Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Making Slow Progress & Weigh In Week 7

I tend to be surprised of late when people comment that I’m “looking well” it doesn't happen a lot, but when it has done I scoff and retort with “Eh no I’m not, I’m up a stone since this time last year!”
In my mind I haven’t done anything other than buy clothes in a bigger size for the last 12 months, so I can’t conceive the fact that I could be “looking well” 

BUT I haven’t given up either!! I joined Slimming World 2 weeks before I moved out of home, now if that wasn't the perfect chance to go back to my binge eating and secret eating ways, than I don’t think I’ll ever have one.
I was thrilled to be moving out but fretting and fearful that I would fall into the trap of take away’s and unhealthy habits and gain a fortune of weight.

So my Slimming World Journey to date has been sloooow, super slow if I’m being honest and that’s down to me also, but I haven’t given up. I turn up every Thursday night to see how everyone else is and how they’re doing and I can see how far they've come since we all started in April.
They compliment me, ask how my week was, and cheer when I have a loss on the scales. They don’t judge me if I’m up or down, they support me because they understand that loosing weight isn't as straight forward as we’d like it to be and sometimes life/ bad moods/ crap weather get in the way of having a “perfect week food wise”

So at the moment, I’m loosing pebbles rather than stones, but I’m feeling determined, I’m hoping that all the little pebbles that are 0.5lb & 1lb will slowly add up and my clothes will become a little looser and I’ll start to feel a little bit better about myself and a little bit more confident about facing the outside world this Christmas.

So the next time someone gives you a compliment, Smile and thank them; take it, I bet it will put an extra pep in your step.

Because people don’t say these things lightly, clearly they like what they’re seeing and can see something noticeable for them to comment and compliment.. (Or they desperately want to know where you got that dress/ scarf/ foundation / boots)

I know deflecting the comment is the way “us Irish” are programmed (and it needs to stop) so why not try to make a new and better habit and where possible return the gesture (who doesn't like getting a compliment)

This week, I weighed in a day early and at a different group.. I was down 0.5lbs

Weight lost to date: 6lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

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  1. Well done, Vicki! I think sometimes it's inbuilt when you've had low self esteem, I used to think people were taking the mick if they said I was looking well - it doesn't happen now at all *sniff* but if it does I will say THANK YOU!! It's like that old "love your top" "fiver in Penneys" thing. x

    1. You always look great to me Sharon ;) I know what your saying tho, its hard to believe that people see something in you that you don't see in yourself, but hopefully we'll get better at taking the compliment/truth at face value :)