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Embracing Me - #Stylesquad, Mahon Point

#Stylesquad Mahon Point

Last week I had an appointment with the Style Squad Ladies in Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork.
I had heard it advertised on a local radio station a couple of weeks and applied for an appointment for me and my mother, thinking it would be a nice treat for both of us and also a good way to pick up some tips for free (the magic word
This is an event that the shopping center do for charity every couple of months, the charity for this one was "Dress for Success" so everyone that applies for a make over must donate an item of clothing or shoes that are nearly new and suitable to be worn to an interview. I took something from the "still new with tags still on pile to donate" 

I met the stylists and told them what kind of look I was looking for advise/ tips on and we started from there.
I wanted some advise on casual weekend wear, clothes that would take me from shopping, to lunch with the girls, to dinner and cinema with the boy in the evening. Something that I could throw on and be confident that I could pull it off and look reasonably put together!

They had picked some outfits in my size and had them waiting in the dressing room for me. The outfits had been picked from my email, not from the chat that I had when I arrived, so some of the outfits weren't really "for me" but I happily tried on all the different bits to see if something I would never pick for myself would suit. Now they only took a photo of my final outfit (as you can see in the photo) but I tried on a couple of different outfits also. 
  • I tried a white linen flared leg trouser with the coral top (it aged me and highlighted my belly area)

  • I tried on jeans from next and a white lace River island top (The jeans gave me a muffin top & the top was elasticated at the waist and highlighted my wobbly bits)

  • I tried on a lovely navy dress from Oasis but it didn't sit right on me at all!! 

  • We eventually settled on what you can see pictured below
    • Molly Jeggings - River Island (30e) 
    • Coral Top - The Collection, Debenhams (45e)
    • Cream leather Jacket - River Island (60e)
    • Shoes - Clarks (didn't check the price sorry)
    • Necklace (think it was oasis, not sure) 

Clothes from Mahon Point Shopping Centre

I think the photo of me looks well overall, in reality the top and jacket were the wrong sizes (too small) and didn't sit/fit well on my frame. The shoes I didn't like and were too high for me. BUT you can't tell that from the photo. 

I was then introduced to Aoife from  Peter Marks, we talked hair. I told her that my hair is either in a bun/ ponytail for work/ gym or straightened at the weekends. So she suggested some curls, which I agreed too, I can never curl it properly myself, she done these with the ghd and then pinned the side bits back from my face. Really liked it I must say. 

Hair by Peter Marks

The consultant from No.7 then went to work on my face, I didn't get a list of products that she used (a rookie mistake I know) I do know that she used a BB cream rather than a foundation foundation, she went for a soft smokey eye, using bronzes and brown glitters with just a little bit of black on the corners, and a pinky lipgloss.

Make Up by No.7 consultant

Overall I enjoyed my hour of pampering and advise. I did buy the jeans afterwards and I love them. I'm definitely planning to get a biker style leather jacket also. I had thought that I was "too big" too pull one off but after this experience I've decided that I can wear anything  I want once I wear it with confidence.
A professional photo was also taken of me on the day, I haven't received it yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing myself in a glossy 6 x 4.

This day really was a nice confidence boost and a step in the right direction as I accept my body shape and embrace being me.

They will be doing this again in the Autumn  I was told and I will definitely be booking another appointment.
Any Cork girls out there, I would recommend you do the same.  

**This is not a sponsored post, nor was  I asked by Mahon Point or anyone else to write this blog post about my experience. **

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