Friday, 8 July 2016

A change is as good as a rest.....

So some of ye might be aware from my posts on facebook, snapchat & Instagram, I’ve decided to change things up for the summer

I was disappointed with my June results from Slimming World, I felt like I gave it my all and the results didn’t show for me! (not the goals I’d set myself anyway)
(and not I’m not blaming SW, I have friends that have lost a fortune of weight on the plan, so I know IT WORKS, its just not for me at the moment)


A change is what is needed, Slimming World is like an old friend at this stage and I think it’s time for me to kick my bum out of neutral and get going again.

I go spinning twice a week as you may know already and I was chatting to a few of the girls that take the class but also train at the gym.. (you'd know they do, they look good)

So I booked a consult about joining the gym, getting a programme and seeing about changing up my exercise regime.
They recommended that I start with some personal training sessions (PTs)  before I join, so that when I join I will be familiar with all the equipment and will feel more confident about working out and also actually working/ sweating while I’m there and not just waste the hour changing my music as I stroll on a treadmill(*we’re all guilty of this at some stage*)

So I went home, had a think about it and a chat with some friends and have decided to go for it… 
a change can be good thing and maybe it’s just what my body needs.. a total shake-up..

I have signed up for a 4 week programme…  what does that mean I hear you ask (even if you didn’t you know I’m gonna tell ye anyways…..)

·         2 x 30 minute personal training sessions
·         1 spin class per week
·         Follow their food plan 100%
·         Forget about Slimming world for the time being

I’m not sure if I will be weighed weekly or at the start and end but I will definitely let ye know how I get on…

Wish me luck  & watch this space over the next few weeks

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  1. good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks, having a change is def a great idea, enjoy!