Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Post holiday Weigh In 2014

Post holiday Weigh In

Number of times I've thought about writing this post 15; Number of excuses I've found not to write this post 37 ; Guilty feelings when I “don’t have time” to write this post 50;
Number of good reasons to not write this post 0; Number of reasons that this post is needed/ overdue 10

Time to pull off the plaster and come clean and own up to my weight gain and get it over with!!! Yes, I have been avoiding writing this post since I weighed in last Thursday night!
But what good is that doing to my mental state of mind? None! As you can tell from the beginning of this post, this has been playing on my mind all weekend. (and I also read the new Bridget Jones book on my hols- loved it)

So I’m just going to say it. I was up 9lbs at my weigh in.
Yes, you heard that right.. 9 pounds. It shows how easily I can gain weight when I eat like a crazy lady, let out /off plan for a week!!

The damage has been done, there isn't anything else to be said on this!! (trust me I've had all the conversations possible with myself over the last week- you don't wanna hear my inner monologue)
I knew a gain was coming but had told myself it would be 5 lbs tops!! (oops)

But 9 lbs is one hell of a food baby. I had a lovely holiday, ate what and when I fancied; for me the damage was done by food and coke, rather than alcohol (although I had some of that too)

Yummy Holiday Dessert

I've had mixed emotions about all of this all of last week… dread.. anxiety.. sick.. fear.. dread again… 

I stepped on the scales with my eyes closed, praying for a miracle but expecting the worse and it was confirmed once the numbers settle.

Then the emotions went into overdrive….. sick.. shock.. disgust.. anger.. fear.. guilt.. bad.. bold.. grrr

No one to blame but myself... all my hard work through the summer... undone in under 2 weeks off plan.

This proves how much I need Slimming World and Food Optimizing in my life at the moment, because I have no portion control or self control when "let loose" I'll never be one of those "normal" people that can eat what they like, and I have to accept that and learn how to live like me and how to be good to me and my body.

I felt rotten leaving last Thursday nights weigh in.. 

But I have a plan..... 

Weight lost to date: 0.5lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

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  1. I feel you! I can gain 3lbs over night. Hopefully it falls off As quick as it falls on xx