Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What to say!

Happy Hump Day Y'all
I spent so long today trying to figure out what to write today. (Pressures on for me now.. YIKES) that I still don't know.  In my own mind I thought that once I started blogging you wouldn't be able to shut me up! I had sooo many thought and ideas and really thought that they'd spill out of me!! But unfortunately today I don't have anything of interest to share :(
I had my third visit to the chiropractor last night and i am feeling it today!! I'm very sore and feeling a bit sorry for myself, so that couldnt explain the lull!
my apologies, I will have lotsa tea tonight and think of something of interest to fill these pages with!! My blogs looking a tiny bit sad at the moment but it is early days.
I've started making my "What to buy list" for pay day next week. So there will be a few bits comin down the line:)
I hope your Hump Day is going a but better than mine xxx

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