Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pancake Tuesday

I tried this recipe for Pancakes a few month ago from Lovely Girlie Bits Blog (Link here)
and decided that I would give these Magic pancakes another go for Pancake/ Shrove Tuesday.

I also bought a mix in Tesco's, one of the “just add milk” and if you use the milk as your Healthy Extra A, the mix makes 10 pancakes, each with a syn value of 5 syns, and that’s before you add any toppings!! 


For these magic pancakes, you can have them for free if you count the 35g oats as your Healthy Extra B or syn the oats at 6 syns.. all the other ingredients are free.. so you can make a good few pancakes from the batter with a total of 6 syns before toppings.
Definitely the way to go I think

So all you need is 35g porridge oats, any free Mullerlight (I used Vanilla) Sweetener & 2 eggs

Place your 35g of porridge oats in a bowl, mix with half a Müllerlight yogurt, add 2 tbsp of sweetener & 2 eggs into the mixture..

Blend until it looks like a batter (I put mine in the fridge for 40 mins, while I had dinner)

Pre heat frying pan and spray with fry light

Use a desert spoon and measure out roughly *12* small pancakes(I made 6 small & 1 large)

Fry one side for about 4-5 minutes until it stops bubbling

Flip over and cook for further 3-4 minutes until golden brown/ burnt like mine

If you wanted to have these for a total of 6 syns ((or free if oats are your HEB,)) then serve these with lovely free/speed fruit & the other half of your Mullerlight

If you've saved all your syns to have these as your treat (I know I have) then here are the syns for other toppings that you might want to top your pancakes with.

Other toppings
Lemon = Free
Sweetener = Free
Sugar = 1 level Tablespoon = 3 syns
Choc Shot – 1 level Tablespoon = 2 syns
Jam (reduced sugar)  =  1 level Tablespoon = 1 syn
Nutella  = 1 level Tablespoon = 4 syns
Peanut Butter = 1 level Tablespoon = 4.5 syns
Maple syrup = 1 level Tablespoon = 2 syns

Golden syrup = 1 level  Tablespoon = 2.5 syns

For ahem research purposes for the blog, I decided to try a few of the toppings on my little experiment... All of the below came in at 13.5 syns (including 6 syns for the oats) 
Which isn't bad at all

For any of you lovely ladies that are banana fan’s, check out this link to the Skinny Doll’s blog for banana pancakes
Skinny Doll Banana Pancakes >>> here <<<

Slimming World Ladies beware that mashed banana is 6 syns, so these are not free

I hope where ever you are today that your enjoying a pancake or three :-)

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  1. I didn't know you could do magic pancakes straight away, I had to use some of my Syns on flour today because I thought I had to soak the oats, feck it! I love pancakes x

    1. I've never soak em Sharon, I threw everything in the bowl and blended then, left it sit in the fridge for a bit alrite (purely cuz i was having my dinner) and they were fine.
      I love pancakes too... all of them :-) enjoy yours xx

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