove to think and talk about all the food I can't eat at the moment... mmmmmm food, i would sell my nan for a cupcake with butter icing and a cuppa
I also enjoy getting lost in a good book, of the fluffy and happily ever after variety.
So basically I hope to blog about anything and everything that pops into my head and that I can write more than a sentence about. As you can see from this I luv to ramble, but hopefully (If your still reading) you'll bear with me as I get to grips with the blogging world and hopefully entertain you with my stories.  xXx