Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art Part 2

I'm a little late with my post!! but the time just got away from me today!! Madness at work, but I'm here now.. PHEW.. I'm only waiting for the bell to ring and the Trick or Treaters to start. Has anyone ever had to do a trick to get a treat?? I don't think I have!! hmmmm, sorry just a lil glimpse of whats going on in my brain at the mo!!! lol...NEXT (*back slowly away*)
So this is my second attempt at Halloween nail art, I knew I wouldn't have time this week to do a third halloween art attempt. So I decided to do different designs and colours on both hands!!
Yes I've had some curious glances at work and in shops.. But hey, its Halloween I say, people just kinda nod and smile and leave me off!! The orange is kinda eye catching I guess and people do like to comment!!
So here we go, have a gander at my attempts.

I used the puple from my halloween set (details here)
The black is Essence Colour and Go, Black is Black and
I used 2 nailart pens Black & White (from ebay)

The Spiders on the puper nails are ok, the black nail art pen was a little gloopy! If I done it again, I would put the black colour on tin foil and use a little paint brush rather than trying to clean up my nails as I went cuz the colour came out too quickly.. But this is how I learn I guess.

Another attempt at a spiders web and I think I'm getting there slowly with these!
My index finger was meant to be an aerial view of a spider/ scorpio!! But I was asked today was it a fish bone, So I think I'll go with that.. lol

My thumb is painted with Essence Cherry Blossom Cherry Cherry Girl. I had wanted to have a spider creeping down his web!! but the nail art pen done blobs where the eyes should be!! I know, I know!! I sudda used my dotter and had some patience!! ah ah ah



Moving on... I painted my left hand with Essence Cherry Blossom Cherry Cherry Girl. I decided I wanted to try big pumpkins. I loved the pumpkins that I done last week (see here) But they took soooo long and to be honest, it was late, I was getting cranky and tired and that these were not turning out as I had hopped, so I said big Pumpkins would do the trick... What do you think? I think I should have used tape on these!! 
After 3 I could see they weren't going my way and attempted another spider!! I forgot to dot the eyes tho!! oops

My right thumb was neglected I'm afraid!! It was the last in the queue and I'd kinda given up at this stage!!

I use Seche Vitae Tope Coat over all the fingers and it kinda dragged some of the art, which I was surprised by.

Over all I guess these nails are only ok. I know I could have done better, but unfortunately I had one eye on Dallas (hot boys alert) rather than on detail!!

Here's what I used

Halloween Nail Art - what I used

I gotta go answer the door bell to all the spooky lil trick or treaters :)

Happy Halloween Y'all xxx

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