Friday, 1 July 2016

Slimming World Update June 2016

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I took 2 weeks off in May, skipped Slimming World and the whole world in general, it was just what I needed..
I spent time at home and we got our garden sorted, just as the sun made a brief appearance :-)

I’m a huge sun lover but when it did appear it showed up how unprepared I was for it, in that I was a hot sweaty mess, wearing the wrong clothes because the few light summer bits I own don’t fit…. And so the rotating cycle continues…. So I had a chat with myself, went to weigh in and took my 2lb gain after my 2 week break (up 5lbs for May in total) and decided to put myself first and get on with things….

I decided not to blog about it as it would have been moany and whingey  (I did keep my food diary going)
I was still snapping and posting daily on snap chat, Instagram & Facebook, everything that I was eating…

June went well for me, I was in the right frame of mind for it….. the scales wasn’t as good to me as I thought they would be tho, but I feel good in myself if that makes sense! 

So at the end of May I set myself the mini goal of losing 1 / 2 lbs per week and being down 7lbs for the month of June, I thought that sounded very reasonable and sensible, I wasn’t setting myself up to fail

Results are in:

WEEK 1  -0.5
I was upset with this, I had hoped for 2lbs

WEEK 2    -3
I was delighted, felt like my hard work was starting to show & I was back on target

WEEK 3  -0.5
I was very disappointed and almost cried in group, I was so sure I’d be down 2 or 3 on the scales.. but  star week hit midweek and I felt like the marshmallow man.. 
I had 100% followed the plan for 7 full days and was truly gutted! ( you see 20 pink ticks above)

I took the weekend “off”  after my disappointment last week and it showed on the scales!!

I was hoping that my good days & exercise would override the 3 days I went over my syns… no dice

So I’ve made the decision to give Slimming World a break, I have friends that have lost a fortune of weight on it and have witnessed other member lose incredible amounts of weight, (so it really does work) but for me it’s been a life buoy, helping me loose and gain the same 10lbs time and time again for over 2 years… It has stopped me from gaining what probably would have been a couple of stone!!

Don’t worry I have a plan going forward and have enlisted the help of professionals.. with 15 months to do to my Wedding, it’s time to start losing the weight, not just playing in with it and when I say Lose, I don’t plan to find it again

Watch this space over the next few weeks J

Weight lost to date:   -4lbs

Bit of Motivation for the coming weeks..

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