Saturday, 29 September 2012


Apologies for the delay! I was having issues with internet and with downloading my images!! And a nail post is no good without a visual as you know!! So I hope to have a few post for you over the next few days.
This week I tried a cloud mani which I saw on Nailside. Heres my attempt, mine isn't as neat but it was free hand and my first try at it.
My friend asked me what fancy tools do I use to do my nails the other day, So I thought I'd show you exactly what I used. There was nothing fancy or special I'm afraid!

what I used
Essence better than gel nails base sealer €2.99
Essence Snow White Sleepy €1.99
White Nail Art Polish from ebay (Think I saw them in Dealz also)
My lil eggcup with nail varnish remover in it and a brush which I never used from a make up set. I use these for clean up on the sides of my nails.

Essence Snow White Sleepy €1.99

Essence Snow White Sleepy
 Two Layers of Essence Snow White Sleepy

Left Hand

As you can see my left hand chipped almost straight away! I think my white was too thick for this exercise!!
Also I went shopping after painting and the hangers from browsing stripped me nails :(

Right Hand
 And my right hand, a bit wobbly but not bad for a first attempt

Over all I'm happy with how this turned out. But in hindsight going to the Debenhams half price sale straight after painting was not my best idea, but you live and learn.
Have you or will you be trying this mani?

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