Monday, 1 October 2012

Where's my beach bod? What Beach Bod???‏

“10lbs down, WOW, Well done, that’s fab, are ya thrilled?” This is how the conversation started this morning as one of my work colleagues inquired on how my weekly weigh in went on Saturday and I gave her my total since the holiday was booked.” I’m not really was my reply! I was hoping for more”
That’s me ya see! Not happy that I’ve lost ten pounds when it could/should be fourteen! If someone else told me that they were down 10lbs, I’d be thrilled for them and asked them for their secrets. But when it’s me I’m MEH! Could do better, that’s always how I feel.
I’ve been the same on the scales for my last two weigh in’s and to be honest, its getting me down because people are commenting on how “well” I’m looking and my clothes are sitting a lil bit better over my muffin top! But it’s the scales that I go by (silly to some people I know, but I like to see my number getting smaller) so to have had a good week food wise and walked my arse off, I confidently got on the scales waiting for the “well done, down 3lbs” I was stumped to hear “you’re the same AGAIN” It was not a good moment for me. I wear my feelings on my face, so she could tell I was gutted. So my food diary was checked and a few adjustments have gone into it for this week, so I’m hoping that this will get me off my Plateau and back on the loosing streakJ
I’m in panic mode you see, my holidays are less than 2 weeks away and I’ve set myself a goal of a minimum loss of 15lbs and as you now know, I’m not there yet. The reason for this particular number is that my holiday wardrobe was purchased for last year’s holiday with the girls; I am one stone heavier this year. So if I don’t reach my target, then none of my summer clothes will fit for my impending holidays! There lies my problem and the panic! This is also my first holiday with the lovely boyfriend and I don’t want to go away feeling like a bloated whale!! (I’ll save that for the return journey) Add to my dilemma that I tend to swell on planes! Aren’t I’m painting a pretty picture of myself!
The fact remains that my clothes don’t fit, the thought of having to be in a bikini situation for the first time in front of the boy makes me wanna cry! Not that I ever looked good in a bikini! It would be great to FEEL nice. BUT I really wanted this year to be different! Especially because it’s our first holiday and I want to feel nice, because once I feel lovely, then I’m not bothered about the rest or who’s looking at me!
I know the boy isn’t bothered at all by my worries!! Which is nice but no help to me as I try to shed the Happy Pounds and he still buys me Wispa Golds!!
Also it’s now October, so even if I wanted to buy some new clothes, I’ve left it too late! Damn you Penny’s with your lovely woolies and boots in already!
So its time for me to up the ante for the next 12 days. Walk the roads and avoid the Wispa Golds and Choccie biccies.
I can and will do this. I’ve at least a week before I’ll need to pack and two more weigh in’s, so until then I’ll stay positive and tell myself that my clothes will fit and I’ll look fab.
Regardless I know I’ll have a ball but if I could get rid of the sinking feeling in my belly I’d enjoy it all the more.
I know we all have a little panic before the holidays and that thought calms me… kinda!!
There’s always the Burkini ala Nigella I guess…. That’s an option
Burkini = sexy!!
Any advise or tips welcome J xx

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