Friday, 29 April 2016

Slimming World - WEEK 17 - Apr 2016

Not my best week its fair to say!! After an off plan weekend followed by a 3 day stomach bug..
My body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going!! I’m missing fruit and veg and can’t look at a bar of chocolate without my stomach heaving!! WHO AM I

Not going to post any food photos because everything was either off plan or very brown and bland (and mostly toast) But I did still keep tabs on what I ate regardless,,,,,, 

Fri 22nd Apr 2016 – Day 109
Breakfast & Lunch will be on plan because dinner is in my mums and a ‘syn mystery’
Breakfast: 1 x Weetabix & skimmed milk
Lunch: 2 x egg muffins with beans
Dinner: OFF PLAN – 2 x slices of pizza & chips with light mayo

2 Litres of Water & ?? syns

Sat 23rd  Apr 2016 – Day 110
Its gonna be a mad day and probably off plan, so Spinning class at 10am to try and counter act!
Breakfast:  Yogurt & raspberries
Lunch:  2 x sausages (2) bacon medallions, egg & mushrooms, tea (HEA) 3 x bread (HEB) syns for ketchup & butter (3)
Dinner: off plan - chinese
Minding my sisters 3 smallies, so from 3.30pm onwards I was off plan
2 Litres of Water & ?? syns

Sun 24th   Apr 2016 – Day 111
Really bad day food wise, you don’t want to know what I ate!!!
But I did do a 5k school walk, so I wasn’t just sitting around eating, I was on the go from 8am this morning on 3 hours sleep!
2 Litres of Water!!

Mon 25th Apr 2016 – Day 112
Very tired and achey today, so I cancelled spinning!
Breakfast: 2 x egg muffins with beans
Lunch: Fruit & yogurt with tea & 2 x hifi bars (HEB) ((I forgot my lunch))
Dinner: SW Chips with salad & mince
My burgers didn’t work out (they fell apart) so I mixed in my mushrooms & passatta & twas grand
2 Litres of Water & 8 syns

Tues 26th  Apr 2016 – Day 113
Still extremely tired!
Breakfast: 1 x Weetabix & skimmed milk
Lunch: 2 x egg muffins, beans & salad
Dinner: 2 x toast with butter (8)
Not feeling great, really bad headaches, crazy tired and my stomach sounds like a tractor!
Litre of Water

Weds 27th   Apr 2016 – Day 114
Feel horrible and can’t keep anything down, but staying home wasn’t an option. .so I avoided eating as much as possible! Not ideal, but needs must!!
Breakfast: 2 x toast with butter (3 syns)
Lunch: chicken toastie (3.5 syns)
Dinner: half portion of chicken fried rice (6 syns)
It was my sister birthday, so Chinese for dinner, I passed on the cake tho!!
1.5 Litres of Water

Thurs 28th Apr 2016 – Day 115
Still not feeling right and still not keeping any food in my belly.. BUT today I’m hungry.. Not sure what the scales will show later on!!
Breakfast: 2 x toast with butter (3 syns) & tea
Lunch: Turkey Salad toastie (3.5 syns)
Weigh in at 5.30… I was down 1lb (didnt stay for the meeting because I didnt think I could cope with the food talk)
Dinner: cheese on toast at 10pm.. does that count as dinner?

1.5 Litres of Water

Weight lost to date: Week 17:  -7lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..

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