Monday, 8 October 2012

My Busy Weekend & other ramblings‏

As you know (well you will if you read my post yesterday) it was my year anniversary with the lovely boy yesterdayJ Itwas a weekend of celebrating it in the end.
I got home Friday to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we went for a yummy dinner on Saturday night, and Sunday evening we exchanged presentsJ (who doesn’t like presents?)
I was spoiled to say the least (a girl could get used to the princess treatment I tell you)
Anyways, it ended up being a very busy weekend for me. In between the celebrating, I had my eyebrow waxed and my lashes tinted, went to the cinema to see Taken2(defo worth a watch), had a bone crunching session with the chiropractor, got my hair dyed and cut and went shopping to buy my last few bits for holidays next week! I did squeeze in time to paint my nails and watch Xfactor UK and USA!
So apologies for the lack of a post on nail polish! I didn’t get the time in the end. (Nail post to follow tomorrow hopefully, the photos have been taken)
This week will be spent eating well, getting a few walks in (if the rain stops) and packing for my holidays (the suitcase came down from the attic, so that’s a step in the right direction)
My last weigh in will be this Thursday lunch time. So that will tell me a lot! I had hoped to hit my holiday target this week. But after the weekend I’ve had of eating out, I’m a little worried!!
But fingers crossed that the weather will improve for the next 4 days and I’ll get out to walk the roads and drink gallons of water and my smelly boot tea (to de-bloat).
Being down before I head away will definitely be an extra boot for me!! I’m putting off trying on the clothes that didn’t fit me a few weeks back for as long as possible!! Eeek
I can’t wait to be away at this stage, the shops are starting to stock Christmas decorations and selections boxes and I haven’t had my Summer Holidays yet!! There is defo something not quite right about thatL
So my countdown is ON… 5 more sleeps and counting until I get some sun on my bones. I’ll look like an Oompa Loompa with a tan in October, But I’ll take it. I can’t wait to be away with nothing to do, and all day to do it. I’m going to buy myself two new books and hopefully read both. BLISS
Mondays always feel like a fresh start for me, I try to get focused and organised and plan my week ahead so I can fit everything in. I’ve even starting scheduling (if you like) my walks into my day. Because If I tell myself that I’ll go later. “later” never seems to come around. But when I tell myself 6.30 is walkies time before it gets too dark! Then I go, almost so I can cross it off my too do list.
Does anyone else do this? Its working for me for the last few weeks!
I’m sorry this post is kinda all over the place. Its been a busy few days and by writing this my mind is starting to relax a little now that I’ve shared what’s going on in there today!!

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