Friday, 13 December 2013

NOTD: Christmas Nails- Purple - Catrice 38 Vino Tinto

Catrice 38  Vino Tinto

The silly season is upon us and aswell as wearing my Christmas jumper everyday and my jingle bell earrings, I have been trying to jazz up my nails also (any excuse says me :) heehee)

So I decided that I would start with smart but simple and Catrice 38-Vino Tinto fitted the bill, its a dark purple/ burgandy kinda colour.

This took 2 coats to be opaque, and a top coat to make it smooth and shiney. I liked this colour on, its work friendly and also classy if you don't want to have crazy glittery nails at your work party. (save it for a night out with the girls)

Catrice 38  Vino Tint

Its looks black in some light and purple in others, I tried to catch the colour with my camera, but it was didn't work out so well!! But you can see what a lovely shade it is all the same.

Catrice have increased their prices this year to €2.79 but they're still good quality and still cheap cheap to buy. I like the brush and the application can be a bit blobby if you don't brush off the excess on the side, but other than that I can't fault Catrice. its still up there as one of my favourite brands

Catrice 38  Vino Tint

Here's the offical info about this polish:

Catrice brings you Vino Tinto. A Dark Brownish Purple Creme. 

Thanks to the new Gloss Booster technology the next generation of Ultimate Nail Lacquers is extremely convincing with a high-shine finish perfect coverage and ultra-long durability. With the innovative reservoir brush you can colour your nails with just one stroke. Free of formaldehyde toluene or phthalates.

3-free cruelty free 10mL with an incredible brush.

Catrice 38  Vino Tint

What do you think?


Catrice 38  Vino Tint + Poshe Topcoat

  • Catrice 38  Vino Tinto
  • Poshe Top Coat

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