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Let me start this by saying that I’m a huge Melissa Hill Fan. I can’t get enough, her books suck you in and just when you think you have the story figured out and your looking forward to the happily ever after bit , there’s a big twist that you never saw coming and it just adds to the story. For me, her books have me thinking about them long after I’ve finished them!
I had a book bought for my holidays (review to come shortly) But one afternoon me and the boy were strolling around the shops in Puerto Rico and I saw a second hand book shop type place. (love these kinda shops, you never know what you’ll findJ ) and there it was Melissa Hill’s new bookJ for the bargain price of 4yoyo.. Well I got all excited, almost jumping around the place. I was meant to read this on my holidaysJ I turned to the boy and asked “can I buy it? I can’t not buy it” needless to say he just laughed at me! And I bought it.. I was gushing about it all the way back to the apartment!! A bit over dramatic I might hear you say!! And I agree to a degree, but certain authors excite meJ and I was caught unawares for this lil surpriseJ I do believe in fate and I think that this book was sitting there waiting for meJ it made my day I must say. Don’t you love when you find something perfect that you didn’t even realise that you were looking for JJ
Ok, so time for me to talk about the book, now that you have my story of how it came to be. (I didn’t just pop to Tesco’s like I normally do)

Every charm bracelet tells a story and Holly O'Neill knows this better than most.

Many years ago she was sent one with just a single charm attached. The charms have been appearing ever since, often at challenging times, as if her mysterious benefactor knows exactly when she needs a little magic in her life.

As a result, Holly's bracelet is her most prized possession. So when she finds someone else's charm bracelet, she feels she has to try to reunite it with its owner. Even if the only clues she has to follow are the charms themselves.

On a search that will take her all over New York City at Christmas, Holly becomes ever more determined to piece together the details of this other charmed life. But what she doesn't know is that her quest may also lead her somewhere she never, ever expected . . .

So as the Blurb says, the main character in this story is Holly, set in new York, Holly is a single mother to 10 year old Danny. She works in a vintage store in the village. Which is where she comes across the Charm Bracelet, having a very similar bracelet herself she goes about trying to find its owner, who must be missing it by following the clues that are the charms. This story brings your through New York at Christmas, if you like clothes, then you’ll love the details descriptions of the clothing that Holly sells in the vintage store
This is also the story of Greg, a Mr Big-type stockbroker with a lukewarm girlfriend and lukewarm life. You might be concluding that the lost-and-found charm bracelet will somehow bind Holly and Greg. You turn the pages wondering if their lives will collide and ….. I’m not saying a thing.
I must admit, I instantly liked the main characters and loved the way the story transports you from present day New York back in time so that you know the history of the characters and you get a feel for old skool NY, their stories are very interesting and heart-warming and it just adds to the over all story.
Yes, some of this is a cliche and predictable, but so what? we could all do with a little sprinkle of magic in our lives and this made me happy and it makes you see the good in people.
I love all stories that have love, New York and Christmas in them and after reading this fantastic book with a super twist (incase you think I forgot about the twisty bit.. lol) I would recommend this book to anyone to read, be it young or old.
This book made its way back home with me, so that I can share it with my friendsJ it’s a great read at this time of year, especuially with the nights getting colder and darker. My advise would be to make a hot cuppa, put the phone on silent and enjoyJJ

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