Friday, 15 November 2013

I confess

Apologies for the silence over the last while!! I’m been on a bit of a roller-coaster!! I've been mad busy with work and social stuff and getting organized for the wedding!
I've been sick with a head cold for 2 weeks which knocked my healthy eating out the window kinda!!!
Basically I've been having really good days followed by super super bad binge days.
Not recommended or the kind of lifestyle I would be promoting! But I was miserable when I was sick and had no taste so I wanted lotsa sweet and nice things and once I gave into it I was out of control and didn't stop!! (well that’s how it felt in my eyes)
Now everyday was not like that, some days I had more control than others and I was still going to my spinning and circuit classes but all the exercise in the world wasn't burning off the amount of extra calories I was consuming!!

I’m not condoning my behavior but sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions; and throw in me being sick and feeling sorry for myself and bingo… you get me the queen of excuses making even more excuses!!
I was reluctant to blog and share as I felt bad about my behavior  but not bad enough to stop!! It was a phase and I’m glad to say that its over for now.

I’m a total emotional eater, any excuse and I’m ready to  eat bad.. seriously.. any. Excuse.

I have been reading other peoples blogs and looking for inspiration and motivation and I have definitely been finding it. I've also found that other people seem to be struggling at the moment too!!
I've been blaming the dark evenings and bitter cold weather (for my sickness and for my eating, its your fault mother nature, not mine)
I associate being cold with hot tea and choccie biccies!! And there’s been a LOT of cold evenings!!

So there’s my confession and my secret! I don’t feel the better for sharing, but I had to come back to my poor abandoned blog, even just for a little update.
The wedding is tomorrow week, so once that’s over, I will have more time to rant and moan and be accountable.

I have been posting updates on my facebook and twitter this week and I try to get back on top of things and get rid of the bloat and rot before the wedding.
I will of course post of photo of me in the gorgeous bridesmaid dress since I've been talking about the big day since I started this blog! I can’t believe it almost here!! Its been my goal and aim for over 12 months. I’m nowhere near my goal or target but I've definitely made a lot of progress since this time last year.

OK I’m starting to rant.. I’ll let you decide for yourself next week how well or not well I've done when I post the photos.

Have a good week xx 


  1. I know, right?! Everyone seems to be going through a bad time, me especially!! I've had such a terrible week after such an amazing one. Ugh, so counter productive. But staying accountable is a good way to start. Here's to a better end of November...then Christmas madness begins! Please visit my blog if you have a moment =) http:/

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. We are humans, so we are not perfect. And sometimes autumn is harder than any other season, because we were so used to nice weather and suddenly it gets rainy and cold and's not so unusual to feel bad about it. Butthen we adapt and life can be fun again! Take care!

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself Vicki, you will be back on the bandwagon before you know it! x

  4. it is Ok sometimes you let yourself loosen up. so don't be too hard on yourself. take care..

  5. Hang in there! We all have bad days and good days. That's the way things go. I hope the wedding goes well and I can't wait to see the stunning photos!

  6. Don't beat yourself up about it, you'll be doing stronger than ever soon :) Glad to hear from you again too.

  7. Not be harsh on yourself. You passed through difficult circumstances with the disease and we all know how you feel