Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patrick’s Day Nail Art - 5 Shades of Green

St Patrick's Day Nails

St Patrick's Day has arrived again, and it has a special meaning for me in terms of nail art because it was the first time that I ever attempted nail art J

Here are links to my  Paddy’s Day nail art from last year.

  1. Pots of Gold
  2. Leprechaun belts
  3. Spotty Tri-colour & Shamrocks

Admittedly I didn't give myself a lot of time to get creative or inventive. I went through my polish collection to find how many shades of green I was in possession of.
I found bout 7/8, I’m not a huge green wearer, so this was a lot for me, unfortunately 2 polish's were dried up in their bottles :( and so have gone to polish heaven (or the bin)

I couldn't decide which shade would be best to use, and so decided that since I had 5 shades and 5 fingers……. Well you can guess how that panned out.

So here are my 5 shades of Green, they all needed 2 coats and I topped them all off with Seche Vite Top Coat

St Patrick's Day Nails

St Patrick's Day Nails

St Patrick's Day Nails

What do you think of these shades? I would be more inclined to choose the darker colour I think if I was to do a full mani of Green. I Like the ring finger Green tho as a Paddy's Day green as it reminds me of Shamrocks the most (random I know)


Thumb               - Rimmel London Pro -361 Mermaid Green  (Dealz 1.49)
Fore Finger        - Catrice -  35 Petrolpolitan (Sam McCauley’s 1.79)
Middle Finger     - Sally Hansen – 450 Fairy Teal (Dealz 1.49)
Ring Finger         - NYC – 298 – High line Green
Baby Finger        - Avon Speed dry – Don’t be Jaded

Are you a fan of this colour? Will you be sporting Green for the weekend that’s in it or wetting the shamrock?

If you do attempt some Paddy’s Day nail art, I’d love to see.. leave your link below 

*source google images

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