Saturday, 27 September 2014

A good week is never wasted...

A good week is never wasted... This is the mantra thats been going through my head since I weighed in on Thursday evening. I felt like I'd had a pretty good week and was hoping for a 2/3lbs loss, instead I was up 1 lb. I nearly had a strop on the scales I'm afraid to admit!!! 

So I had to have a think as to what happened me this week..

I came up with 2 possibilities.... one involves me over eating & the other involves... exercise

Last Saturday, it was date night, we went out for Chinese and too the cinema, (lovely says you) and it was BUT they put prawn crackers on the table and I had some (5 = 1.5 syns) I had a starter when I hadn't intended too, 2 BBQ ribs (16 syns) 
Had my usual beef in Black bean sauce with boiled rice (5 syns) BUT I also had "a taste" of himselves chicken balls (4 syns) So my planned dinner was 5 syns. my actual dinner was 26.5.. there's a BIG difference there..
We then went to the cinema and decided to share a tub of ice cream since we hadn't had dessert at dinner! we shared a Ben & Jerry Karamel Sutra, which I didn't syn until the following day..
55 SYNS for the full tub!! thankfully I shared, but still 26 syns for Ice cream!!! eeeek
So on Saturday I ate 70 syns... yes 70!

Ben & Jerry Karamel Sutra syns

Sunday to Thursday I made sure that I was under 15 syns every day and I also manged to get in 3 lunch time walks. I felt the better for it, I had put my bad day behind me and I was feeling very positive about facing the scales. The reason I'm throwing this in here as a possible reason for a gain on the scales is that with SW exercise can take a few weeks to show along the food optimizing on the scales, I've heard other ladies in group complain about this when they have a gain on a week where the only thing they change is adding some body magic.. 
Now I know this is a long shot with me, especially after my over consumption on Saturday.. but its still a slight possibility... 

Unfortunately the scales didn't go my way this week, but I'm not going to let the last week of good eating and habits go to waste, I'm certain that if I put another good week in, the scales will start to move the right way.. I'm aiming for a loss of 4lbs 

Weight lost to date: 3lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

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