Monday, 28 July 2014

Slimming World & me

Hey Guys,

I've been very slow to write a post about Slimming World, even tho I really think its amazing and the results speak for themselves, check out their magazine or website, but even in my group, the ladies are doing so well. I'm delighted for them every week as I share in their success.

I however have been playing the yo-yo game, up and down every single week since I joined in April (not exactly a poster girl for the programme) So I decided that until I got a cert to stick on my fridge then I would not be writing a post about it.
However if you follow me on instagram or Twitter you will be sick of seeing my daily posts of all my meals (sorry not sorry!). I find that taking photos of the food helps me to make better choices.
I also think instagram is great for getting food ideas and recipes. (I'm told that pinterest is too, but I can't get a handle on it.. showing my ages*ahem*)

So last Thursday night... it happened for me.. I lost 1lb and got my half a stone cert.. FINALLY :) I was delighted to get it and the clap I got from my group, it was lovely :) I think my clap was the loudest of the evening ,the girls knew its been a long time coming for me.

Half  Stone Award

So I have a lovely shiney sticker on the back of my book and I have the certificate on my fridge at home to remind me to choose wisely when I open the fridge.

So I'm sorry for the long (not planned) absence, but as I said, I wanted to wait until I had a progress report before I came back on here, otherwise this would be a confessional post about all the bad food I've been eating.

Thankfully tho I'm loosing,  its taken me 3 months to get off the 7lbs but that's ok because I know they are now gone forever and also it means that I didn't fall into the trap of "move in with the boyfriend and gain a stone" that was a big fear of mine.

So I'm back and I'm a total Slimming World convert, so I will be back to posting my weigh in's weekly and letting ye know how I'm getting on. I'll also post some recipes if ye like (the easy ones that is, cuz I'm not the best chef)

Do any of you following the Slimming World plan?  how do ye find it?


  1. I do, and I find it great but I'm not ready to talk about it yet because I overshared about WW and that went belly(ies) up! Well done xxx

    1. Sometimes its as easy to say nothing and see how you get on..
      Your not giving up and that's the important thing.. Healthy Eating is forever, not a fad :)