Friday, 29 November 2013

I'm on a Downer

Hey All,

I hope this post finds you well, the last Friday in November already!!! Where did this month go!
I apologise that I haven’t been around this month, I have been caught up completely in the wedding hurricane that was coming my way and it was fun, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed all the Hen’s, the dress fittings, the girly gossips, the wedding chatter, all the nights out AND all my beauty treatments, I was very kind to myself this month I must admit J

I did manage to get to the gym twice a week for the first 3 weeks of this month in the lead up to the wedding and I made it to two weigh days. But over all this was a wedding month for me, its not everyday that your best friend gets married after all J  We had a wedding weekend out of it, it started on the Thursday evening with the rehearsal in the church, followed by drinks with the family. 
Friday was a day for beauty treatments and we all went to the mother of the brides house that evening for tea and nervous and excited chats. 
Saturday was the big day and I have to say, it was AMAZING, the bride was stunning, the Groom was looking very dapper, the weather behaved itself, and everything was so well organized that the day passed by in a blur of photos and champers, dancing and lots of laughing J  
Sunday was another day of celebrating.. So all in all, a fab weekend of celebrating

I have to say that come Monday I was a very tired bunny and thankful to have the day off, I went for a lovely facial and massage which was fab (my first I must admit, but defo won’t be my last)

I went back to work on Tuesday and I have to say I’m on a downer since, I think I was so hyper and excited by the wedding  and all things wedding related for the last couple of months that this week I’m just a little deflated now that its all over!! And I was only a bridesmaid!! Lol… So I can see why brides get the bridal blues, but I’m sure having a new hubby and a honeymoon somewhere fab helps the cause J
So this week I’m just going with the flow, I haven’t been to the gym nor have I been tracking my food, I've been grazing and just going with the flow, being kinda aimless.

I've had my few days off now and next week I’ll be getting back to being 99% good (cause even I’m not perfect, lol) 3 weeks of good eating before Christmas Day appears could be the making of me.
Plus I have a lot of Xmas parties to attend and lovely dresses to wear and it would be an awful shame for me to start my Christmas eating now!! Not that I’m planning a giant blow out like I have done in years gone by!! This year I’m going to approach things with the attitude of “a little of what I fancy is ok” not my usual mentality of “I’ll stop eating when the nice stuff is gone

So that’s me for now, just thought I’d check in with you guys. I’ m still here, just a little blue at the mo, but its all good J

Things will pick up from my side from next week, I have lotsa Xmas nail art idea that I want to try and show you and I’m also involved in the Beauty Bloggers Secret Santa, which I’m very excited about, I’ll tell you more about that in a few weeks tho ;)

Enjoy The Toy Show tonight J I can’t wait for it. Thinking I’ll start my Christmas shopping this weekend, yippee J

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  1. I can't believe it's almost 2014 already. This year just went so quickly it's unbelievable.

    Glad you still managed to make it to the gym a few times. Any effort is better than none! Keep it up!