Friday, 21 September 2012

No Friday Feeling

Its 4.50pm on a Friday evening and it still hasn't shown up! I am of course referring to The Friday Feeling!!
Usually once I wash the sleep from my eyes, my brains kicks in to tell me that "yes, its Fridays" and "yes of course you have 2 sleep in's to look forward too, so get up" This would instantly perk me up. I'd eat my weetabix with gusto and wave and smile at the bad drivers thru the traffic on my way to work!
Friday's at work are always good craic, everyone's in good form and looking forward to their plans for the weekend and sometimes sausage rolls make an appearance to brighten the day even further!

BUT not today! I woke with a blocked nose and sore throat. Swore at everyone I possibly could do on my drive to work, even the random walkers that were doing no harm to no one!! It was heads down at work and the countdown on to 5pm from 9am! So needless to say its been a long ass day and even the thoughts of being "free" until Monday aren't lifting my spirits :(

Is it the weather? my broken sleep due to my kinda broken back? my sniffley nose?  nobody buying me a crunchie or indeed a sneaky sausage roll? I just don't know!! But nobody seems to have the Friday Feeling today! So there's none spare to get me thru it!!

Its an odd feeling not having the feeling because I'm usually bouncing off the walls and updating my facebook about how happy I am that its Friday! So I'm more than a little put out that it hasn't shown up today!
But I guess I am feeling a little bit sorry for my red raw nose and looking forward to a "plan free weekend" if it stays that way....

Is anyone else suffering or is it just me???

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