Friday, 6 December 2013

NOTD: Bling Neon - Models Own Pink Punch

I do like a bitta sparkle in my life and what better way to jazz up the nails than to add a little bling

I think Models Own Pink Punch was my favourite polish of the summer, I wore it a LOT and it was brill on the toes too.. So I decided to add a little bling to my nails, I may have went a bit OTT on these because once I started adding it I couldn't stop!!!
Prepare to see a LOT of  photos

I used so much top coat to keep the bling on that my nail literally peeled itself off!!! See the evidence for yourself.. I was gutted :(


I liked the above nails a lot except for the fact that the bling got caught on EVERYTHING. So I decided to redo them but just use the bling as accent nail!! BUT before I could take photos of this mani, I was carrying the polish and a book and a drink all together across the kitchen and dropped the polish, YUP, it smashed all over the porcelain tiles! My heart dropped to my toes!! I had to get down on all fours with baby wipes and scrub!!! I wasn't thinking about my nails at this point only about lifting the colour from the tiles!! I had to use some nail varnish remover and cotton wool aswell as wipes!
This did not work out well for my nails :(
I was gutted by the end result. But at least I saved the tile (which would have been waaaay more expensive to replace!!



What do you think? Are you a fan of bling and blinging????

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