Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Set - Black, Silver & Purple

Hey Guys,

well I'm back from my holidays. No time to be sad and depressed cuz I've gone from 28 degrees to 10 degrees (boo hoo.) I'm back with a week to go to Halloween, which means I get to try out the 3 x Halloween polish’s I bought last month. (check out what else I bought here)

Sp without further ado, let me introduce you too: Simple Pleasures 3 piece Rhinestone "Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Set - TK Maxx €5.99 Black, Silver & Purple

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Set

I couldn't decide what colour to try frist so I thought I'd try them all, that way I could test and trial them all at the same time. A stroke of genius I thought :) 

The Bottle are so pretty that I was tempted to display them on my dressing table instead of hiding them away with all my other polish's!

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Black

First up was Black, the brush wasn't great, reminded me of the old tipp-ex type brush! It didn't paint my nail in the three stroke technique that I would usually use. The colour was gloopy and to be honest i definately have come across better blacks in my time.

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Silver

Next was the turn of Silver, this is a shimmery silver that needed two coats per nail, but the colour was beautiful, instantly eye catching and had me almost tempted to remove the black and paint all my fingey's in this lovely colour. But me being a trouper decided to keep going!!
The brush on this bottle was much better and I've no complaints other than the pretty bottle doesn't do this colour justice.

"Happy Halloween" Nail Polish Purple

And last but in no means least, Purple got to adorn my giant thumbs. The brush on this one was fine too (thinking my black brush is dodgey at this stage) This I felt needed two coats,  but you'd probably get away with one coat if you so wished. What I liked about this colour was that putting on a top coat (Essences studio nails, better than gel nails, top sealer) transformed this colour in my opinion to a brighter and more eye catching colour purple.
It even got a compliment at work today, which never happens (I change my nails too often so they've given up even commmenting on them anymore)

In conclusion I must say that I really like two out of the three colours from this set, and I will be using them again :) Can you guess which one I don't like??? haha  

I am however looking forward to trying out some nail art over these colours :)

Have you come across this brand of polish before or tried this set? I'd love to read your comments :)

Apologies for the poor pics!! A new camera is on my Christmas wish list

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