Thursday, 4 October 2012

I couldn’t NOT buy it! twas a Bargain‏

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I went a bit mad at the weekend and treated myself to a few bits! What is about being paid monthly that makes me feel so deprived!!
There was five weekends between paydays last month and so by the time I did I get paid I had made a lovely list on my post it of things I wanted to try out and buy. I’d been making the list after seeing swatched and varnishes on other blogs. So everything on my list was a “must have” hee hee
I must confess tho that I am a bargain hunter at heart, so none of the bits that I did get came from the spendy shops J and my bank balance thanks me for this I’m sure.

So here is my haul after my spending weekend. I’m just gonna show you my beauty buys. I got a few bits in Penneys too for work but they’re not as pretty and fun as my other stuff 

·         TAN- WOW BROWN Ready to Glo, Dark Tanning Liquid – Medium/Dark  €14.21- reduced from €21.95 in Sam McCauley’s – saw this reviewed on Expose a few weeks ago, so I’m looking forward to trying this out. I’m hoping it’ll be a cheaper alternative to Top Image.

  •  Simple Pleasures 3 piece Rhinestone "Happy  Halloween" Nail Polish Set - TK Maxx €5.99  Black, Silver & Purple and so pretty :) Can't wait to try these out :)

·         Collection 2000 XXL Waterproof Mascara  – Dealz 1.49 I needed a new one and the price was right.

  •       Glass Nail File – TK Maxx €6.00 reduced from €16.00 – Since my mum dropped my Nails Inc. one and        it broke L I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement, and this ones soooo pretty with its crystal flower J

  • Allura Nail Polish Remover Pads – Deals €1.49, just thought I’d try these for a change (not great on taking off 4 layers of nail art! Haven’t tried it on “regular” 2 layers yet)    

· NYC Expert Nails  "Boundless Berry" Sam McCauley’s €1.99
·   Essence Colour and go -   Sam McCauley's €2.49. See my review here…. 
·  Essence studio nails, better than nails top sealer Penneys €3.10
·  Essence – Cherry blossom girl – 02 My little kimono – Penneys - €2.29

So I didn’t do too badly really... Did I? :)

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