Friday, 16 September 2016

Week 9 - You can’t out train a bad diet

They say you can’t out train a bad diet.. I’ve heard this so many times and dismissed it if I’m being honest!!

I was off work for a week and away for a couple of days, I was advised to still train on my week off as, a whole week away from training would set me back!!

So I went training on the Thurs, Fri and Sat of my week off..

I went training because I “had to” more than because I wanted too.. I went training but I wasn’t being careful with my food (food shop on my week off…. Eh no!!  I don’t think so!! )

In the words of Pretty Woman “BIG MISTAKE”

That Thursday evening during my 30 min personal training session  I was not feeling very well, I got about 20 mins in and I apologised and ran to the loo…. I DIDN’T vomit but I was so close to it! 
My trainer came to check on me and said our session was done for the day!

The reason for this embarrassing mishap was because I had eaten out that day and not made good choices since I was “on my holidays”  it had to catch up with me and with the way things go for me it’s always in the worst possible way!! Lesson learned but the hard way as usual… and my trainer knew, his parting words to me that evening were.. “make sure to do your food shop….”

He was right… I can’t eat like that and train like I want too.. I can’t do it and my body is agreeing with my trainers

There’s absolutely no point in me working my ass off in the gym and then not fueling my body correctly to reap the benefits!!! It all makes perfect sense! But this is me out and out with the typical Irish attitude of “era twil be grand”  it wasn’t, I wasn’t.. I’m not the exception to ANY rule and there are no secrets to losing weight!!

Eat the right foods and move move move (oh and lotsa water)

Fridays PT was better because I ate light before I went (lesson learned) and Saturdays Spin was a help to ease out my very achy legs…

So basically after a week of poor eating and training 3 days in a row I felt like I was back at square one fitness wise!!!

I also (as much as I didn’t want too) faced the scales and took my 4kg (8.8lbs) weight gain!

This was the switch that needed to click in my head.. THIS IS MY LIFESTYLE CHANGE….I’m a lifer, I cannot go rouge and eat like a glutton for 10 days without consequences

So I drew a line and did my meal plan/ food shop

Lesson learned I cannot out train a bad diet….. Plus it a lifestyle change NOT a diet...... 

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  1. It is totally justified to train your bad diet. It doesn't matter how hard you workout unless you don't control your unhealthy diet.

  2. It's basically 80% diet, 20% work out. Well you can have an alternative like a diet pill