Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hello Positive Pippa, Goodbye Moaning Myrtle

I've been sick for the last few days and I've been drained from it! The headache and body aches, the sore throat, the sniffley nose, my cough that sounds so fake but cuts the throat off me!! We've all been there, attack of the common head cold, the only cure being pjs, lemsip and sleep. I've done all of those things over the last 5 days and the early nights have truly been a god send. Least the luggage under my eyes has kinda gotten smaller!! So even tho I'm over the worst of my few days of feeling and looking shite the "poor me" attitude is still sticking around.

I find that poor me mode is so easy to get sucked into and to stay with. As they say "Misery Luvs Company" and I've found this to be true this week. my mood, my attitude, my willingness to do anything has been at an all time low! Why? Because "poor me, I've a cold" I couldn't possibly make the tea or clean my room or go for a walk.. Sure all I can do is sit on the couch and wallow and watch my ass grow!

Well no more, the only one who can get me out of this rut is ME and I'm sick of listening to myself whinge and moan and not being able to write a text message without throwing in how crap I feel and how tired I am, so I'll get a "ooooh poor you message back"  or no reply depending who I text.
The whole thing has me more drained than my lil bout of "sickness" I didn't do it intentionally but the longer I allow myself to behave like this, the worse it will be & also how long are days in work when your feeling sorry for yourself rather than doing real work? Endless I have found!!

So I've decided its time to banish Moaning Myrtle and bring back Positive Pippa :) If I don't have something good or positive to say, then I won't utter a word. (yeah right)  If I feel myself in my own head I'm putting a negative spin on things, then I'll give myself a kick in the ass.(ouch)

One of the things that make me feel good are going for a good long walk, throw on the runners, rain coat and iPod and away I go. The thoughts are a killer but the benefits are fantastic, it clears my head, calms me, and makes me feel great that I can write in my food & exercise diary that yes I did something today.

I think a walk is what I need today to clear the cobwebs and sickness and get me back to positive thinking.
If this doesn't work then tea and a catch up with my besties will do it because there won't be any sympathy with the tea (or biscuits) I can assure you. They'll set me straight and I love them for it. Always a guaranteed pick me up :)

So if its the weather or a head cold or a bad day at work that has you feeling like a moaning Myrtle today.
my advise is hit the road and keep walking till you feel human again and feel like smiling and singing along to a silly song... Go on, I know you wanna :)

So Happy Hump Day Y'all, the weekend is now in sight for us, surely that’s a POSITIVE :)

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